[3.9] Cyclone CoC Shock Nova - Up to 10m+ Shaper dps - Any content - Work with HH too

As for 3.11 this build isn't updated, but YOU CAN STILL PLAY IT : check my character WharrgarblNovalirium on my profile and pm me in game, I'll anwser you

Gif is from legion, Cyclone now has a slighty lower range, shock nova stay unchanged

3.9 Changes
Nothing changed. Haven't checked new items that could belong to that build, but there is probably a few things to add to the build in 3.9

3.8 Changes
No change to shock nova
Better damages as before because of Inspiration
Shaped HH is back to the menu
Elusive buff is a sweet addition to the build, especially when playing the HH variation

Cons :
Lower Cyclone aoe, but it's still good enought to make the build work
They changed the look of the MTX :(


Who am I ?
Nobody care, honnestly. Just someone that play since beta with a couple of forum builds. Feel free to pm me ig to talk, I'm always up.

Do I have to read a lot to do that build ?
No, I tried to condense important informations so you don't have too much to read. That say, I hightly recommand you to read the chaper VI if you are not used to CoC builds.

Path of Building
3.8 Pob
Only changes are to craft "- mana cost to channeling skill" to get 1 mana cost (PoB is wrong, enable CoC to see it) and inspiration added to the build


HH variation (very expensive)

You either need to get a good Zerphi timeless jewel, or Temporal Chain enchant on Helm to make it fully work

I took Juggernaut to keep the ability to hit 100% of the time on cyclone, but you can craft Hit's can't be evade instead and use Champion/Witch instead

Build is god damn expensive because of the quantity of unique shaped items you need (HH, CotB, Kaom Roots, Shackless) and the fact you have to balance your res on the few rares you have.

Starting map can feel slow because of Kaom, but as soon as you hit the speed buff you'r going for crazy speed/dmg, like every HH build

Hydra full run
Phoenix full run
Chimera full run
Minotaur full run
Uber Elder Guardians

Uber Elder (1 unexpected death)
Normal Atziri
Uber Atziri

Betrayal T15 map

1. Gear
2. Flask
3. Tree
4. Gems
5. Ascendar, Bandit & Pantheon
6. Cast on Crit & Cooldown recovery

Current gear

There is no mandatory gear to start the build, a simple Tabula rasa + a melee weapon with a good range & base crit chance can do the job.

Later you can focus on getting better / shaped gear if you have the Eternity Shroud (see my current gear). Six link is only used to clear legion faster trought Vaal Arc, so it's not mandatory.

A assassin's mark ring is recommanded to reach the 100% crit chance. Same for Pure Talent which help a lot reaching the cap crit (and is your best option to get the corrupted blood corruption).

Exquisite blade is the best base weapon for that build, you are looking for one with Cast on Critial Strike and 20% double do. Combined with the right Lethal Pride, you easily reach 35% chance to double do (45% if under the right Avian buff)

For late game, you wan't to have at least one Lethal Pride with 10/15% minimum double do. That one can do the job if you manage to grab one on the market :

You can also grab a watcher eye with at least crit mult while affected by precision, and some increased critical strike chance (Hatred, Wrath or Zealotery).

Unnatural Instinct is not mandatory, but you can get some extra spell damage OR some extra attack speed if you lack some to reach the requiered attack speed (depend of your cooldown reduction).

Green dream/nightmare bring better damage than a onslaught jewel, but is a little more expensive. Once again, it's up to you and depend of the attack speed you need. I choosed to play with it because my attack speed is caped at maximum frenzy charge.

Call of the Brotherhood is a great ring but shaper one are expensives. Since it's the only non-league unique version from Cold & Light res ring, you can try to chance one from a white shaper two-stone ring. You can also play with a non-shaper one, you will just waste 5% extra chaos and chaos damage bypass resistances, but still get the extra chaos damage from double conversion, and a LOT more safety from chill and freeze.

If you don't have, or don't want to play with a HH, you can still pick a Inspired learning on bot right part on the tree to get some extra buff will maping / doing legion.


The tricky part here is to balance cold and lightning uncaped resistance to be the same, and fire resistance to be just under. Why ? Because it allow you go the penetration bonus from The Wise Oak for both of them.

Because you can still use a anti-curse flask, you don't really matter about having over 140% resistance and since you already have a lot of it from tree/bandit, all you need is to get decent res on belt & boots.

If I'm fighting a boss that won't allow me to get frenzy charge, I use a onslaught flask to get the 20% attack speed I need to get the right attack speed.

If I'm doing lab, I switch my offensive flask to Seething Divine life flask (of Staunching if possible) to outheal trap if needed.

You can find a base tree here: here, or just check the PoB on top of the build.

Once you get a green dream/nightmare, you can add two extra frenzy charge.

If you get the same Timeless Jewel as me (see gear), then grab the lightning nod on top of witch to get the extra 5% double do and the leech.

If you get a Inspired Learning, grab at least 4 nod on bot right part of the tree.

Finally, if you have a Unnatural Instinct, you can choose both up or bot way on the right of scion start, it's depend of the attack speed you need to reach the attack speed cap you need to be as as near as possible from your CoC cooldown.

