[3.7] Cospri CoC CI Trickster ~ Cold to Fire Chaos / 90-98%+ Melee & Spell Crit / 100% Hit / Tanky

Since the Trickster ascendancy overhaul, I have been experimenting with various off-meta builds, and often build viable higher-budget, tankier, yet high-DPS characters that can complete all content easily.

Emphasis on “tanky” aspect – I enjoy being able to facetank most dangerous content, as I often prefer to tackle T16 maps to engage in the League mechanics, or farm bosses like Uber Elder, Shaper, Atziri, Etc. As such, my characters are often built with a mindset of having decent secondary defenses and/or good sustain mechanics, rather than being full-fledged glass cannons. However, since I enjoy bossing, I often push my builds to the limit – ensuring they have at least “several million” DPS.

In Legion, I focused primarily on T16 map farm, engaging in Monoliths, and farming 5-way Timeless battles (2-3 loot lines solo, no aurabot). I also farmed many Guardians, Shaper and Uber Elder. UE is on farm and this build easily does it DEATHLESS without breaking a sweat.

Today, I present to you an alternative to the usual CoC Assassin:

Cospri CoC CI Trickster

The premise of this character is to utilize the newly buffed Channeling Cyclone, which enabled Cast when Channeling alongside the powerful Trickster ascendancy bonus, Swift Killer – which will provide 100% uptime on both Power and Frenzy charges. Unlike Assassin, which has a difficult time maintaining Frenzy charges on bosses, the Trickster will always have full uptime of both.

Damage is further amplified by abusing the wonderful Chaos Conversion mechanics of Trickster, primarily through Harness the Void. By converting the majority of our Cold damage to Fire damage, we almost double the impact of our chaos conversions from Harness the Void and Eber's Unification helmet, alongside Atziri's Promise flask.

This character is exceptionally durable, as Trickster has a whole slew of powerful defensive tools: Evasion, ES, Blind Aura, Ghost Shrouds, Block, Fortify, ES Leech & ES on Hit, and 500-600+ ES Regen. Playstyle is also very fast – we get a considerable amount of free attack speed from Trickster and Cyclone playstyle allows for constant moving while dealing damage.

CI is an excellent choice as we can reach respectable numbers while still retaining around 10,000 base evasion (or 20,000+ with a Jade flask). A properly rolled rare Hybrid EV/ES chestpiece (using the one I self-crafted as an example, with 1802 EV and 474 ES) provides a base ES chestpiece of 774 for Trickster. This is in addition to the huge chunk of evasion! (I believe the maximum ES value on a Vaal Regalia, assuming both T1 Flat/% and T1 Hybrid and 50% Quality is 791 – so having near value as an ES/EV hybrid is spectacular, and my rolls aren’t even all T1).

CI also provides Chaos immunity, which is actually significant this league (all the Vaal Legion does Chaos, and you’ll still find a lot in incursions, Delve, and It That Fled). Those big red blobs of death from the Vaal legion casters? Fear no more, they barely tickle! Utilizing both high Evasion, ES (7-8K+) and a Blind Aura (Flesh & Stone), overall secondary defenses are very high – we’re talking over 80% evasion with minimal investment, which also translates into ES restoration when hit per ghost shroud. EHP is actually closer to 10-11K if we factor in 3 ghost shroud stacks (from ES restored after hits).

Sustain is also exceptional with a Watcher's Eye: ES on Hit. Since we are launching roughly 15 Ice novas per second, 6-9 frostbolts, and vortex as you spam it... you're hitting a minimum of 15-20 times per second, which is 450-600 ES restored per second. Couple this with ES leech of 1602/s and roughly 520 ES regen from Zealot's Oath + Consecration, so long as I am attacking something, I'm restoring roughly 2500ES/s!

(Not to mention, this is on a single target. In packs of trash you are hitting multiple targets with spells and are also getting restores from Cinderswallow Urn / Chestpiece etc.) Basically, so long as you are holding down cyclone, and are in range of an enemy, you are practically invincible.


