3.7.4d Patch Notes (Restartless)

3.7.4d Patch Notes:
  • You can now filter your private messages on our website by "View User" and "View System".
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur after you had left an area if you were using an "of War" glove enchantment.

This patch has been deployed without a restart.
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woot woot
Think you mislabeled this a bit.. Given we've been on 3.7.4 patches
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
Heat Signature patch with 17.4 MB: download and install in less than 2 sec

PoE patch with 6.7 MB: download appr. 1 minute, followed by an install-time of 3 minutes.

srsly GGG ... what is this?
glad to see its just not me.
PoE is the only game ive been playing recently and i was afraid my game-SSD was dying or something during the last few updates. its been going at full speed of 80mb/sec for at Least 5 minutes here now (using steam)
i would like if when i go to my messages it will directly go to "unread".
or at least make it so that a new message in a tread will pop on the top of the messages.
Kieren_GGG wrote:
This patch has been deployed without a restart.

Yeah? What is it?


Oh, how I hate your update system! Now I have to lose 40 minutes to update 6.7 MB! COOL! While this is happening, I can’t play another game or watch something without lags!

More than two years ago you came to Steam..
And you still havent even attempted to solve the problem!
W H Y ? !

Why Warframe developers have found solutions.. But for some reason you don't give a damn about your players!

Look what they did.
We just launch a default launcher! EASY! 2min to update! WOW!

What are you doing at all? another league "hole + mobs"? What about the really important improvements? Should we wait for the patch

(Not a personal attack, but an appeal to the developers.)
[Removed by Support]
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Yeah, this update crap has to change. Sitting here for 30 mins too.
why we have to rewrite the whole content.ggpk everytime we patch?


"Fixed an instance crash that could occur after you had left an area if you were using an "of War" glove enchantment."

THX 4 that one.
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Because that's how Steam's verification system works. If it's that annoying - switch to standalone client and patch in a matter of seconds.

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