Singapore servers ping is so unstable

Hello, I would like to report with Lag/Spikes/Rubberband issues.
Playing from Malaysia

Connecting via Singapore gateway server.

I did used the WIN MTR, about 600 packets of test, host link that I used is 'Singapore'

the hostname with the name of: -

has the worst ping at 268ms (probably spikes?)

I'm not sure what I'm looking. Attached here is my packet test from WIN MTR:

Some other test I could do is playing other Multiplayer games, no issues found. Just something wrong with PoE Singapore server
Please try as well.
Fitzy_GGG wrote:
If you're with Singtel, I have our provider working on fixing a routing problem affecting that ISP (traffic routing through HK). They should hopefully have it fixed soon, but it is taking longer than expected.

May I know if this has been fixed?

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