[3.13] GLACIAL HAMMER *SHOCKing* Berserker Build. ONE PUNCH MAN! (Uber Elder Done)

zloduh wrote:
Ok guys I ran this build for few days. actually leveled with a glacial hammer.
I can tell you it's great.
Big dick damage - Check
Boss cry - Check
AOE great - CHECK (ill post what I did for it)

Problems can happen if u are slow to react due to a lack of defenses, low block chance, dodge, armor but steel skin, and enduring help, just be quick on your fingers.

For leveling and aoe I started with 2 Axioms then switch to 2 BrightBeak they are great for level as all know. but where my aoe jumped is when I put in early Daresso's Salute amulet with its +2 weapon reach it really goes a long way reaching those end of screen mobs.
Here is a shot of reach with 2 frostbreaths and amy

I still use it in act 10 and will probably continue until I find something better. Currently on 2 frostbreaths leveling up till I get catalysts

The build is a glass cannon but a BIG cannon. It's similar to frost blades but u don't have to stay put at all.

Well, thats it, I hope it's helpful to you guys looking into this build.
Supper fun supper easy to get into.


Nice nice!
Thanx for checking the build!
All builds: http://www.angryroleplayer.com/path-of-exile-builds/

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