[3.8] CI Mjolner CoC Ball Lightning Scion - up to 5M Shaper DPS, 10k ES, 5k+ ES recovery/s

Fully updated for patch 3.8!
I want to comment on one thing: I'm playing this build as Assassin in this patch. I feel Assassin is better than Scion for this build now, because Assassin can get a lot of ms boost. The advantage of Scion is that she can get strength and dex easily (ascendancy, Lethal Pride + Unnatural Instinct combo) . The assassin version can be found here.

Update History

2019/7/15 Added a guide to make talismans.
2019/7/13 Added leveling guide, bandits/pantheon and some videos.
2019/7/12 Updated some item/ascendancy choice according to the feedback from the community. The original build is moved to "old build" section. Please note that the original build is strong enough to do any content in the game, including deathless Uber Elder. So don't worry too much if you are using it.

In this build guide I'd like to share my Scion build using Mjolner/CoC/ball lightning. This build can clear maps fast, deal insane damage, and is tanky. Overall, this build is very strong, and I can recommend it to anyone who has some currency (like 10 ex).

-Great clear speed
-Great single target damage (Up to 5m Shaper DPS)
-Tanky (10k ES)
-Smooth playstyle–you don't have to cast a travel skill to proc arcane surge or fortify
-Great sustain (5000+ES recovery/s, you can even face tank Shaper beam and the vortex DoT AT THE SAME TIME)
-All map mods possible (For difficult map mods, see Gameplay Tips section)

-Not league starter friendly (requires at least 10 ex for this build to work)
-Can deal significant damage to your computer due to the large number of hits per second


Uber Elder fight [deathless] https://youtu.be/a8oBfSVOo7U
Maze of the Minotaur map (T16) https://youtu.be/Xo24GZZ1Fdo
Delve (depth 392) https://youtu.be/lJlHWBfwcSQ

How This Build Works

Offensively, this build tries to trigger as many ball lightnings as possible. We have two ball lightning setups for this: cyclone/CoC setup in 6-linked chest armor and another setup in 3-linked Mjolner. Cyclone was selected because it gives us a huge attack speed boost (300% more AS). With these setups, we can trigger more than 10 ball lightnings per second.

Defensively, we go to CI. With proper gears and passive tree, we can reach 10k ES. In order to gain good sustain during combat, we use Watcher's eye with an "ES on hit" mod. Because ball lightning has a very high hit frequency (150 ms/hit), we can gain an insane amount of ES from this unique jewel alone. Let's say, our ball lightning hits 13 times per cast and we cast 10 ball lightnings per second. This corresponds to 136 hits per second (cyclone hits 6 times/s), hence 4000 ES recovery/s. On top of that, we use energy shield leech and ES regeneration from consecrated ground. With all of these combined, we achieve 5000+ES recovery/s against a single target, and the recovery becomes even more if multiple enemies are around you.

To equip Mjolner, we need 412 strength and 300 intelligence. The 300 int requirement is easy to achieve because we go to the northern part of the passive tree. On the other hand, the 412 str requirement is much more difficult to achieve. To reach 412 str, we use three uniques: Efficient Training, Unnatural Instinct, and Lethal Pride. Efficient training gives us around 100 str. Lethal Pride is a new unique jewel, which adds +2/+4 str to normal nodes in radius. We use this jewel in combination with Unnatural Instinct to get around 100 str. With these setups, it should be easy for us to reach 412 str. You can also use "Utmost Might" anointment on your amulet to get strength.

To make a good use of 400+ str, we use Shaper's touch. This gives us more than 80% increased maximum ES, as well as 800-1000 accuracy rating, which is necessary to achieve high hit chance.


For uniques, we use Mjolner, Shaper's Touch, Doryani's Delusion, and Mark of the Shaper.
Mjolner and Shaper's touch are very cheap, so look for good corrupted mods. Recommended corrupted mods are "xx% chance to fortify on melee hit" for Mjolner, and "attacks have xx% critical strike chance" or "spells have xx% critical strike chance" for Shaper's Touch. If you can't afford fortify-on-hit Mjolner, see "old build" section. To color these corrupted items, use "at least one green socket" crafting.

