[3.7] Trickster ES/Life Hybrid Orb of Storms League Start (6/26 Update) (Darkness Fossil Farming)

Hello All! Welcome to my first league starter guide. Been enjoying Orb of Storms so much and wanted to share my experience and help those level easier and able to farm early. If you have questions or want to see more you can watch me over on my stream: twitch.tv/everydayengineering

Darkness Fossil Farming

If you're looking to farm delve and darkness farm check out my video guide.



6/26: Hi All! So finally tinkered with my build more (Im on my 8th lvl 80 haha). Anyways I wanted to give you all an update on the build and where I went. Dropping MoM from the equation and going hybrid es/life. Please check the spoilers as many will have been updated.

6/11: Hello All! So I hit maps and got my ES on Hit gear.
Had a buddy tell me about the boots as through the whole Bestiary league I never got an end game boss. Since aspect gear is easier to find, it should be an early help for ES sustain. I also got my ES on hit Disc watchers eye

Working on something different as im missing some enlightens/aura reserved shield to stack more buffs. Im gonna drop MoM for the time being and focus more on ES/Leech/On Hit instead and go that route. I'll be working on some updated videos to show where I'm at. So stay tuned for those!

6/5: So the nerf to Trickster hurts for the top end of damage but for league start and map clear I still plan to run this as my league starter. Also added a new gem setup to add power charges (idk why i forgot about them)

So a few people have been having issues with sustaining and are dying easily at 50+. I think a lot of people are missing out on the mechanic of Orb of Storms, and partially my fault for not explaining it better.
ES On Hit - Fenumus' Spinnerets https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Fenumus%27_Spinnerets These mare 100% must have and BiS for this build. With how easy it is to find a decent aspect of the spider now you can equip these ASAP.

Watcher's Eye - http://poe.trade/search/ikokinisitahihSo before I learned about the boots, this was my go to for ES sustain. Add both and start stacking ES.

I've made about 5+ variations of Orb of Storms from Crit Assassin to Hierophant. Even made a darkness fossil farmer, so this skill can do a lot! It can do all the Guardians and Shaper/Elder, might take a little kiting but I've killed them all. You're able to start using this gem from level (4) which I love. Just scale cast speed/Crit chance early on. Around level 18 it starts to really pick up.


+Fast Leveling
+Cheap Start
+Start the build early
+Safe clear speed/boss farming
+Scales crazy with cast speed
+Kills Shaper/Guardians (might take a little time ha)
+Easy Delve/Fossil Farming

-Need basic knowledge of game mechanics to understand how to maximize
-Totems are a pain (Lightning Tendrils Vs Tempest Shield)
-"Minions Cant Die" is a pain with Tempest Shield.

Trickster Vs Assasin
So I've leveled as both during Sythesis League and while Assassin ascendency will carry you further with less gear, Trickster has much more defenses you'll want in Ghost Dance, Escape Artist and Weave the Arcane. Both do just fine up to Red maps, but Trickster will let you push more. Specially in Delve.

Orb of Storms Mechanic
So OOS has this little sentence in its description "Using a lightning skill while inside the orb's cloud unleashes additional bolts." So what this mean is that any time you cast a lightning spell you grant extra procs of OOS. So after some testing, so far my top 3 are Lightning Tendrils/Tempest Shield/Divine Ire. I'll go into a pro/con for them down below.



6/26 (UPDATED): Current POB: https://pastebin.com/EYKnR0a6

PoE Tree


6/11 (Updated leveling tree): https://pastebin.com/qvFwW0DP (Got my ES on Hit gear so now I can work towards ES stacking and regen. Still doing some testing but will see how it works out.

6/10 (Updated Tree): https://pastebin.com/gsW1RLs3 Ok so this is the general route I think I will eventually end up. Intuitive Leap is pretty cheap and will save some points.

Leveling Gear/Tips
So leveling as OOS is pretty simple and easy. Leveling uniques you will want are (2) Axiom Perpetuum's. Try to get high crit chance ones.

Early on and even in mapping this amulet carries pretty hard. With as fast as your orbs cast, the loss in crit isnt a huge deal.

