[3.7] Diabloyd's Frenzy Void Slayer / 3~4M Shaper Dps / 8 Endurance Charges / Very versatile

Hi, if you're interested, check out my other builds!

[3.7] Diabloyd's Avatar of Voidforge Jugg Cyclone / 7K+ HP / 3~4M+ Shaper DPS
[3.7] Diabloyd's Avatar of Voidforge Berserk Cyclone / 6~8K HP / 5~8M+ Shaper DPS / 2 Variations
3.7 Diabloyd's Icy Cat Flicker Raider / 5M+ Shaper DPS / Sword & Shield / Fast & Boom

Finally, I got the newly reworked skill Frenzy to actually work!

Here's some GIF showcase(videos are below).

The concept of this build, is to use Frenzy as its main damage dealer and Void Shot as the secondary damage dealer. Dealing decent damage for both map clearing and single target without any gem swap or weapon swap. Running fast as well.
And, at the same time, being tanky enough to deal with all contents.

With my current Legion character (level 94), I have:
- 4M burst dps to shaper/guardians/elder
- 5.3K HP
Do not panic, if you play properly, this 5.3k life can be much tougher than you think, you won't get one shot by T16 Legion mobs with high damage mods, and that's totally fine and sufficient for me.
However, you can reach 6K life easily just by adjusting the passive tree if you like (losing some dps ofc).
- 8 endurance charges (up all the time)
- Blind (optional)
- 56% attack dodge, 38% spell dodge.

- Effective freeze/chill to cc any mobs and bosses (under T16).
- Decent burst damage, good clear.
- It's tankier than you think, I didn't die to any Legion mobs and leveled up to 94.
- Can be very fast if using the alternative weapon Hopeshredder.
- You can customize the build yourself to meet your needs.
- Nothing expensive in this build.


- Can be squishy against heavy elemental/chaos damage encounters.
- Gears are tricky to get (this doesn't mean it's very expensive, just might take some time to get em)
- Cannot run "ele reflect", "Cannot Leech" map mods.
- Not a league starter.


Minotaur / Double Beyond: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sma64YnA8Xo

Speed Version with Hopeshredder: https://youtu.be/bkdUBkjB0xA

A farming comparison video between "Tornado Shot + GMP" and "Default" version.
Not a fan myself btw, I'll just stick to the default one. But I'm sure some of you would prefer the TS clearing.

My PC sucks, so don't mind the quality and the occasional screen freeze.

Defensive Mechanics:
1, Using Slayer's new ascendancy "Masterful Form". Your Maximum Endurance Charges is equal to your Maximum Frenzy Charges. That means, when I have 8 frenzy charges, I can also have 8 endurance charges.

2, Using instant Warcry to maintain the endurance charges (and some life regeneration as well).

3, Blind (optional), Attack dodge and spell dodge (Acrobatics/Phase acrobatics).

4, Effective freeze/chill for cc. Freeze any bosses under T16.

5, Max level Steelskin. You can choose to CWDT it, or cast it manually.

6, Overleech (optional, not recommended though)

Offensive Mechanics:
1, We stack frenzy charges. You can get up to 10 frenzy charges but that's not necessary, 8 is more than enough.

2, Frenzy charges can significantly increase the Frenzy skill's damage itself, and it can also increase Void Shot's damage from the unique quiver Voidfletcher.

3, Using Death's Opus + Dying Sun to get 4 additional projectiles. This improves the clear speed of Frenzy, and also greatly enhances the damage overlap of Void Shot.

4, We stack some Cold reduction/penetration, at least 34%.

Gears and Items I'm using, with explanations:

1, Rare Helmet

Estimated cost: very cheap

Get a lvl 84 helm with the enchant "9% frenzy damage per frenzy charge", it's extremly cheap, I bought it with 5 chaos.
Then craft it with Frigid Fossil to get the "-9% cold res" on the helm.
You can also use Pristine Fossil to get more life on it.