Doryani's Delusion is the recommended boots because it has a good balance between offence and defense. Make sure that you pick the one with added LIGHTNING damage. Alternatively, you can also use Sin Trek if you need extra dex from boots.

Mark of the Shaper is the best ring in this build because our weapon doesn't have any spell damage mods. Before you hit level 80, use any rare ring with a decent +ES mod.

Rare body armour, helmet and shield should have high ES and elemental resistances. For helmet, I recommend "nearby enemies have -9% lightning resistances" mod and "ball lightning deals 40% increased damage" enchant. This helmet can be crafted by dense + metallic fossils. Rare shields should have at least 200 ES and some resistances. If possible, try to get some spell damage and critical strike chance for spells to boost your damage output.

3.8 Update Helmet enchant is unfortunately very expensive this league.

For jewelry, look for ES, elemental resists and strength.

Crystal belt is the best base for our belt, and it should have at least +40 maximum ES explicit and elemental resistances to cap your resists. If possible, try to get high strength here. Before you hit level 79, use any rare belt with enough elemental resistances. If your resistances are capped, you can also use Bated Breath to boost your ES.

Because we are using Mark of the Shaper, we have to use a rare Elder ring. Look for something that gives ES, strength and elemental resistances. It is a good idea to have an empty suffix here so that you can beastcraft the "aspect of the spider" mod. If not, craft it somewhere else.

For amulet, a "+ All attributes" mod is highly recommended because this is the most efficient way to get dex. (If you can't find an amulet with an "all attributes" mod, use Sin Trek). If possible, get some offensive mods here. Tier 3 talismans with an implicit "12-15% increased attributes" are very strong, as they not only give you a huge ES but also allows you to reach 412 str requirement without using Efficient Training jewel. This means that you can use an extra rare jewel to increase your damage. If you don't have enough passive points or good gear to reach 412 strength requirement even with Efficient Training, use Astramentis. This unique amulet alone solves all the problems associated with attribute requirements. This amulet is also a very strong leveling item.

3.8 Update
Recommended anointment for amulet is Utmost Might (a lot of strength). If you want to min-max this build, consider Tranquility, which gives you roughly 16% more damage!!

Use of a T3 talisman is not necessary to do any content in this game, so prioritize other items!

You absolutely need Watcher's Eye with an "ES on hit" mod for this build. The other Zealotry mod "increased critical strike chance against enemies on consecrated ground" is optional, but it gives you a huge DPS boost. This kind of WE was fairy cheap (2-4 ex) before I wrote this guide, but now it's much more expensive :(

Lethal Pride is a cheap unique jewel (3.8: not cheap anymore), and when combined with Unnatural Instinct, it gives you more than 100 strength. Extra mods on notable nodes are not really necessary, although they can be very powerful. If possible, look for notable mods "1% of life regenerated per second", "5% chance to deal double damage", "5% chance to gain an endurance charge on kill", "+20 to strength", or "5% increased strength". Unnatural Instinct used to be a very expensive jewel, but due to the indirect nerf it costs about 2 ex now. Lethal Pride and Unnatural Instinct should be placed near the scion's starting point. Take a look at the image below. Lethal Pride is placed on the left, Unnatural Instinct on the right. Place Efficient Training near the "Instability" notable node. Make sure that you choose Lethal Pride with a "under Kiloava" mod so that you can replace EE keystone with "double block chance" keystone.

Rare jewels should have critical strike multiplier and increased maximum energy shield mods. "increased lightning damage" and "increased spell damage" mods are fine, but critical strike multiplier mods are better. It is also a good idea to get some resistances if you need them.

For flasks, use something that gives you damage and movement speed. Wise Oak is chosen because we don't have a lot of lightning penetration. Make sure that your uncapped lightning resistance is the highest. Diamond flask is the best flask in any crit-based builds. Silver flask gives you attack speed and movement speed, both of which are very good for this build. Make sure that your attacks per second does not exceed 6.0/s during flask effect, because attacking faster than Mjolner and CoC cooldown (0.15 s) will result in a DPS loss. Quick silver flask is a must in any cyclone build, and you want the "increased movement speed during flask effect" mod here. The last flask slot is open to your creativity, use anything you like. These flasks should have bleed immunity, freeze immunity and curse immunity suffixes.

