Leniak Standard Services

Did hall of grandmasters for me. Great service!
Great service,he is very nice and fast
Great, fast and good lab service +1
Good crafting service
Bought multi crafting recipe in blight from him can vouch
good crafting service:
i just start to game 2 weeks ago, and ask on global if someone help me with some gems, he was single guy who give me the right gem and also buy 1 expensive bow for me, very friendly and helpful with stranger like me, he help me also with any boss if i ask . rly TNX MATE!

+ rep. nice service
Everything went perfect with Léniak killing the bosses :)
This person is not decent - when was traded 20 prismatic catalysts instead of 10 when I had a few trades in a row, he refused to return or pay back. Not a scam of this particular service but still

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