2, Unique Body Armour

Estimated cost: 1.5 Ex

500 Life. You need it.

3, Unique Weapon

Estimated cost: less than 10 chaos (a 6 linked is around 1 ex)

Our main weapon, cheap aint it?

4, Unique quiver

Estimated cost: 10~20 chaos

Yon don't really need the corrupted "addiontal arrow".
In fact, you'll need the pierce for Frenzy.

5, Unique Gloves (corrupted)

Estimated cost: 1 ex

Oskarm itself is a decent one, some life, damage, and most importantly the Assassin's Mark.
Get "+1 Maximum frenzy charge" on this one.

6, Unique Boots

Estimated cost: 1 chaos

Max Frenzy charge, movement speed, dodge....You can't find a better one.

7, Unique Rings

Estimated cost: ???

For starters, if you don't know how to get these rings, check this wiki page and you'll get the idea :https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Precursor%27s_Emblem
Basically, you buy the compenent rings and sell em to the vendor to get the Precursor's Emblem.
The recommended component rings would be "2 Sapphire + 1 Ruby", or "2 Sapphire + 1 Topaz". (just avoid the expensive ones, one "set" of components should be around 35 chaos)

The mods you'll need are:
1, Flat cold damage per frenzy charge, this is the mod you'll need, and it's easy to get.
2, Cold damage as extra chaos damage per frenzy charge, or 5% damage per frenzy/endurance charge. These are ok too, but with less priority.
3, Maximum frenzy charges. This one is ok, but not recommended. First, it greatly increases the Frenzy damage but has less effect on your void shot; secondly, it's a very rare mod. You can keep it if you accidentally got one, but do not aim for this.
Note: if you can't manage to cap your resistances, you can use 1 Precursor's emblem instead of 2.

8, Hopeshredder (Optional)

Estimated cost: 1~20 chaos (excluding 6L cost)

This is for speed farming, with 8 frenzy charges it can provide 32% movement speed.

9, Rare Belt

Estimated cost: ???

Something like this, Stygian Vise is recommended. Flask mods are recommended.

10, Rare Amulet

Estimated cost: ???

Get life and res you need.
For damage, the mods you'll need is Crit Multiplier and Ele.Dmg.with.Attacks.
No you don't need flat cold damage on your amulet.

11, Unique Jewel 1

Estimated cost: more than 1 Ex

The best mod for damage is "cold penetration with Hatred" or "flat cold damage with Hatred".
I'm using this "crit chance with Hatred" only because I have it already, so why not?

12, Unique Jewel 2

Estimated cost: at least 25 chaos

Tbh I do not have any idea how to explain properly about these kind of Legion Jewels.
Brutal Restraint (Maraketh legion) can also be good with this build, depends heavily on what extra mods you'll get from them.

Mine is Lethal Pride with 10055 under Kaom.
By allocating this in the socket above Fervour, it gives me 15% chance double damage and 1% life regeneration.

Just get anything you can.

13, Rare jewels

Estimated cost: ???

These are the ones I'm using. In general, get as much crit multiplier you can, and resitances/stats if needed.

12, Flasks

These are merely some examples, the flasks' combination is totally up to you.

My personal preference is:
Diamond Flask + Dying Sun + QuickSilver + Atziri's Promise + Life Flask(low life instant)
Estimated Cost:
Wise Oak: 25-35 chaos
Others: ???

Here's an overall view of my gears:

Gems & Passives:
Death's Opus (default):
6L: Frenzy - Added Cold Damage - Ice Bite - Hypothermia - Mirage Archer - Elemental damage with attacks

If using Hopeshredder (speed farm):
6L: Frenzy - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Ice Bite - Hypothermia - Mirage Archer - Elemental damage with attacks

Hatred - Precision - Enlighten
You don't need Precision if you're using Hopeshredder, and you don't need the Precision to be maxed level, just make your chance to hit reach 100% and that's good to go. My Precision is level 17.
And you'll only need a level 3 Enlighten.

