[3.9] Fists of Fire | Boss Killer | Unarmed Cyclone | Cheap [Unique Heavy]

They are working out pretty damn well.

I originally came up with the build concept last league because I had a pair of legacy facebreakers (961%) and I wanted to make a build I could toy around with in standard. I saw the purity rings too, but they were like 50ex+ ... it was the one missing piece of the puzzle. Without the rings, the dps with the legacy facebreakers was 15 million ... can't wait to see what it's going to look like with the rings.

If you can get them in this league, you should. I got luck and got each of the rings I'm using for like 15c each.
Thanks for the great guide. I have a question want to ask.
For the herald of purity rings, which stats is more important to get?
Herald of Purity has (70-100)% increased Buff Effect?
or (40-60)% increased Physical Damage while affected by Herald of Purity?
As the rings price is very different. I am not sure how to choose. Thanks
For the testing I have done, it looks like the herald buff effect yields the most dps.
updated to include lvl 92 gear.
Well outside of offscreen oneshots and some other spooky t15/t16's ive Run this build is crushing it Got some pretty damn circle of guilt rings

Glad to hear it! I just downed Uber Elder yesterday with little diffiuclty. It was not a deathless run, but had a few portals left. Probably going to focus on delving from here on out.

BTW, I'm pretty jealous of your Red Nightmare jewel ... not something that I can afford at this point. Haven't had much in the way of drops outside of a couple of exalts and a few div cards worth maybe 30-40 chaos apiece.

Ey I Also Just took Uber Elder down Yesterday It wasn't my uh Cleanest Run But it wasn't too difficult either Silly Deaths Mostly I should probably hit more red maps and get 92~94 I kinda thought he dropped trash until i realized one of the shaper bases he dropped netted me 4 EX

And Yeah the Red Nightmare is Lovely Luckily I Actually dropped the Jewel and Just traded for a Blessing I should probably swap to Immortal call over molten shell..
Thx for the guild
Have a tiny question about the belt. It said i have onslaught when i got fortify, but i didnt find the status of it ?:D?
Best ring for this build ?
can u add gameplay video of 3.8?
wanna interested in the aoe area.

would be nice :-)

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