[3.8] Enki's Voidforge Consecrated Path Slayer

Hi there!

Do you like deleting enemies while saying "Surprise Motherfricker!"? Are you an intellectual who knows that tooltip DPS numbers don't mean much? Then this might be the right build for you!

This build is centered around Voidforge, a very underrated unique in my opinion. Coupled with Consecrated Path and the Slayer Ascendancy, it offers great single target and decent clearspeed.

However, being an Uber Elder-exclusive drop limits its availability, so i've created this build mostly with Softcore Trade leagues in mind. Survivability is there, but probably not enough for Hardcore.

This guide isn't targeted at new players, so explanations won't be as indepth as in my other guide.

Currently testing Gem Setup improvements, you'll find any changes in the Changelog!


Pros & Cons

+ good mobility and clearspeed
+ very high damage potential
+ affordable to get started
- can't run Elemental Reflect
- limited HC and SSF viability
- flask/buff-relying survivability



T13 Shaped Atoll + Legion

I'm playing and testing improvements for this build in Blight SC at twitch.tv/enki91


Path of Building



Path of Building currently can't calculate the extra 300% elemental damage gained from Voidforge, all proximity-based damage sources and the extra crit multi from Overwhelm.

A bandaid fix would be changing the modifier on Voidforge to "Gain 300% of Physical Damage as extra Cold Damage", adding up to "95% more Damage" from Consecrated Path, Close Combat and Impact and "+10% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier" from Overwhelm for Shaper DPS.

Note that this will heavily skew damage increase efficiency towards Cold Damage & Cold Penetration in PoB, when infact they aren't as good because of Voidforges randomness.


Passives & Leveling


Full Passive Tree

Overwhelm > Impact > Headsman > Bane of Legends

Help Alira

Soul of Solaris/Brine King + Soul of Gruthkul

Will figure out a proper leveling progression during Blight. Plenty of unique leveling weapons that work with Consecrated Path, switch to Voidforge at Lv67. Aim for the big life and crit clusters first, get the mana leech node once you feel it's needed.


Gem Setup


Consecrated Path is an AoE slam ability that teleports us right onto a nearby enemy and gains up to 20% more damage based on proximity. It has extremely high base damage and damage effectiveness multipliers, which works very well with scaling Voidforge, and its inherent 50% Physical to Fire conversion saves part of our base damage from being wasted by Voidforge.
Close Combat further amplifies the damage we deal based on proximity and gives an attack speed buff on hit. With a Lv21 Gem and the respective multipliers on Consecrated Path & Impact, we deal 95% more damage to enemies within 15 units from us, scaling down to 0% at 40 units. In other words, try to attack close-by enemies for maximum damage.
Melee Physical Damage, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Fortify and Maim are all pretty standard damage multipliers. The latter two also provide defensive buffs/debuffs, Maims last line is wasted as we don't deal any physical damage.


Ancestral Warchief spawns a totem that provides us a melee damage buff and deals pretty good damage itself. It's only useful for bosses, especially those with damage reflection.
Yes, even Atziri's inherent 2% damage reflection will kill us!


Leap Slam provides additional movement between enemy packs, or to reposition during a fight. Blood Magic assures that our mana will stay untouched, Faster Attacks simply boosts its speed.

Blood and Sand gives two stances, switching between more AoE but less damage or vice versa. Keep it seperated from the other gems, otherwise it will reserve Life because of Blood Magic!


Hatred gives extra cold damage, Herald of Ash gives extra fire damage and better clearspeed.
The latter can be replaced by Herald of Purity once you have enough AoE or for single bosses.
Precision helps our hit- and crit chance. Unlike the others, it reserves flat mana based on level. Keep it at a level where you have enough mana for atleast two attacks left.
Enlighten reduces their reservation cost, atleast Lv3 is required to feel smooth.


Cast when Damage taken procs the following skills, use a Lv20/21 for maximum effect.
Vaal Molten Shell provides armour and a damage-soaking buff based on your total armour.
Only the regular Molten Shell can be procced by CwDt, VMS can be manually used on demand.
Enfeeble reduces the cursed enemies damage, hit chance, crit chance and crit multiplier.
We're heavily int-starved in this build, level it as high as you can.
Increased Duration does exactly what the name suggests.


Gear, Flasks & Jewels


The heart of this build. At first it doesn't look that impressive, a little bit of damage, AoE and life, but it's the 300% Weapon Physical Damage gained as extra random Elemental Damage that really makes this weapon shine if scaled properly. The element is randomly chosen per hit and not reflected in the tooltip and PoB, which is probably why people think this weapon is weak.

At really high budgets, a Fortify corruption lets us use Ruthless for even more damage and AoE.

Not required, but highly recommended. Pretty much all stats except for ES are good for this build. Aim for atleast 77% max res with good life, flat physical damage to attacks and attribute rolls.