- Revamped Cyclone is Awesome!
- Excellent secondary defenses from Evasion + Blind Aura + Block – 7/8K+ ES (more if you count Ghost Shroud procs.) Also ES on Hit from Discipline watcher’s eye, restoration on kills, and potential for 600 ES regen.
- Moves FAST due to Trickster attack/cast speeds
- TONS of spells/second spat out all over your screen. (If sadistic, use Black Hole MTX)
- 95-100% Spell Crit and 80-100% Melee Crit despite not being an Assassin
- Ability to “move while DPSing” improves clearspeed and also makes many bosses easier to handle, such as Uber Elder.
- Stun immune with ghost shrouds / restore ES when hit



- Can't run Elemental Reflect Map
- Cyclone radius is rather average, unlike the many screenwide-covering cyclone builds out there right now. You can rectify this by swapping to Inc AoE for trash, Conc for bosses, or just run Ele Focus for a middle-ground hassle-free clear.
- No Endurance charge generation (asides from Shield Charge/Leap Slam + Endurance Charge on Stun). Running a granite flask is highly recommended until you get better gear.
- Very Dex/Str starved due to staying towards top of tree and using many uniques
- Can’t properly utilize the new Guard skills due to severely low Str
- Not cheap to fully optimize, but can perform decent on a budget (but Assassin may be easier)

I’ve loved Trickster since the revamp, played a ton of Storm Burst/Divine Ire variants during Synthesis. My personal playstyle leans towards “tanky, but can deal damage” rather than full-on glass cannons. Trickster is excellent for this, providing a nice balance of Offensive (Harness the Void, Swift Killer) and Defensive (Ghost Dance & Escape Artist) options. Specifically, the ability to focus on a natural Evasion + ES playstyle thanks to Escape Artist allows for a stronger buildup of secondary defenses over other popular choices like Assassin.

The major concern is that, for a CoC build, you need two things:

1) Crit a lot, ideally near 100%

2) Hit near 100% of the time, since all crits roll accuracy twice

I was initially worried that Trickster may not be capable of reaching as high crit numbers as Assassin… but it was surprisingly much easier than I anticipated – especially with the introduction of the new Brutal Restrain Timeless Jewel.

Not many classes are able to utilize 100% uptime on both power & frenzy charges on bosses, which are very helpful in obtaining crit/damage. Defensive layers are very strong due to 20,000+ Evasion, Blind Aura, 30%+ Block, Ghost Shrouds, 10% Spell Dodge, high EHP and great leech/sustain mechanics.

BRUTAL RESTRAINT - Why should I use this?

This new timeless jewel provides you with 25% MORE (READ -> MORE, NOT INCREASED) Melee Critical Strike Chance. The condition being that you are permanently blind.

While an annoying proposition, you can fully negate the effects of blind by simply never missing – which is already an excellent option for Crit builds, since Crits roll accuracy twice – you typically want 100% hit chance anyway. If you negate the blind, then there is literally no downside to this jewel: just a free 25% more melee crit chance multiplier (alongside some extra possible bonuses depending on the seed/nearby nodes etc.)

The three ways to do this are:

1) Lycosidae
2) The Effigon
3) Vagan “Attacks Cannot be Evaded” on a crafted weapon

Either option 1 or 2 are acceptable for this build. We can’t use #3 since we use Cospri.


Uber Elder:

5-way Timeless Battle (With Inspired Learning):

5-way Timeless Battle (Without Inspired Learning):


Minotaur Map + Eradicator:

Chimera Map + Purifier:

Hydra Map:

Pure Chayula Breachstone:

***NOTE - After reviewing these videos, I noticed I often forget to use my Vaal RF (which is a big DPS boost on bosses). In addition, all videos above are with ELEMENTAL FOCUS in my 6-L.

Switching to Increased AoE is an option for more screenwide coverage, as it improves both Cyclone and Ice Nova AoE. Conc Effect is also a big damage boost and should be swapped for Uber Elder. If you are lazy like me, it's fine to just leave Ele Focus on.



With 1x Inspired Learning:




Different Gear / Leveling Trees / Etc.

*NOTE - I currently run an Inspired Learning in a jewel socket which requires 3 points into Enigmatic Defense (wasted 3 skill points) to activate - but obviously this is high-budget and not mandatory at all, although it's quite strong for the Legion battles. Just get a good rare jewel instead and save the 3 skill points for something else, namely 3x6% ES nodes.

Click the drop-down menu under the Skill Tree to view different level trees and the drop down menu at top of Items for different budget Item Sets. (MAKE SURE YOU MANUALLY TOGGLE YOUR AURA - ZEALOTRY, HATRED, ETC.)

