Here's a preview of the Assassin Ascendancy in 3.8.0!

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First, didn't read it yet.

Edit: Looks great, good work guys. Wish the life one would just get full blown replaced though, it's pretty mediocre.
Need a new signature, cuz name change. I dunno though. I guess this seems fine. Yeah, this is good.
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ya this looks really good.
im very very curious which effects, if any, will refresh elusive. since obviously this 50% chance to gain elusive on crit will NOT do it. no chance
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Mistwalker is stupidly awesome. How long does elusive last?
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Nephalim wrote:
Mistwalker is stupidly awesome. How long does elusive last?

if you watch the new video of the assassin skills you will see elusive buff. it gets upwards of 148% at one point, and will drop down to about 75% but it gets refreshed by something.
in total it stays up for 12 seconds and only ends because he ran out of mobs. completely refreshed as soon as another mob came about. looks like it'll be up basically all the time for assassin.

some of the buffs diminish in effect with its duration, but some don't, like what is provided with mistwalker. so yeah assassin is going to be very fucking good

edit: upon further review, looks like it goes to 125% per normal assassin crit and stuff, from mistwalker, but goes to 148% due to the cat eyes skill, Withering Step
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looks awesome, but still weak, or stronger compared with nerfs

yeah, path of nerfs, assassin may stand out
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wait why does the wording on Elusive say
Elusive initially grants 20% chance to Dodge Spell OR Attack hits,
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Mistwalker and elusive is much better than the Ambush and assasinate. Ambush always seemed like such a waste for a crit capped assassin. 20% more dmg on lowlife meh....although free culling was goodish

Although Mistwalker will mess with CoC and its cooldown.
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