The Vanguard Owl Pet

Nice pet... When are you going to add the Map Device MTX, GGG?
Lucifer1122 wrote:
Is it just me or these Microtransaction Shop items are getting expensive?

Maybe they should start doing rotation on different items.

So you have chance to buy them everyday randomly, that would be more exciting and create more limited editiong sets etc.

Not keep bumping the prices through the roof.

"Free game, no bitching"
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I approve of this.
This Owl looks more like a robot than a real animal but this does not mean it is bad designed. There are still so many pets to create so I made a list for some great new pets :-)

1. The pink Steelpanther (sings the best Steelpanther hits)
2. The gigantic Cthulhu (should grow bigger while playing)
3. The walking Treasure Chest (can launch fireworks)
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