Now in 3.7 they just releasing a new version of the Honourhome Helm to give +2 socketed gems.
OOS scales very well with +2 gems so I can see this being worth more then a tabula in this instance.

I also suggest using Lightning Tendrils till you can pick up Divine Ire. Then when you hit end game and able to sustain the mana cost, use Tempest Shield. You can also stay with Tendrils/Divine Ire if you prefer. I kind of do because of the damn Totems/Minions Cannot Die

Gear Breakdown/Stat Prioritization
You're going to want Mind of the Council as your helm. The reason for this is because every time you shock you get 3% of your mana back. With OOS going 8+ casts a second you don't run out. Also the extra mana helps out a lot. Another option you can go is a helm with 40% inc OOS Cast Speed.

For your weapon, you want to stack Cast Speed, Crit Multi and Chaos Conversion.
For the shield you want to stack high ES/Life and any resists you might need.

For general mapping/bossing.

If you want more Def go Cloak of Defiance

If you want more AOE.

Tabula is fine till T11+ then you just need to dodge more and not try to face tank. Forgot to mention Inpulsa's but you really dont need it for clear speed.

These are what I was able to craft. Lucked out with the synth rolls, but you'll want Insanity gloves. Else you can go another route if would want to go Lightning Tendrils over Tempest Shield. *I'll explain more down below*

Really just stayed with this belt because of the shaper roll. You can go more defensive, but the cast speed really scales nicely for your dps.

Theres a few options here.

I wanted onslaught and not use a gem slot so I just crafted some on boots.

Big dps buff and pretty cheap usually.

Or anything else that will help you fix missing stats/resists


So the rings are adjustable to what you need really. So fill in any missing stats/resists you need but try to get a shaper ring with Life/Mana gained with hits by your spells. You get a nice chunk of EHP/Life back during harder/boss fights.

Again you can either fix missing stats/resists or go more offense.
Because I'm casting Tempest Shield/Lightning Tendrils so fast, the 10% chance is negligible. Might be overkill, but eh.


Offense: Cast speed/Crit Multi
Defensive: Life/mana
Watchers Eye: This is more so for end game and not needed to push. Just helps. You want ES Gained on hit while affected by Disc. Lot of leech back.

Gems & Links

6L Setup: OOS - Chain (Added Cold for Boss) - Energy Shield Leech - Inc AoE - Inc Crit Strikes - Lightning Pen (Drop Pen on 5L) (drop pen if you use shroud of lightless)

4L Gloves TS: Tempest Shield - Arcane Surge - Faster Casting - Culling Strike (You want quality for more cast speed)

4L Gloves Storm Burst: Storm Burst - Arcane Surge - Faster Casting - Culling Strike (Can replace with Divine Ire if you'd like)

3L: Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Summon Lightning Golem

3L: Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

2L: Vaal Discipline - Enlightened

Early Leveling:

3/4/5L Orb of Storms: OOS - Crit Strikes - Added Lightning - Faster Casting - Intensify/Energy Leech (Depends if you want more aoe, swap on bosses)

UPDATE 6/5: So a buddy of mine suggested linking Storm Brand with Power Charge on Crit and Inc Crit Chance for an easier way to gain charges. Also gives a decent secondary damage source for some leech.


So nothing crazy you can swap with what you want. I just enjoy having a curse immune flask over one for DPS. Less need to re-roll any sketchy maps.

Alira for crit/mana/res or kill all. I took Alira

Ascendancy Points

Normal Lab: Weave of the Arcane
Cruel Lab: Ghost Dance
Merc Lab: Escape Artist
Uber Lab: Harness the Void

Lightning Tendrils Vs Tempest Shield
So I have had the debate with some friends over which is better to use. I don't believe there is a "Right" answer here. Its more of a personal preference in my mind. Cast While Channeling skills cap at .5 seconds for Orb of Storms proc.

Lightning Tendrils: Early level gem that helps early on with leveling. Doesnt drain mana like Tempest Shield does. Theres a .5 sec cap on the proc it gives to OOS. Gives you a secondary attack spell for when OOS goes down.