Some gear pieces are interchangeable, but my current setup is what I’ve found to perform the best.

Some other good gear-swap examples:
- The Effigon swap for a good Elder amulet with %non-chaos damage gained as extra Chaos and use a Lycosidae instead of Lunaris shield.
- A good Rare ring with a Curse On Hit (Assassins Mark), or well rolled Opal with % spell damage or fire damage. Second Pyre as a budget option, can then swap Cold to Fire support for something else.
- Shaper’s Touch is dirt cheap and you can grab powerful corrupts for under 10-20c (Curse on Hit: Ele Weakness, or 0.7% Critical Strike to Attacks)
- Rare crafted helm with 300+ ES and “Nearby enemies take % increased Fire or Chaos” would greatly boost ES at the cost of damage
- Aura: Hatred Watcher’s Eye for more crit, Anger for crit Mult, Zealotry for various buffs, or other damage/sustain modifiers.


My gear is, in my opinion, quite top-notch and not budget whatsoever. My Elder Pyre, for example, I had to craft myself via scours/chance (took roughly 200). Top-end gear such as the above are NOT mandatory for completing endgame content. A regular Pyre is absolutely fine, coupled with a decent Rare crafted ring or even budget options like a Gift from Above.

I personally self-crafted, using many fossils, my Chestpiece, Boots, and Belt - since the exact ES-based items I wanted were not readily available weeks ago (not many people crafting ES gear this meta, obviously.) Fortunately this made Dense fossils dirt cheap.

I was also using a Shaper's Touch initially which actually provides considerable DPS benefits for such a cheap glove, corrupted with CoH: Ele Weakness or 0.7% Attack Crit (which is huge for Cyclone crits).

When you are hit with Ghost Shrouds active, you restore 5% of your evasion as Energy Shield.

This restoration occurs AFTER you take damage from the hit.
So for example if you have 20,000 Evasion, this restores 1000 ES per ghost shroud.

If you have 7000 Shields, and take a 6000 damage hit, you are normally left with only 1000 Shields. Instead, as Trickster, you are left with 2000 Shields. So theoretically your "EHP" is higher than it looks, since your shrouds provide you with some extra buffer. With 3 total Ghost Shroud stacks active, you will have a few extra “hits” of buffer before dying, which will give you the time needed to leech back to full. Against small/medium hits, you can almost treat this as having 3000 more EHP with your shrouds up.

Not to mention having Ghost Shrouds reduce ALL damage you take (similar to Kintsugi) and make you stun immune.


Personal preference, but I enjoy leveling with Storm Brand.
Just go straight north towards the Brand cluster, and then path west through Witch region straight towards Elemental Overload
As your crit/crit multi will be too low to utilize, EO is very easy to maintain for a big damage boost early on. You want to respec out of it later on when you get better gear/more crit. If you feel squishy, pick up MoM + Mana nodes for a considerable EHP boost. Otherwise, just reserve most of your mana for auras.

I’m not going too in-depth to leveling as you can find many other leveling builds, and this guide is intended more for demonstrating interesting and powerful uses of game mechanics.

I can tell you though that you can go CoC very soon. I switched to CoC as soon as I hit Blood Aqueducts, without a Cospri, using just a Wasp Nest - just run both Frostbolt + Nova in your chestpiece so they alternate.

Watcher's Eyes / Auras
This build is quite flexible in terms of what auras/Watcher's Eyes you plan to use (or can obtain). I would highly recommend Discipline: ES on Hit as being the mandatory one.
I grabbed the first Eye I could find after days that had the Discipline: ES on Hit mod alongside 2 other mods I could utilize (both Zealotry), so I went with Zealotry. Other good candidates are:

Hatred: % Crit Chance – Aura itself actually provides MORE DPS than Zealotry, and easily pushes your crit chance to 95%+ since it is Base Crit Chance

Anger: % Crit Multiplier

Precision: % Crit Mult, Flask Charge on Crit

Zealotry: Enemies take % Extra Damage, % increased Crit on consecrated, Crits penetrate % resists, % max total recovery per second

Discipline: % increased ES recovery rate

Clarity: % extra Mana gained as ES

Hatred: Cold Damage

Without at least an Enlighten 3, you will be limited on options.
What you choose to run will depend largely on your Watcher’s Eye. But without one, I would probably run:

Flesh & Stone + Hatred + Precision

Hatred theoretically provides the highest sheet DPS and the % extra crit Watcher’s Eye makes reaching 100% crit ridiculously easy.

