Server side hotfix

We have deployed a server-side hot fix for the following:
  • Fixed an instance crash with Venom Gyre.

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I don't know if this was the fix for my problem but I noticed while using Venom Gyre + Whirling Blades I would disconnect from the server. I was able to clear an act without using whirling blades, using Venom Gyre as my clear skill. Figured I'd put the information out there anyway.

Edit: Still disconnecting with Whirling Blades/Venom Gyre

Edit2: Still disconnecting with just Venom Gyre
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Been disconnecting every single Ascendancy trial with whirling blades / Venom gyre for about 5 times already. Please find a fix
Crashing 9 out of 10 times when using town portal, 50/50 with waypoint use. been like this since league start. sometimes errors about texture sometimes regarding thread creation sometimes just shuts program down. very annoying because when using a portal the crash closes the game and when you log back in your portal is gone, making you have to start at the closet waypoint. also crashes when entering new zones through doorways and such but not nearly as much. using cobra lash if that matters. have venom gyre equipped but not using. if i notice any other details, possible triggers, etc will update here.
I'm still having this issue. If I use venom gyre on blight encounters, most of the time I'll get an instance crash and then lose all the loot from the encounter.
Still having the issue
I am still having the issue as well. Playing on a laptop if that matters.
Ok, I did the graphics fix listed in this thread and it seemed to fix the issue.
Nizreb915 wrote:
Ok, I did the graphics fix listed in this thread and it seemed to fix the issue.

Never mind, spoke too soon. Still crashing. looks better though.

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