Act 5 Kitava Kill - ExileCon Qualifier

Oof. Tried to race with Ancestral Bong HFT.

Only made top 30.

Raced with Orb of Storms + Wave of Conviction.
Finished at Rank 46.

Was a fun experience, I don't participate in races at all.
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Thanks for running the event! It was my first race and I really enjoyed it. I would run more races if they were of this SC + time penalty sort.
I noticed that with the same seed it is possible to reset an essence (or more/other benefits) that are close to a waypoint, granting a good bit of exp and essences for crafting powerful gear. The Sarn Encampment had an essence and a pack right next to the waypoint allowing for a couple of levels and a good handful of different essences in a very short amount of time. Not sure if this is clever use of game mechanics, an exploit, or maybe just a waste of time given the debate of the second quicksilver being worth it.. :D

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