The choice here is between hit damage and mobility. Abyssus provides much needed int, but also has its downside. Any reduced mana reservation enchantment for the auras we run helps greatly.

Consecrated Path only converts 50% of our physical damage, the rest gets wasted with Voidforge unless we convert it aswell. Gloves can convert another 25% through Topotante's prefix or the veiled affixes. Cold conversion is the most useful, focus on life and resistances first, then damage.

Focus mainly on resistances and life here, some movement speed helps too. Best enchantments are elemental resistance penetration or attack speed.

Pretty straightforward, life and resistances first, then damage.

Life, flat physical damage to attacks and crit multi are required here, elemental resistance penetration or elemental damage with attacks are good additions. Ideally get a base with int.
Listed in no particular order. I've tried to reduce it to one of each type, e.g. Divine Fervour vs. Forces of Nature, where the former gives a little more value to the build.

Disciple of the Unyielding
Divine Fervour
Winter Spirit
Honed Edge
Heart of Oak

If you haven't noticed it yet, flat physical damage to attacks is the core of Voidforge scaling. Steels Rings with another roll of that and some life and resistances are required, elemental damage with attacks is optional.

This jewel is required to get life leech, and also provides extra AoE when connecting to Marauder.

Get Hatred Crit or Conversion, optionally any Precision affixes.

Life > Crit Multi > Damage. You may also get some int or resistances if needed.

All flasks should be self-explanatory. Pop Lion's Roar before VMS for extra armour.




‣ 19th September 2019: updated PoB-Setup
‣ 19th September 2019: changed Pulverise to Ruthless as Fortify Voidforge 6th link
‣ 19th September 2019: updated Watcher's Eye choices
‣ 19th September 2019: added Anointments to Amulet section
‣ 19th September 2019: replaced Lion's Roar with non-legacy version
‣ 19th September 2019: updated Gloves section
‣ 19th September 2019: added Soul of the Brine King
‣ 19th September 2019: added Twitch link to Videos
‣ 10th September 2019: Videos added
‣ 10th September 2019: Pros & Cons updated
‣ 4th September 2019: Guide created


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy this build and have a nice day!
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Last bumped on Sep 18, 2019, 3:18:16 AM
I never thought I'd see the day when Enki put up another guide! This looks great and I'll have to try it partway through the league!
Knowing Enki, this guide will become a lifeblood staple of the game.
Looking forward to a guide that will be featured in every "League Starter Videos" of every content creator :D
Eunbunnie wrote:
Looking forward to a guide that will be featured in every "League Starter Videos" of every content creator :D

Heh, i'm already happy if a handful of people enjoy this build :)
Got Voidforge in SSF. Is it bad idea to try to roll this char when my gear isnt perfect? I have decent rares but they miss the elemental dmg with attacks.
Also dont have the jewel. Should I just get jewel with leech on it to substitute?
First off, after randomly 6 linking my voidforge I levelled a char to play with it. This build is great fun!

Isn't the double conversion on gloves legacy only now or am I missing something?

/edit/ still possible with watcher's eye conversion to get 100% :)

How do you deal with stuns? Running into some issues with chain stuns.
Last edited by Bobodelamonk on Sep 14, 2019, 4:55:25 PM
Are you playing this in current league?
How do you personally find it?

I started as a cyclone slayer, and I'm considering a change to something more, fun.
And this looks like it :)

I love melee builds. Not too interested in playing summoner build this league.
Guess I'm not a fan of the meta.

I'm lvl 93, and have some good currency available from a lot of nice drops early on.
As long as you can stack flat physical damage to attacks it will be fine. If you enjoy the build, you can start crafting some nice pieces one by one, i'd recommend starting with an ele pen - crit multi - flat phys amulet, then the steel rings.

For leech you could try switching Enfeeble with Warlord's Mark, anointing Blood Drinker or crafting a jewel with Serrated Fossils. The regular leech prefix on jewels is unfortunately physical only.

Yeah looks like it's legacy now, gotta have to change that part later. But as you said, Watcher's Eye still makes it possible and there's also the option to anoint Winter Spirit, haven't compared it to other options yet tho.

Haven't had any issues with stuns when creating the build, but I do now while leveling a new char in Blight. Soul of Solaris is too strong to skip, so i'll work on a tree that picks up Unwavering Stance.

Started leveling it with Facebreakers yesterday, currently trying to farm some currency to transistion to Voidforge. Works really well so far, but i've also noticed a few things that can be improved.

Going to work on some improvements to the build over the next few days and then maybe start expanding the guide a little bit.
Upside of this minion meta is that most part of this build are pretty affordable this league!

Personally I've gone with Endless Hunger and Brutal Fevrouw lab nodes, wich for general mapping is pretty nice. But given the 'more' modifiers in headsmen and bane of legends it's probably not worth it. I'll just keep an eye on future changes to see where you take the build ;)

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