Skill Gems

6-link setup
cyclone-cast on critical strike-ball lightning-increased critical strike-slower projectile-elemental focus
If you haven't got ES leech from the passive tree yet, use energy leech instead of elemental focus.
3-link setup in Mjolner
ball lightning-slower projectile-elemental focus (or energy leech)
3-link setup in a rare shield
phase run-increased duration, flame dash
This setup is up to your personal preference, use anything you prefer.
4-link setup
cast when damage taken (level 1)-immortal call (level 3) -wave of conviction (level 7)-ice golem (level 3)
precision (low level)-zealotry-discipline-enlighten (level 4)
In order to use aspect of the spider on top of these auras, we need level 4 enlighten support. Zealotry is much better than wrath because it creates consecrated ground, which in turn increases our critical strike chance. We can use Watcher's eye to further increase our critical strike chance.

vortex-arcane surge-curse on hit-conductivity (or assassin's mark)
The idea here is to use an instant cast spell to proc arcane surge. This is important because you can cast an instant spell like vortex while cycloning. This makes our game play much smoother. We also link curse on hit-conductivity to reduce lightning resistance of tough enemies. Keep in mind that only the initial hit of vortex can inflict a curse. When you are low level and don't have high critical strike chance, use assassin's mark instead of conductivity.


assassin + gladiator
Assassin ascendancy gives you a lot of crit chance and good movement speed buff. The other ascendancy is gladiator, which grant us block chance. Furthermore, choosing gladiator gives us an easy access to attack speed nodes, which are otherwise hard to reach.

Passive Tree

I recommend you start this build at level 68, when you can equip vaal regalia. Feel free to get one or two "+30 str" notables if you need strength. Because you use Shaper's touch, 30 strength gives you 6% increased maximum ES, which is decent for 1 point.

level 68 passive tree

level 89 passive tree

level 95 passive tree

pastebin https://pastebin.com/Gm4xVUVQ
1) You should place Efficient Training on the socket near "Instability" unless you got enough strength from your gear.
2) It seems that PoB doesn't consider "100% increased critical strike chance" effect against enemies on consecrated ground. Therefore, this effect was manually added in Lethal Pride jewel.

Bandits & Pantheon
Bandits: Help Alira.
Pantheon: Lunaris & Abberath, this is up to your preference.

Leveling Guide


Weapon: a rare wand of sceptre with spell damage, lightning damage and/or added fire/cold/lightning damage to spells.

Armour and jewelry: Anything that gives you life and elemental resists. After Act 6, keep your elemental resists capped!

Recommended Uniques

Tabula Rasa: easy 6-link
Wanderlust & Nomic's Storm:You want to move faster, right?
Crest of Perandus:life, lightning resist, movement speed. How can this be a thing? Too OP.
Goldrim:Tons of elemental resists, no life though.
Praxis:Solves a mana problem caused by early 6-link.
Astramentis:You won't have attribute problems anymore. Also gives you roughly 50 life.

Skill Gems

level 1-11 freezing pulse
level 12-27 arc-added lightning damage-added cold damage-arcane surge
level 28- ball lightning-added lightning damage-controlled destruction-elemental focus-unleash-(spell echo/faster casting/inspiration)

Passive Tree

Gameplay Tips

-Against stationary enemies, try to hit them at the edge of your cyclone. This way you can maximize the number of hits per cast of ball lightning.
-If you want to run ele reflect maps, replace elemental focus support in Mjolner with increased critical strikes support. I managed to achieve deathless Uber Aztiri this way. Still, I recommend you reroll ele reflect mod whenever possible.
-If you want to run "no regen" maps, use an Elder ring with a crafted mod of "-7 to total mana cost of skills" to make cyclone cost 0 mana.

Old Build

If you can't afford fortify-on-hit Mjolner, choose champion ascendancy instead of gladiator. This way you can fortify on hit. This choice has better DPS but lower defense. I feel that our damage is more than enough, so extra block chance from gladiator is more valuable than pure DPS increase from champion.

How to Make Talismans

What is a talisman?

Talismans are a type of amulet that have (generally) more powerful implicit than ordinary amulets. For a full list of talisman implicit mods, go to wiki (https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Talisman ). Talismans are always corrupted, thus it cannot be modified once it is dropped/created.

How can I get talismans?

