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I tried it with decent gear on std, its really not good, its pretty fast but the DPS is really bad compared to other builds. I really wanted this build to be good as PP VD is my favorite build ever but it just doesn't work :(

I find that it works if you are just trying to summon balls, it however feels terrible if you are trying to body swap like the traditional PP build.

Poet's Pen got a big buff in 3.8. Proc cool down went form 0.25s to 0.15. Bumping the default APS cap to 13.3. For APS calculation with CDR replace 8 with 13.3 and 12.5 with 7.5.

Nothing really changed for this particular build in 3.8 otherwise.

However Necromancer change made it, imo, by far the best ascendancy for Poet's Pen VD builds.
Here are 3 possible variants of necro builds:
1. Highest DPS (up to 3.8 mil for balls only) - https://pastebin.com/Ja6aTLJA
2. About 2k life more at a cost of 1mil dps - https://pastebin.com/YyFK9ZHq
3. Acro and a little bit more life, then #1 at cost of about 650k dps - https://pastebin.com/Ws7gz0vL

Use flesh offering fore more dps or bone offering for tankieness.

Can replace Zealotry with Aspect of the Spider(less dps, more defese) and remove Sovereignty cluster.

I found some diversifications for the skill tree for some who want to fool around a bit. It is from a scion build thread ([3.8] Poet's Pen + Volatile Dead in Legion(updated for Blight), Uber Elder deathless.) but its quiet similar to this.
I just though some may find it helpful to improve their skill tree
Ejun wrote:
Hello, I'm Ejun and have played since closed beta but never posted my builds before.

NEW UPDATE!! SRS with Burning Legion is OP for leveling, level with this.
Find me at https://www.twitch.tv/kijar for questions

This is a build utilizing the reworked Necromancer ascendancy to become very powerful with a corpse consuming build.

Main buffs in 3.8
Necromancer is insanely strong for corpse builds
Desecrate doesn't have a cooldown anymore
Poet's pen internal cooldown lowered to 0.15 from 0.25 sec

Mechanics and Maths
The main mechanic that is exploited is the free casting nature of poet's pen VD setup with the new desecrate buff (no cooldown now).

Poet's Pen requires a lot of attack speed now because you only proc with one weapon with each attack. Especially now with the internal cooldown being lowered to 0.15 sec. This means you need 15+ APS to fully utilize the procs from Poet's Pen. This is no trivial task, but the new Nercomancer has a way to get around this issue!

Corpse Pact allows you to gain 2% attack and cast speed per corpse consumed recently. With my setup, this is 4 corpses from my desecrate Poet's Pen proc at a rate of somewhere between 10 and 20 APS divided by two and recently being 4 sec. This gives you about 2(%APS) * 4(VD) * 8(Attacks with PP) * 4(recently) = 256% attack speed. Keep in mind that this formula then can be applied again with an updated attack speed until it converges to a certain APS. This part will probably be calculated by hand when I get the time.

Not to mention that you always get the full benefits of Plague Bringer and Essence Glutton. This bring very good sources of shock and chill as well as mana and es regen. I'm not decided on Essence Glutton, may be exchanged with Commander of Darkness for Elemental Resistances to make gearing easier.

Path of Building

Skill Tree

I'll update this section with build showcases and video guides when I've leveled my character and recorded some gameplay.

Potential Variations
One good option could be to use Spirit offering for the ES based on life for 2k+ extra ES. This ES could be sustained fairly well with Essence Glutton (about 6% ES regen) and some ES leech.

I used to love Pathfinder Poet's Pen VD with Indigon. That could be coming back with the new mana flasks which are not removed on full mana.

Closing Thoughts
Corpse Pact could receive a nerf in the form of a cap to the attack and cast speed gained knowing GGG from their policy on the Indigon nerf for example. Even with this cap, the build should still be good, but will be somewhat less effective. Feel free to try the build along side me and share your thoughts. I still have a lot of optimization to do on the build and I would appreciate the input.

Thanks for the build. I plan to use it as my second build for the league.

I purchased all the gear and I am ready to roll.

You mentioned levelling with SRS with Burning Legion. I am not sure what you mean.

What gems should we be using once we get two poets pen at level 12 and a tabula rasa ?

Summon Raging Spirit + Infernal Legion ? 3rd link ? Minion Damage ? Added fire ?
What for the second Poet ?

Many thanks !!!
why do you get minion nodes?
SlowJelly wrote:
why do you get minion nodes?

Spiritual Aid makes increases to minion damage affect you as well, so all the good pathing in the tree and especially all the half nodes in the Necro ascendancy now are also big damage boosts. Just taking the 5 nodes in the minion wheel along with Necro itself gives us 134% increased damage, which is quite a large amount.
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nice 21 days and no videos,good job
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