[3.7] Fireball Ignite Clear Speed - Monolith Farming (No HH/Inspired Needed) T15+

Welcome Everyone! EveryDayEngineering bringing you another fun farming build. This time it's an Elementalist Fireball Ignite.

This is by no means a face tank or even regular tank. Its low on base life but with a few tweaks in gear and mechanics you can sustain while you have flasks. Legion will still one shot you at times. I wanted to have another fun legion farming build that didnt involve high end loot and wasn't cyclone. So heres my Ignite build and hope you enjoy!

+Fast Clear
+Massive AoE
+Burning damage (Proxie/Allies can't die can suck it!)
+Low-High Budget
+Leap Slam!

-Manual Evading
-Need ‘Tactical’ Evading on bosses
-No FaceTanking
-Flask Spammer

Monolith Clearing

So once your pop the monolith all you do is pop your Vaal Fireball and Vaal Haste and leap slam around. Throw some self cast fireballs everything now and then, pick off leftovers and it should be close to a 100% clear. That is if youre doing an open layout more ha.

More or less these are situation for this build and just pick the ones you like.

Major - Soul of Brine

Minor - Soul of Ralakesh (Bleeding)


Normal - Shaper of Desolation

Cruel - Beacon of Ruin

Merc - Pendulum of Destruction/Calamity (personal pref)

Uber - Mastermind of Discord - (This one you can switch out to either Calamity or Primordial

Chest 5l - Vaal Fireball - GMP (Swift Affliction for Bossing) - Combustion - Spell Echo - Unleash

4l - Orb of Storms - Energy Leech - Onslaught - Faster Casting

4l - Vaal Haste Enlighten - Clarity - Blood Rage (for frenzy/Energy Leech mechanic)

Movement Speed - Leap Slam - Faster Attacks

Last 4l is up for grabs.


Current Gear


So with weapons you have a few options. Self crafted with cast speed/spell damage/ailment dmg over time multiplier

The unique i'm going with is Doryani’s Catalyst for the high dot damage increase. They are pretty cheap later in league


This is the shield I'm using (self crafted). I enjoy the mana reserve on it, lets me get away with a lot more buffs. You can use a hand full of different shields though. If needed, fill with missing resists.


BiS Shroud of Lightless with a +2 projectiles. With that my Fireball is at level 23 which is just insane damage.


Pretty open slot right now.

Finding gloves with Vaal Damage and chilled damage really boosts your dps a lot.


If youre going aspect of the spider route, then Feneumus’ Spinnerets BiS. Other wise there's a bunch of options

Notable Uniques:

Rares: Look for MS/Life/ES


Enchant: Fire Ball Damage/Ignite Chance

Rare with Life/res any missing stats



Right now I'm using a Stygian with aspect of the spider on it. If you aren't going the spider route, then a rare with stats you need


The rings/ammy are all interchangeable. The amulet has just been a way for me to get frenzy charges for now. Or just go blood rage.

Snakepit is a must!

Berek's Respite isn't cheap and you can replace it with
Dont worry about prolif, I'm still working on which I like better.

So far its Berek's for clear and 2x pyre for bossing. You dont really need to worry about the forks.



2x Rolling Flames (reserved mana or cant be corrupted is nice)

1x Brutal Restraint Timeless goes into the Shadow jewel slot. Lot of needed dex and some good bonuses to the nodes.

1x Unnatural Instinct Goes into the jewel slot next to Melding node (North East of Scion)

T2 Glacier Monolith Farming https://www.twitch.tv/videos/461981336

T9 Shaped City Square Full Map https://www.twitch.tv/videos/461984277

More To Come

Well that wraps it up, if you have any questions leave them below. I try to answer them as quickly as possible. If you want to check out some of my other fun speed clear builds. Check out the links below!


Want to catch me Live? Check me out at https://www.twitch.tv/everydayengineering
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Very nice build,
Edit a few question!
1.I think the biggest problem for me is mana,! cant spam fire ball because dont have enough mana and cant leech mana without boot enhance. So pls help me with this!
How do deal with that?
2. How about trickster version? more tanky and speed for sure, and maby more damage?
3. In the first week of legion, a saw a guy killed uber with fire ball with a staff and assain crit. Seem pretty nice damage!
I just followed you on twitch and really want to see some gameplay in high tier maps because fire ball is pretty bad with sigle target.
Thank you so much!
Last edited by BETTERPC on Aug 4, 2019, 7:29:53 AM
Ha yeah it can be a pain for sure!. Def need to grab some extra mana nodes from the tree, and on gear if possible. Vaal Clarity is mostly what I rely on for sustaining on a boss

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