Talismans can drop randomly from league mechanics, like monolith and incubators. However, these talismans have random mods, which means they are trash 99.99% of the time. A more reliable way to get a good talisman is to transform an amulet to a talisman via Syndicate mechanics. Because this transformation changes only an implicit mod of the amulet while leaving its explicit mods untouched, you have a very good chance of getting a good talisman.

How to Transform Your Amulet into a Talisman
To do this, you have to do two things – preparation of an amulet and setup of the Syndicate Board.
Preparation of Amulets

The first this to do is to buy an amulet or two with the desired explicit mods. Note that implicit will be overridden and therefore does not matter.
In this build, you want the following mods:

+xx to all attributs
+xx to maximum ES
+xx% to maximum ES
(optional) elemental resists, crit multi etc.

The third mod can be obtained via a crafting bench, so ignore it while searching amulets. Just look for an amulet with desired mods (except the third one) and an open prefix so that you can craft "20% increased ES mod" later.

Once you get amulets with desired explicit mods, use divine orbs until you get satisfactory rolls. Remember that talismans are always corrupted, thus it is important to use divine orbs now. After that, craft "15-20% increased maximum ES" mod in your crafting bench and repeat it until you get the 20% roll.
Finally, anoint your amulet (Utmost Might or Tranquility). You can't anoint a corrupted amulet, so you have to anoint now.
Final note: Talisman transformation does not work with Shaper/Elder amulets! Therefore, it is important that you buy normal amulets.

Setup of Syndicate Board
For our purpose, we need Jorgin (rank 3) in Research. Jorgin's rank is related to the resulting talisman's tier: rank 1 Jorgin will transform an amulet into tier 1 talisman, etc. Because we want tier 3 talisman, we need rank 3 Jorgin.
It is desired to make him the leader of Research, as this will give you the second chance to transform your amulets. To do this setup, do the following:

step 1: Look at your Syndicate board and find Jorgin. If you found him, go to step 3. If you didn't, go to step 2.
step 2: Jorgin is either unencountered (shown as "?" on board) or removed from the board. The best solution to this situation is to do some Syndicate encounter fight and make as many rank 0 members as possible (usually by sending them to prison). This will increase the chance of removing some syndicate members. Removing a syndicate member will add a new member from the removal list to the board. This way you can add Jorgin to the board if he is removed at the beginning.

step 3: Is Jorgin in Reseach? if yes, go to step 5. If no, go to step 4.
step 4: If Jorgin is a member of Transportation/Fortification/Intervention, make him rank 0 by sending him to prison several times. Upon reaching rank 0 he will be free of any roles. After that you do some Syndicate encounter fights and let's hope you will be offered a choice to make jorgin a member of Research.
step 5: Continue to do Syndicate encounter fights and rank him up whenever possible until he gets rank 3.
step 6 (optional): If you want to make Jorgin the leader, do the following
-Make sure that Jorgin is the only rank 3 member in Reserch.
-Send the Reserch leader to prison.
step 7: Gain Research intelligence, go to the Safehouse and transform your amulet(s). Implicit mods will be chosen randomly from tier 3 talisman pool, and let's hope you get the desired one. If you get the desired one, congratulations! If not, sell it to someone else and maybe you make a profit. Repeat the whole process again.

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Trying out this build, currently leveling. Any tips for leveling?
You had me at 'face tank Shaper beam'
I'll give this build a shot :)
Nedmo wrote:
Trying out this build, currently leveling. Any tips for leveling?

Thank you for trying it out! To be honest, this is my first Scion character, so I don't have a lot of useful leveling tips.
-I used self-casting ball lightning to level this character, and it worked very nicely. It is important to not use slower projectile support for self-casting ball lightning, because it will ruin your clear speed. Before you hit level 28, I recommend you use arc.
-If you have mana problem, use one or two Praxis rings.
-Take some life nodes during leveling, and respec them when you get CI.

I hope it helps.

Managed to complete act 1-10 easily with Arc/Ball Lightning. Currently level 70. The only thing i had trouble was the 412 strenght required to use Mjölner, but the build is very much fun once you get it rolling.