Herald of Ice - Onslaught - Increased Critical Strikes
Linking Onslaught so that you can get Onslaught while clearing.
Increased Critical Strikes can slightly increase the damage of Herald, thus more chance to get Onslaught. And with increased critical strikes means more chance to freeze, means potentially more chain explosions.

-Cast when Damage Taken - Steelskin - Increased Duration - Enduring Cry .
If you prefer using Steelskin manually, feel free to get rid of the Cast when Damage Taken. I myself is using all of these gems with max level, it feels like I'm using a Sterak's Gage (an item from League of Legends).
Enduring cry is not a spell so it cannot be CWDTed, it's here because of the Increased Duration.

Other skills:
- Blink Arrow.
- Frost Bomb, to apply cold exposure (-25% cold resistance), level 1.

Bandits & Pantheons:
I recommend Kill all. You can swap to Alira if you want.
Soul of the Brine King + Garukhan for most content. Solaris for some bosses. Others are very flexible.

This is the passive tree I'm using myself (Kill All):

There are lots of things you can customize yourself, for instance:
1, Get more life in the Consitution cluster if you want.
2, Get Dazzling Strikes cluster if you want Blind.
3, You don't need to allocate Winter Spirit and Survivalist if you don't have extra mods from your Legion Jewel (Lethal Pride).

Other notes:
1, Battle Cry cluster for instant War Cry.
2, Disciple of Slaughter/Unyielding for lots of QoL improvement.
3, Mana Flows for more mana and intelligence, this build is kinda mana hunger.
4, Druidic Rite for more mana, and most importantly, flasks duration and charges. This build depends a lot on flasks.
5, Swap off Primeval Force if you want to allocate other passives.

The only one you need to make this build work is Masterful Form.
Others are all optional.

1, Bane of the Legends provides significant damage buff, and 20% movement speed while mapping.
2, Brutal Fervour, overleech, Slayer's classic.
3, Overwhelm provides little single target damage to this build. But it can be ok while clearing mobs, and the "-30% crit multiplier" provides decent survivability too.
4, Impact has literally zero impact.

I'm using Bane of the Legends, Overwhelm and Masteful Form.

-Path of Building (my current character, 10-July-2019)
These options are unchecked:
Power charges, killed recently, onslaught.
Feel free to check it yourself if you want to simulate different occasions.

Voidshot damage calculation is in the "skills", but keep in mind that this is only the theoretical damage.

-Reddit post linked to this guide:
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Uploaded a new video, for those who want to try Tornado Shot.
Respecced my cyclone slayer to this and while it might not be the very strongest and fastest bow build, it is damn satisfying and fun to play! Not a bad build by any means, highly recommended
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So, other than the 5% on kill, how are you maintaining endurance charges?
Smooshfaced wrote:
So, other than the 5% on kill, how are you maintaining endurance charges?

Instant cast Enduring Cry.
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Very nice build.


Can you modify the build to use the same frenzy/endurance charges for a cyclone build? A tanky one with a decent DPS.

For people that can't dodge shit...

IGN Lasaria | My guides
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Just popped in to say great build, having lots of fun, thanks
Rathik2 wrote:
Very nice build.


Can you modify the build to use the same frenzy/endurance charges for a cyclone build? A tanky one with a decent DPS.

For people that can't dodge shit...


The problem of Cyclone is that you cannot sustain your frenzy charges besides using Blood Rage.
If you cannot generate frenzy charges while in circumstances that you cannot kill anything, then there's no point to stack max.frenzy charges. Thus,
nice build. already 2 months of leagues and i still cannot make a good melee build with masterful form. nothing really satisfying so far. i found your build and gear wise it's pretty cheap. pretty satisfied with the dmg of the single targets, something that i really miss from many melee build.

now my question, i found this hubris jewel in my inventories do you think it worth to slot it to this build?

image upload

1.80% crit chance
2. 3. 4. 40%crit multiplier
5. 6. 80% incread projectile attack damage
7. 10% damage per endurance charge
8 10% damage per power charge

do you think it's worth losing the points for 1,2,4,5,6,7 ?

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