Tempest Shield: Gives the best overall DPS to OOS because of the cast speed you stack, and theres no cap because its not a channeling spell. Downside is that when your OOS is down and you dont notice, you arent doing any DPS. When I die, its usually because I cant see my OOS down at all.

Divine Ire: This is a nice alternative to Lightning Tendrils if you prefer something over TS. Good single target, large aoe secondary. Again there is a .5 sec cap on the proc it gives to OOS.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTerFDrZP_I - Crimson Temple T13

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIynB-ZOH60 - T15 Defiled Cathedral

https://youtu.be/eIX2BkLg460 - T13 Carcass (Tabula & Axiom)

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/430234881 - T12 Sunken City

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/430237850 - T13 Zana Map

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/424341022 - Darkness Delving for Fossils.

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/419405507 - Crit Assasin Ver. Vs Ghosted Phoenix

I've hit maps and now getting some general questions I should explain. Below are some answers to common questions I've come across.

Helm Enchants
You want to get 30% inc oos cast speed

Stat Importance
Crit Chance/Multi > Cast Speed > Life/ES/Mana > Spell Damage

Power Charge Generation Options
You have a few sources of generation.

Curse on Hit/Herald of Ice/Assassin's Mark

Storm Brand/Inc Crit/Power Charge on Crit

*As a side note try to link in onslaught to one of those. The extra cast and movement speed is legit.


Ok so you're about to hit maps now and prob a bit squishy in the leveling gear. Where do you go? First upgrade needs to be
Because now that you have Mom and Merc/Uber lab you can sustain Tempest Shield (its the BiS for offense/defense.

Dont go Inpulsas....Its a newb trap for this build. I regret getting mine. Rank in order of cost/benefit: Carcass Jack/Cloak of Defiance > Tabula > 5l inpulsa > 6l Corrupted > 4/5L

BiS early on and cheap.

The rest of the gear, supplement what you need. Boots you can use the Mutewind Whispersteps which give a big boost and cheap.

If your DPS is having issues and not clearing trash by the time you hit the next pack, then you are missing crit/multi/cast speed. Make sure you have some source of power charge gen.

*Rares have been buffed so you will still need to deal with them from time to time

Well Hope you all enjoy, and see you in 3.7!


6/27: Hi All! Ok so a lot has changed and I've dropped MoM and when heavy on ES/Leech. Heres my current gear.


6/10 - Gear Update: Ok So I finally made switch to MoM and got lucky on gear. 5L my Inpulsa's so stuck with that. Dropped HoI/Curse on Hit, and went stormbrand and crit strike and power charge on crit for generation.

6/8- Gear Update

So I wanted to show what im running currently after the first day. Rng has been godly for me. Using the honourhome helm early on really helps for scaling. So still testing some shit but the gear is still wha tim shooting for in my guide.

6/6 - Updated PoB for 3.7 Tree
5/29 - Added more video gameplay. Some with lower end gear to show not much is needed to push Reds.
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Looks very interesting, bookmarking it for 3.7 =)
Thanks :) Leveling it was a breeze once i got a 4l and my axiom. I think Assassin carries better, but Tricksters tanky as hell with OOS mechanics.
Been looking for something different for the upcoming league and this seems interesting! Ill try this out as my League starter :D
Great! I just updated the PoB to work for 3.7, not 100% optimized at end game yet, but the leveling tree still works.

Edit: Wanted to say that i dont mean you cant push red maps with this the way it is. I just wont know what really works best right now till end game and some of the new uniques come out.
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How will this build handle the Legion mechanics you recon? Considering this or ED/cont as a starter
Just fine honestly if not the mechanic was made for OOS. Since youre just running around popping mobs then eventually get a small wave, you'll blow shit away. Will see with the buffs to monster life on rares but even with a tabula/axioms youre gonna crit like crazy. Also throw Intensify on early lvling for that massive aoe. Ive noticed with Carcass Jack you dont need any aoe nodes or gems.
How would you level this as a first character? What gem links should I use?
Eunbunnie wrote:
How would you level this as a first character? What gem links should I use?

Ahh good point ill add that to the gem section. To answer your question now tho.

3/4: Orb of Storms/Inc Crit/Added Lightning/Faster Casting (when you hit 18)

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