If you feel your defenses are somewhat lacking, you can also run:

Flesh & Stone + Discipline + Purity of Ice

I am really enjoying Zealotry as it provides powerful extra benefits when fighting Rares or Uniques (IMO where it matters the most, since trash is trash).

Often overlooked, Consecrated Ground now provides a 100% increased critical strike chance on enemies standing on it (as of 3.6). That’s a hefty chunk of crit chance – and with Zealotry, it essentially has a 100% uptime on bosses. Coupled with 2 points to grab Zealot’s Oath, this means a permanent 100% uptime on bosses of ES regen – 538/s for me. That’s quite significant alongside basic leech (which hits my cap of 1656/s quickly) – that’s over 2100 ES being restored every second. Finally, throw on the ES on hit Watcher’s Eye, other ES-on-kill effects (chestpiece or Cinderswallow) and our ES sustain is through the roof.

Herald of Ice is great for clearspeed obviously. Precision helps boost crit chance slightly, and does not reserve much – even on a lower level like 5 or 10 will provide decent crit chance.

I can say without a doubt that my build outputs some ridiculous damage, primarily due to utilizing (abusing) the Trickster chaos conversion mechanics. If you really wanted to, you could further abuse damage by running an Eternity Shroud… but that’s way overkill and would sacrifice a ton of EHP.
For those new to chaos conversions, to keep it simple:

Each time you convert an element of damage into something different, it applies your modifiers that add extra damage. As a trickster, your ascendency Harness the Void provides you a % chance to gain % extra chaos damage. So when you first deal Cold damage, it applies this “chance” to gain extra chaos damage. Then, when you convert your damage to Fire, it checks for this “chance” to gain damage again. So essentially, your overall Chaos damage is greatly increased. In addition, using an item like Eber’s Unification (helm) which provides %Elemental Damage as extra Chaos damage – applies this bonus TWICE (once during Cold damage, against during Fire damage). This leads to a TON of extra chaos damage – which most monsters have near zero resistances towards.

This is why the build uses a Pyre and a Cold to Fire support – we convert 90% of our Cold to Fire, so our total damage is 10% Cold 90% Fire.

However, since we gain a ton of Chaos damage – our total damage breakdown is roughly:

2.5% Cold
54% Fire
43.5% Chaos

As you see, despite almost all our “actual” damage being converted from Cold to Fire… the amount of extra generated Chaos damage we deal is actually ridiculous. In addition, since we still do a decent quantity of Cold damage – our crits will continue to freeze enemies and shatter corpses.

Calculating the exact DPS of this build is tricky, since it relies primarily on crit-only procs and your APS, which unless you are at an exact breakpoint, means you may be missing procs here and there.

*Please excuse my rough math - if any math wizards out there want to provide a better analysis, I'd be glad to post it here.

If we lean towards a more conservative estimate, we are looking at:

Maximum CoC procs per second: 6 (would be 7.5 with a 14% CDR belt).

Lets assume we get only 5 procs per second.

Our chestpiece Ice Nova hits for an average of 250,000.

5 x 300,000 = 1.5 Million DPS

HOWEVER - Remember that we cast TWO Ice Novas per crit, since they spawn on 2 Frostbolts. So we double this number to 3.0 Million DPS.

Now we add in the Cospri damage:
Ice Nova hits for 124,000 average.
Frostbolt hits for 180,000

Since they alternate (both in same weapon) lets assume only 2 procs of each, although 6 is the theoretical cap per second.

124,000 x 2 Procs = 248,000 damage
But again, we double this, since you cast 2 Ice Novas on frostbolts. So 496,000 DPS from the Cospri Ice Novas.

