[3.10] Semanari's Cast on Crit Bladefall Cobra Lash Assassin REDUX

You can get int from 30 nodes or from rings + the amulet
Does this build work in the new Metamorph league?
I've actually completely reworked this build recently to work with claws since they're just way better for normal content since daggers w/ Bino's is only really really good for blighted maps
Here's the PoB for it, I wrote some notes to help make sense of all the shit that's going on
I haven't actually PLAYED with this build yet though, which is why I'm not updating the build guide until I can actually play it and work out all the kinks
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can you add a image of the skill tree? I can't access PoB. its on my end and i cant fix it.
update bump
What helmet enchant do you recommend?
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cruse92 wrote:
What helmet enchant do you recommend?

Either Cobra Lash chain if you're looking to do more speed maps or Viper Strike duration (honestly all the Viper Strike enchants are basically the same DPS, but duration is slightly better)
I've been playing this build with some variations, and after some investment I am getting 11m dps on viper strike. A friend said I should post my PoB in case anyone else was looking for ways to increase damage (without giving up much survivability).

Here it is https://pastebin.com/dgm886LT

Before I had HH equipped (just got it recently) I just had a Stygian Vise with a bunch of life/res and swapped my helm for a Starkonja. I think that's the only major thing that costs more than a few ex in my build (awakened gems fluctuate).

Anyways, hope it helps anyone looking to play more of this build.
Does Bladefall help stack large poison damage? I have an idea of trying to use your chest piece with Bladefall but as Archanist brands if bladefall can stack poison infinitely. I was thinking it would be only 1 gem vs the 2 gems you use to do cast when crit and cobra.... so that is one extra support gem.

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