3.7.3 Hotfix 2

3.7.3 Hotfix 2:

  • Fixed a bug where Raise Spectre supported by Unleash Support could raise the corpses of monsters that were not normally able to be Spectres.

There will be an upcoming fix to disable Spectres already created before this fix.
Last bumped on Jul 3, 2019, 5:41:45 PM

How about making a new keystone or node in the next necro rework that will allow you to do this? (once it's balanced of course).
Last edited by azifbailey on Jul 3, 2019, 6:04:21 AM
Nooooooo, I didn't even get to try it! :(

Plaza boss spectres looked absolutely insane though...
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fun detected i guess. not even an hour
nooo it looks so fun :(

maybe nerf them but still let it possible please
man I didn't even get to try it lol
hahaha,so quickly.Someone found this bug just about 12 hours ago.
Let them have their fun for a day or two.
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such fun bug.hope this can be put onto private league as an option to enable.

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