3.7.5b Patch Notes

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what was redeployed?
sooo and whats today's patch? heh? iam very curious.
i downloaded this one yesterday.
hummmmm repatching a patch???? there is a lock on my back door also duh
Maelstromicus wrote:
TauOrigin wrote:
3.7.5 Patch Notes:

Added support for the announcement of our upcoming expansion and the new supporter packs that will be released later this week.

after that:

3.7.5b Patch Notes:

Added the Sentinel Overlord and Bane Lich Supporter Packs. There are two price points available for each and they feature exclusive armour sets as well as weapon effects, pets, social frames, forum titles and more. Thank you for your support!


Agreed. Really unprofessional planning. Both should have been done at the same time. Having 2 restarts and patches in the space of a couple of days for things that aren't unforeseen is amateur hour at best.

GGG are supposed to no longer be a small indie dev, so perhaps it's about time that some professional planning is put into the patching schedule and process!!!

(I won't even go there on the state of the servers and the constant lagfest that gets worse and worse as time goes on)


and because i play via steam is a pain to update so often.
takes hours... the amount of small patches they bring out is retarded.

for example: sometimes when i come home from work. i do my shit and then i wanna play some poe. then i see a update and i think 'fine i play next day'. and then next day AGAIN a patch that takes hours. truly a pain :/

i love this game though. blight league seems really cool.
and i have supported it a lot. but their is a lot that should be better by now...

p.s keep in mind, we are not all streamers with seas of time to play poe.
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Rekill wrote:
for example: sometimes when i come home from work. i do my shit and then i wanna play some poe. then i see a update and i think 'fine i play next day'.

This so much.
I was kind of hoping that the "systems changes we're not yet ready to hint at" would be the big GGPK split, but I guess not... :-(
GGG, PLS split & ZIP the GGPK.
Please stop with the daily useless patches. This late in the league there should be almost no patches. 20 minutes of waiting for updates 2-3 days in a row shows a lack of planning. If it isn't critical to game performance, roll it into 3.8.
Can you guys make these patches a little LESS often, please?

I love how much you guys support the game and us, its players, but these patches, no matter how large or small, take me FOREVER!!!

The "Checking Resources" part takes a ridiculously long time on my computer even though I have an SSD... After that part is done the patching goes very quickly but man... I get home and all I want to do is hope in POE for a quick 2 or 6 hours and I have to wait like a whole 2 or 3 minutes...

It is infuriating!!

Thanks guys,

PS, For all the crazies on here, I'm F'ing kidding!!

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