The frostbolts also deal damage!
180,000 x 2 Procs = 360,000 damage

You spawn THREE Frostbolts thanks to the Frozen Trail jewel. Assuming all 3 hit your target (which they should, since they spawn directly on top of your target):
360,000 x 3 = 1.08 Million DPS

Cospri Damage:
1.08 Million + 496,000 DPS = 1.57 Million DPS

3.0 Million + 1.57 Million = 4.57 Million DPS

This also assumes every hit is a crit, which is never the case. If we assume that non-crits deal 0 damage, and we have a 80% crit rate (conservatively low) we would then have:

4.57 Million x 0.80 = 3.66 Million DPS

Obviously this is rough math and is on the conservative side, with all flasks active/perfect situations. Numbers may vary and can be more or less depending on circumstances and procs - either way, it's more than enough to obliterate all content, and I'd say the damage may even outscale Assassin variants (since they can't abuse chaos conversions as easily, but they typically have higher Crit Mult).

Crit Mult, Mana Regen, Resistances… all great

Minor: Garukhan (movement speed) – Gruthkul or Abberath ok too
Major: Lunaris or Solaris

I prefer Lunaris as you are often in the middle of packs, which increases your movement speed while you slice through them like butter. Also increases physical resistance – something this build lacks, due to no Endurance charges. Projectile avoidance/chain avoidance are huge too – especially in Legion with all those spread-throwers/maraketh bowmen.

To start off, not really. As any CoC/Cospri type build, all of your damage comes from spells, so damage is never an issue – even for red maps. A Tabula, Cospri, Pyre and Effigon/Lycosidae are the only uniques that are mandatory. The majority of the build’s further scaling is defenses – getting a good chestpiece, high ES gloves/boots/belt etc. will all improve EHP considerably. Also, the Discipline ES on Hit Watcher’s Eye is a large component to easy sustainability.

I would NOT recommend this as a league starter, unless you seriously know what you are doing. An Assassin will simply perform better on a budget for CoC as they have 100% More crit chance against targets with full HP – allowing them to have very high crit with no gear. As a Trickster, with proper investments, you will easily outscale an Assassin in terms of defense – and crit chance can hit 95-100% with investment.


The idea behind Trickster for this build is to abuse Harness the Void, which adds a considerable amount of Chaos damage alongside conversion mechanics.

Trickster also provides powerful defensive bonuses from Ghost Dance & Escape Artist. Ghost Shrouds are a powerful buff with 3 charges, that replenish every 2 seconds. While active, they decrease damage you take, and also restore some of your ES (based on your evasion). They also provide extra attack and cast speed while active, so you don’t really need to invest into any elsewhere – your shield charge will be very fast.

Escape Artist is a powerful tool that converts any Evasion on our Chestpiece into extra Energy Shield, and any Energy Shield on our Helm into extra Evasion. So, using a Hybrid chestpiece (with very high evasion + ES) means we get a TON of energy shield, but still keep the Evasion on the chestpiece. Using even an “average” ES helm, with say 300 ES, automatically provides 1800 Evasion. That’s more than a Perfect Form unique chest, by the way – which only has 1400. Likewise, with an 1800 Evasion and 400 ES chestpiece (very easy to craft) – you are looking at a 700ES/1800 Evasion chestpiece. Most Vaal Regalias at top-tier rolls only have around 750 ES.

Harness the Void -> Ghost Dance -> Swift Killer -> Escape Artist


6L: Cyclone, CoC, Ice Nova, Increased Critical Strikes, Cold to Fire, Elemental Focus (Inc. AoE, Conc. Effect)

*Inc AoE for easier trash, Conc effect for bosses, or Ele Focus if you are too lazy to swap or doing higher tier maps.

3L COSPRI: Frostbolt + Ice Nova + Cold to Fire

*** FROSTBOLT MUST BE FIRST IN THE LINKS, FOLLOWED BY ICE NOVA. THE ORDER MATTERS. (Cold to Fire can be 2nd or 3rd, does not matter).

4L: Enlighten 4, Zealotry/Hatred, Discipline, Flesh & Stone
***CAN BE DONE WITH ENLIGHTEN 3 – Requires 1x 4% Reservation Node (Next to Chaos Innoculation)

4L: Zealotry/Hatred, Flesh & Stone, Precision Lvl20
4L: Discipline, Flesh & Stone, Herald of Ice, Precision Lvl20

4L: Shield Charge/Whirling Blades + Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify (Fastest Setup)

4L: Shield Charge/Leap Slam + Endurance Charge on Stun + Faster Attacks + Fortify

3L: Vortex + Arcane Surge (Lvl4) + Combustion (or Curse on Hit + Assassin’s Mark/Flammability)

*NOTE – Vortex can be cast WHILE CHANNELING CYCLONE! So you just spam it while clearing and you’ll cover the screen since it procs off your Frostbolts. This debuffs targets hit with Combustion for a considerable DPS boost, chills enemies staying in the vortex (so they swing/move slower) and also provides you with instantaneous, full uptime Arcane Surge! (just be sure to keep it under the mana cost so you only need to use 1 or maybe 2 Vortex).