I like it!
I was doing a similar build to this - but without ball lightning (I've now copied you and added that in, alongside the ES on hit!) I've also gone gladiator over champion as I might look for a fortify corrupt Mjolnir and I got a really nice keystone on Elemental Equilbrium which doubled my block chance!
[3.7] Liggles' Immune Stormwall - crit/block staff cyclone | All content | Budget options
This build is pretty solid. I was rolling diff cyclone builds all league, including CoC Cospris and such, and this one was right down my alley.

Never played a Scion, so after looking everything over, I grabbed Deadeye for extra projectiles, pierces, increased proj damage, bleed not effecting me more when moving, and global accuracy. I use all those with this build, so seeing that a fortify Mjolner basically IS the champion ascendancy, I took Deadeye for ALL the benefits.

I will post all my gear tomorrow, including how I shoved Wrath in this build and the triple Watcher's Eye I use for Discipline ESoH, Zealotry crit, and Wrath damage pen. HUGE boost along with Deadeye made this a rofl build.
Liggles wrote:
I was doing a similar build to this - but without ball lightning (I've now copied you and added that in, alongside the ES on hit!) I've also gone gladiator over champion as I might look for a fortify corrupt Mjolnir and I got a really nice keystone on Elemental Equilbrium which doubled my block chance!

This build is far from optimized, and it is likely that the Champion ascendancy is not the best choice here. The choice of Gladiator sounds nice as you get much better defense. You lose some DPS, but your damage should still be enough to do any end-game content.

I'm not sure about the double block chance keystone though, because, on average, you take the same amount of damage. Maybe it is worth it if you get the Arcane Swiftness notable?
I was wondering why I couldn't keep my ES at full in the top gif clip. Now I realized that I was tanking both the beam and the vortex DoT at the same time...lol. This description was added to the post.
As I said before, I made a slight alteration on this build that seems to have made the damage go through the roof, all while keeping Fortify on hit.

Progress: Once I could wear a Mjolner, I wore 2 and went hybrid life/ES. I ran that way through T5 maps up until around 80, where my gear from my old toons FINALLY sold off and gave me a 20 Ex (give or take) budget to work with. Once I got my Watcher's Eye, lvl 4 Enlighten for all my auras and got some decent ES gear I switched to CI with around 9400 ES or so. At this point with one Mjolner, I felt I was doing slightly less or around the same clear speed as my Dual Cospris Ice Nova guy (with more survivability), but when I went Deadeye, it changed EVERYTHING. The toon came alive now, and feels FANTASTIC. This is coming from an early impale cycloner, CoC Cospris cycloner, and an 8 aura tri curse Ice golem player. This build is just about the PERFECT storm for me, and will be the last of the season!

Also, Ball of Lightnings 21/0 are selling for like 2-5 chaos a piece. If you are playing this build, buy these ASAP.

NOTED CON FROM TS - I can do Ele reflect with the crit from gloves and chest pushing my spells and melee up. It's about as noticeable as my full Assassin Cospris toon, as it goes down a tad, but was up in a jiffy.

- Assassin - Crit, power charges, movement on kill, able to do ele
- Deadeye - DOUBLE the amount of Ball of Lightnings, accuracy, do
more damage farther balls travel (clear), no extra bleed damage
when moving
- NOTE ON DEADEYE - Double the balls means double damage AND
since its 2x balls, you get more hits for ES on hit

- Added Wrath because I got a sick triple Watcher's Eye with Crit
Strike Chance Zealotry, 30 ES on hit with Disc, and % Lightning
Pen with Wrath
- Lvl 1 precision, took extra aura nodes, Conqueror;s Efficiency
or whatever for more reservation

- Fortify on hit Mjolner - only real GREAT thing of champ ascend
- 2 Ex (4 failed corruptions so I bought one)
- Spell Crit on chest - got lucky, bought 700+ ES 6 link with crit
- 9 Ex
- Watcher's Eye - See Auras section
- 6 Ex
- Unnatural Instinct
- 3 Ex
- Rest of my gear is just cheapo stuff since I ran outta money...
- 1 Ex


TO DO - Helmet enchant, switch helmet to 2 2 links and take out ele focus (was leveling it) to do CWDT and conductivity, level to 90 (81 currently) to fill out rest of tree, find some better ES gear to get around 10k ES, level gems (20/20 gems and 21/20 Balls), take atlas from 106 completion to all complete and try my hand at UElder his league.
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