Please please give us back a way to stand in place

This is a really big functionality for various skills in situations. Please find a way to give us this back or a way to bind stuff to what we want so that we can choose if we want an unnecessary third bar or a critical stand in place feature.....
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Stand in place is never necessary. You can't move when you're using skills. It literally had no function other than ignoring objects around you.
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When I don't use stand in place while using a range skill my toon goes running up to like 2 feet away from a mob before the skill will go off, which often times moved me to spots that I really didn't want to go due to ground effects or in range of melee skills from enemies. Using stand in place allowed me to stay where I wanted as I cast skills.
Stand in place is never necessary. You can't move when you're using skills. It literally had no function other than ignoring objects around you.

But how am i supposed to do pirouettes in oriath?
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Stand in place is never necessary. You can't move when you're using skills. It literally had no function other than ignoring objects around you.

Completely false.

"Stand in place" is actually a crucial feature on console; arguably more than it is on PC, for the same reason we don't have the technically possible Lockstep mode.

Unlike on PC, we control our characters directly using the left thumbstick. Because of that, there's an intimate relationship between our character moving and the position of that stick. Lockstep mode would introduce far too much input lag which would make control feel bad, which is why we don't have it.

Without "Stand in place", our characters auto-path and move around when abilities are cast, like they do on PC. This results in characters running around seemingly of their own accord, often running into traps or obvious danger while the player is left trying to "fight against" that unintended movement.

The player should never be put into a situation where the control stick doesn't function in the expected intuitive way, nor should players be forced to play as schizophrenic characters that do their own thing which completely overrides what the player is trying to do.
That's not true at all, you never moved around while using skills. There was a slight delay on stopping, which was intended, because who the hell can just go from running like 20 miles an hour to perfectly still?

You would never move after a skill was used, unless you actively tried to move.

And also, no, that lockstep thing is dumb. Use your head, that's not how that works.
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Stand in Place is absolutely something we need on console...

I use it all the time when running Labs. I "NEED" it. Why? Because the console uses a directional input system that is different than "point and click" where we are directly controlling our characters.

And, on console, a character always takes a minimum of three steps whenever it moves. Minimum.

(I'm pretty sure it's three. It could be two. But, whatever it is, there is a minimum number of steps taken by a character in response to every "Forward" input by the controller.)

When going through Labs, I need that command of "Stand in Place" to help me combat the "Forced Minimum Move" mechanic necessary on console with this particular control setup. We do not have a mouse that can pinpoint the desired location and we must always take a minimum number of steps whenever the control is moved.

I can use that "Stand in Place" command to ensure no movement takes place while judging timing/distance/pathing for my character. Without it, I am going to bump into to an epic crapton of traps while running Labs... With some builds, I've also used it to make completely sure that my character doesn't move from a desired position while casting ranged spells. One's thumb can get tired and the "rotation" for characters relies on directional movement of the joystick.

Is it game-breaking? No. Is it going to be aggravating for some players that are used to playing with that feature? Yes.

PS - Adding a two-button solution "could be" possible. I've played other games with that feature. So, a double-trigger or similar solution might work just fine, provided they're not also mapped to crucial abilities... This is always an issue with PC-to-Console ports and I know it's not just as easy to fix as making a suggestion. :)
My question would be what build are you using where you're needing 12 spells active. At best you're using the L2 for auras which you can activate and dont need on the skillbar to work. Id rather stand still. Even more id rather be using it for potions instead of the dpad. Running away and pressing left on the dpad is aidscancer.
Skills on console inheritly stand in place when being used. In patch 3.8.0 we've changed movement to immediately stop you when releasing the left stick (as noted in the patch notes), as such your character will no longer continue moving forward the additional few steps as it had prior to this change (as some of you have raised concerns about in your posts here), this will allow for more precise movement control. If you believe there to be a bug with specific skills moving your further upon use, please make a bug report and include as much information as possible.

Thanks for all of your feedback!
Thanks for that reminder on the patch notes. I wasn't able to play before I made my post, IIRC. I did notice a change while I was navigating one of the Trials.

Before the change, the "take three steps" issue was maddening for Floor Spike Trap navigation... That's where I relied on "Attack in Place" the most frequently.

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