[3.7] Belt & Grel Lightning Strike / Frost Blades Slayer - Headhunter + 3 x Inspired, MF

Hello Exiles and Welcome to this guide!!

-::- Description -::-

This build is a fork of my LS guide in Marauder forum: LS/FB/BF/VDS Guide

This is NOT a cheap build. For that look at the guide link above.

This build was inspired by my work on BF/FB/LS, the Cyclone Emblem Farmer build with HH that's popular right now, and always wanting to make a build with Beltimber + Grelwood.

I don't know who originally came up with the self-curse Cycloner, but the credit for that goes to them, I am just taking advantage of that mechanic in my own setup.

T16 Mino - 1-Shot
  • Click image for HQ GIF

Youtube: T16 Minotaur - (Full Run, Deathless, Boss 1-shot)

-::- List of Features -::-

  • Vaal Impurity of Ice for NO COLD RESISTANCE on mobs.
  • 3 x Inspired Learning Jewels for Rare/Unique mob buff stealing.
  • Headhunter for more stealing of Rare/Unique mob buffs.
  • Self-Curse Temp. Chains + Solstice Vigil buffs duration.
  • +10% Crit. Multi. per Nearby Enemy upto +100%.
  • 13 x Piercing Projectiles in Mapping Setup.
  • 16 x Piercing Projectiles in MF Setup.
  • All Projectiles Pierce 3 targets.
  • CWDT + Projectile Weakness.
  • Point Blank and Far Shot.
  • +20% Attack Speed on Rare/Unique Kill.
  • +20% Movement on Kill.
  • 20% Life Culling Strike.
  • 84% Chance to Freeze.
  • 82% Chance to Shock.
  • Fortify on Leap Slam.
  • 49% Item Quantity MF.
  • 123% Item Rarity MF.
  • 100% Chance to Hit.
  • 6 x Frenzy Charges.
  • Ancestral Protector.
  • Vaal Double Strike.
  • Ancestral Call.
  • Blood Rage.
  • Vaal Haste.
  • Precision.
  • Hatred.

-::- Self-Curse Mapping Setup -::-

Mapping PoB: https://pastebin.com/kB3rwBrS

-::- MF Setup -::-

MF PoB: https://pastebin.com/4FDxVWPX

  • You can swap between Mapping and MF setups in a few seconds!

-::- How do I play this? -::-

  • You run into a map, cast Blood Rage, then Leap around dropping your Ancestral totem here and there to make you faster.
  • You wanna try to kill as many Rare and Unique mobs as possible to gain their buffs.
  • If farming T16, I suggest as soon as you have a lot of buffs on you, run to the boss and kill it right away, then go back and clear map, loot.
  • If you don't have any HH/Inspired buffs, you will NOT be able to kill a T16 boss.
  • If you want more DPS, you can swap Ancestral Call/Multistrike > Damage on Full Life/Elemental Focus/Slower Projectiles/Increased Critical Damage.
  • You can also swap Lightning Strike > Frost Blades.
  • I've attempted 5 x Emblem Carry a few times and I was able to get within 1/2 a row of Full Loot, so with a bit more practice I am sure I can get it. Be VERY careful and patient at the start of the fight, and avoid bosses until you have enough HH/Inspired buffs to kill them quickly.

-::- What else do I need to know? -::-

  • Masterful Form Ascendancy: We lose 2% Chance to Hit (98%), but gain max 6 Endurance Charges + more duration on them and Frenzy Charges.
  • Endless Hunger Ascendancy: Life leech + Bleed Immunity.
  • Precision and Mana Reservation: Import your toon into PoB and lower the lvl until the minimum to reach 100% Chance to Hit. For me that's level 7 or 12 depending on the Beltimber I'm using.
  • Greater Multiple Projectiles: Another option to consider that gives 20 Projetiles in MF and 17 in Mapping.
  • For open maps like Glacier, Lightning Strike is better; for smaller area maps like Alleyways, Frost Blades is better.
  • My Glacier Farming Filter: http://www.filterblade.xyz/#cypgddttoCTF
    (+Black Map Color, -Delve/Incursion/Bestiary/Talismans/Glove&Boot Enchants, +Whetstone)

  • HMU in game if you have questions or wanna run a Glacier with me to check it out!

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