Leniak Standard Services


Hi everyone i can provide any kind of sevices in standard !!!

What can i do exactly ?

All lab carry
All Boss Carry ( guadian/uber/shaper/mastermind and much more )
All Craft even the flask

What i take for that ?

For lab u generaly pay entrence and i'm take all izaro reward.
I"m generealy take the reward drop from boss.
For special boss like mastermind i'm just take the boss drop.Not ur chest or bench.
For Craft i"m generaly take litle fee depend on the demand.
from nothing for low lvl item to 1exalt for complete 4ex+ multimoded item.
i can give a collateral to 80% of the craft value.

everyting is negociable and i sometime provide them for free

How to contact me ?

You can send me a message on my profile or directly in game "@kpmik" i gonna be happy to answer .

HIDEOUT selling:

I sometime sell Hideout i found
for that i completely lock my hown HO for nobody can acces to the portal i stay on Oriath and unlock acces to portal after payment.
if the session end ( cause of time ) i alway refound that payment

IQ Legacy dupe service

i can provide a dupe service for legacy item
u must provide all beast and requirement for process
1 Craicic Chimeral 1 Fenumal Plagued Arachnin1 1 Regal Orb and 3 Random Rare Beasts
the fee is 5EX when the dupe succes
( idea come from "demigod" feel free to ask him before )
item avalaible


i try to get my double arrow enchant in my helmet and make free lab carry pretty much everyday around 22h 00H if i have stack enought offering i pay entrence but take all reward from izaro
Special event close maybe i gonna do this for an other enchant stay aware

How to protect yourself:
in trade you have some way for protect you
you must take picure or movie of that trade
u have the poeID when u right click on a character
and u have your log file

Windows 7
C:\Users%username%\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile

Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings%username%\My Documents\My Games\Path of Exile

in that log file u can found all you conversation;connection and area u have joined from the installation of your game

after this u just need to contact poe suport
and send Picture or movie of abuse to support@grindinggear.com

leave this game free of scammer =).

By leniak
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Great , clean and fast carry . Best one i 've got till now. Thumbs up from me!
Ran me through lab for free, quick and easy :)
Very friendly and helpful even to a complete stranger. Bought some expensive gloves from the guy and even after he gave me advice to make sure I didn't waste my time and money.

Very helpful and polite. Maximum efficiency.
Had a party up for a hideout and I joined.
Thought it was suspicious that it was the last portal, but I paid anyways.
Turns out I took so long the instance went down, and he refunded without hesitation.
Polite, understanding, and didn't hesitate to link his thread. +reputation
Thanks for help with Uber Elder.
i bought a boss kill from a map from 'kpmik' the service was very fast and exceeded expectations - thank you for your help.

he uses an archer build and makes sure to clear mobs so they wouldnt kill me.

all in all, i would use this service again.
easy going on U-Lab, he waited for me (i am not the fastest) friendly service!!!!
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ran grandmaster for me. i gave him an ex, it didn't work on the first run. he gave my ex back to me. and ran it again. great service.

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