We're over half way through the Legion league and we're incredibly happy with how much the community have been enjoying it. As you continue to complete your personal league goals, we wanted to give you a heads up about our upcoming timelines.

As we mentioned, on August 17th PDT, we'll be hosting the last of our ExileCon Race Event Qualifiers! This race will dictate who our fourth and final challenger will be in the ultimate showdown at ExileCon later this year.

Around August 20th PDT, we're planning to announce our 3.8.0 expansion! The broad scope of this release is a new challenge league (whose name is not on the list, but should be), various improvements to older master content (things like making Sulphite and Betrayal state shared between all your characters in the league), some systems changes we're not yet ready to hint at (which should improve some areas that the community have given us vocal feedback on (not trade)) and all the usual new items, archetypes, gems and so on that you expect from a Path of Exile expansion.

We expect the Legion league to end on PC at 3pm September 2nd PDT. For console players, the league will end when 3.8.0 goes live.

Our tentative release date for the new expansion is September 6th PDT. Keep in mind all these dates may change as we get closer to release but things are looking good so far. We will keep you posted as these dates approach to let you know if anything changes.
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Grinding Gear Games
Keep it up! Proud of you!
(not trade)

lol love you guys
You make my ochinchin go doki doki.

please let there be some update to enchantments, the number of helm enchants alone is enough to make farming for the one you need infuriating to say the least
great job guys
Announcement so late :(

WTB announcement paying 2ex
from d2 frozen orb to winter orb
Pog, front page!!!!

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