[3.9] Enki's Voidforge Consecrated Path Slayer

Please stop reviving this thread, it's not updated for a reason - the build is dead.
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I never thought I'd see the day when Enki put up another guide! This looks great and I'll have to try it partway through the league!
Vortex For Dummies: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2661120
Knowing Enki, this guide will become a lifeblood staple of the game.
Looking forward to a guide that will be featured in every "League Starter Videos" of every content creator :D
Eunbunnie wrote:
Looking forward to a guide that will be featured in every "League Starter Videos" of every content creator :D

Heh, i'm already happy if a handful of people enjoy this build :)
Got Voidforge in SSF. Is it bad idea to try to roll this char when my gear isnt perfect? I have decent rares but they miss the elemental dmg with attacks.
Also dont have the jewel. Should I just get jewel with leech on it to substitute?
First off, after randomly 6 linking my voidforge I levelled a char to play with it. This build is great fun!

Isn't the double conversion on gloves legacy only now or am I missing something?

/edit/ still possible with watcher's eye conversion to get 100% :)

How do you deal with stuns? Running into some issues with chain stuns.
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Are you playing this in current league?
How do you personally find it?

I started as a cyclone slayer, and I'm considering a change to something more, fun.
And this looks like it :)

I love melee builds. Not too interested in playing summoner build this league.
Guess I'm not a fan of the meta.

I'm lvl 93, and have some good currency available from a lot of nice drops early on.
As long as you can stack flat physical damage to attacks it will be fine. If you enjoy the build, you can start crafting some nice pieces one by one, i'd recommend starting with an ele pen - crit multi - flat phys amulet, then the steel rings.

For leech you could try switching Enfeeble with Warlord's Mark, anointing Blood Drinker or crafting a jewel with Serrated Fossils. The regular leech prefix on jewels is unfortunately physical only.

Yeah looks like it's legacy now, gotta have to change that part later. But as you said, Watcher's Eye still makes it possible and there's also the option to anoint Winter Spirit, haven't compared it to other options yet tho.

Haven't had any issues with stuns when creating the build, but I do now while leveling a new char in Blight. Soul of Solaris is too strong to skip, so i'll work on a tree that picks up Unwavering Stance.

Started leveling it with Facebreakers yesterday, currently trying to farm some currency to transistion to Voidforge. Works really well so far, but i've also noticed a few things that can be improved.

Going to work on some improvements to the build over the next few days and then maybe start expanding the guide a little bit.
Upside of this minion meta is that most part of this build are pretty affordable this league!

Personally I've gone with Endless Hunger and Brutal Fevrouw lab nodes, wich for general mapping is pretty nice. But given the 'more' modifiers in headsmen and bane of legends it's probably not worth it. I'll just keep an eye on future changes to see where you take the build ;)

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