Tips for color and sockets
I choose to put some gems in specific items to reduce the cost in chromatic and jeweler. Simply use Vorici to get the 2/3 first colors, then use jeweler recipes to upgrade and downgrade number of socket until you have the right color, then link.

Why that choice of gem set up ?
Because it allow me to only switch on gem for guardians, shaper and elder and allow me to be fully efficient against both them and anything in map. Some others gems bring more dps but are situational, like Ice Bit, which I don't like because you don't always have the condition to get the full damage with those. With this set up, you'r always at your best, no matter the conditions.

Cyclone CoC Shock nova
If you have a CoC weapon
Cyclone + Shock Nova + Inc Critical Strike + Conc Effect/Inc Aoe + Empower + Added lightning damage
If you don't have a CoC weapon
Cyclone + Cast on Crit + Shock Nova + Inc Crit Strike + Conc Effect/Inc Aoe + Empower

Zealotery/Wrath/Hatred (depend of your watcher eye if you have one) + Flesh and Stone (Sand stance) + Precision (unleveled) + Enlighten (if you go aspect of the avian/spider)

Movement skill
Flame Dash + Arcane surge (+ Increased duration)

Not mandatory
Extra dps to clear legion faster
Vaal Arc + Inc crit strike + Controled destruction + Empower + Inc crit damage + Added light damage

Cwdt set up
Cast when damage taken + Golem (your choice) + Immortal call + Frost Bomb/Enfeeble/Temporal Chain (your choice)

Free inventory slot

Shadow (Assassin) is mandatory.
Dueslist (Champion) is my "go to" choice because of Fortify and Taunt/Intimidate. In game it feel way better than raider, pathfinder, elementalist and inquisitor.


Soul of Solaris (maping) / Soul of Arakaali (uber elder)
Soul of Garukhan (maping) / Soul of Yugul (uber elder) / Soul of Shakari (HoGm)

The math behind CoC and cooldown recovery from shaper belt & boots is simple.

Pick your cdr (cooldown recovery). Extract it from CoC base cooldown, which is 0,15s or 150ms, and you get your actual cooldown recovery.

A little example, I have 15% cooldown recovery, which mean my CoC cooldown is :
base cooldown - (cooldown recovery / 100 * base recovery) = current CoC cooldown
150 - (15/100*150) = 127.5 ms

Now you need to calculate the optimal attack speed, which is :
1000/current CoC cooldown (in ms) = perfect attack speed, or
1/current CoC cooldown (in sec) = perfect attack speed
In my example :
1000/127,5 = 7.84 ats (rounded down)

Because of framrate story, you always try to aim just a little under and not over 7.5 according to this reddit post. In my current build I'm at 7,43 attack speed with 5 frenzy charge, which is as near as possible for me and allow me to get the most shock nova I can in a second.

And because 5 frenzy charge give 20% attack speed, if I know I'm going to fight a boss that won't let me get frenzy charge, I can still change one flask to a onslaught flask to get those 20% attack speed (which never happen because I'm lazy and already have too much dps).
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Lot of video added
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Finished to wrote most of the build I gess
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Allright, I spent a day writting / recording this buid, I'm pretty much done for now, feel free to ask anything if you'r interested in this build, thanks.
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One of the best characters i've ever played thanks for the great build and guide.

good luck finding this sexy jewel guys
Hi! Intersting build but i have to warn u about ur CoC numbers they are not correct i guess. One guy made a research about number of procs and APS needed for the best DPS. Here is the link on research check it:
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Hi! Intersting build but i have to warn u about ur CoC numbers they are not correct i guess. One guy made a research about number of procs and APS needed for the best DPS. Here is the link on research check it

I'll check that, I can easily down my aps to 7.5 will removing nods under the scion hp weels or under shadow hp nods.

It's going to cause me more trouble to balance it on my devoto variation I'm working on, but I can still do it (a variation with 20% less dps but a extra 40% ms).

I will be off for the we end, so I'll check that monday, thanks.
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I checked the reddit post, since he's probably right I switched 2 points from under scion hp whell to the right of ranger to be at 7.43 ats.

I changed the pob link in my initial post.

I'm also using a Devoto's variation of the build with less DPS, a little less life, but a extra 20% movement speed and no Hit can't be evade.

If you want to check : https://pastebin.com/4i1DAKAj
Have been playing the build for my last character in SC. I have a lot of fun playing this build, and I like the diversity you have.
I didn't use the lethal pride instead i used a Militant Faith but still, it's just personal preference and depends on what roll you get.
Also a CDR reduce belt is very good imo so getting one will be great.
Finally, I think level is quite important for this build since passive points are kinda useful so maybe trying to boost your level first before completely change to this build.

Personally, I leveled the character with self cast arc and change to CoC after getting the weapon and some crit stuff. Even with tabula it works.
I am enjoying this build so far. I ran into the OP and was fortunate to get the helm at a discounted price. That is really appreciated. I am still low level (72) and will be pushing hard to gain some more levels. This is, like many Scion builds, very level dependent. Having fun so far!

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