4L: CWDT + Wave of Conviction + Curse (Assassins, Flammability, Enfeeble)

*Last slot for either a Golem, or Vaal Righteous Fire for a boss cooldown – Make sure that it is higher level than CWDT so that regular RF does not proc. Tempest Shield also an option if you just want a bit more block/cool lightning procs.

Item Choices
A Tabula will obviously serve as a staple until you can afford a decent chestpiece.

Chaos Inoculation is a playstyle that takes some getting used to – since you can’t use life potions, it’s important to have a decent EHP. To achieve good ES values, you need decent value ES rares in multiple slots (chest, gloves, boots, belt, etc.). Some items can be interchanged depending on your budget/availability – such as you can use a Shaper’s Touch glove and a good crafted helm instead of Eber’s, or a Sin Trek boot on a budget.

In fact, until you have decent ES gear, you may be better off just running Life/ES hybrid.

Getting a good Rare chestpiece with high ES/EV is the only piece you may need to craft yourself, or purchase at a premium. You can get away with some unique chestpieces, but most aren’t great for CI.
If you absolutely must use a 6L Unique (maybe you had one leftover or it’s cheaper than crafting a good rare) – a pure Evasion version is ideal, such as Kintsugi, Queen of the Forest, or a Bronn’s Lithe (especially good for Cyclone).

Crafting a good ES/EV chestpiece is actually VERY easy. I made numerous myself and sold many extras for several exalts. Simply spam Dense fossils (even 1-socket resonators) onto your chestpiece. Use either an Elder or Shaper base, depending on the mods you are looking for. Both Shaper and Elder have benefits – Shaper can roll % Spell Crit, and Elder can roll % Attack Crit – so depends if you want some more reliable melee crit chance for CoC procs, or more spell damage crits.
You can further improve your craft by adding on a 2nd or 3rd fossil. I went with Aetheric, Dense, Sanctified. Dense + Sanctified, while expensive, greatly improves chance to hit those T1 ES/EV rolls. I’d say on average, I’d hit a strong 1300-1500+ EV / 300-400+ ES chestpiecee every 5 Dense+Sanctified crafts.

1) Diamond Flask (of Warding or Reflexes) – Possibly replaceable if you already have 90-95%+ crit, using a Hatred Watcher’s Eye for example
2) Atziri's Promise (Huge DPS increase since we convert from Cold to Fire, the added damage is basically x2)
3) Jade Flask of Heat (or Reflexes if you are Rambo)
4) Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
Optional Slot:
1) Sulphur Flask or Sorrow of the Divine (Consecrated Ground now provides 100% increased crit for enemies standing in it, Zealot’s Oath provides ES regen – only if you aren’t using Zealotry
2) Granite Flask / Rumi’s
3) Cinderswallow Urn – Grab one with 70%+ increased crit chance, great flask overall DPS and sustain

Best of luck, Exiles!
Cospri CoC Cold->Fire Trickster:
Divine Ire Trickster:
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Had great fun with your Divine Ire build last league. Looking forward to farming some currency with my regular cyclone build and get this one up and running. At around which level do you go CI?

Also would be cool to have a life/es hybrid version.

Shouldn't the lvl 95 skill tree have more points (116) available?
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F1sherKing wrote:
Had great fun with your Divine Ire build last league. Looking forward to farming some currency with my regular cyclone build and get this one up and running. At around which level do you go CI?

Also would be cool to have a life/es hybrid version.

Shouldn't the lvl 95 skill tree have more points (116) available?

Glad you enjoyed! Trickster is an awesome Ascendancy.

I personally switched to CI as soon as I crafted a "decent" chestpiece, which was actually very, very easy to do. You get the majority of your ES with easy uniques - Eber's Helm, Sin Trek, Shaper's Touch, Lunaris Shield - all good options for the build that don't cost much at all.

The chestpiece I am using was my 4th craft, and is obviously very good, but I was cheaper versions of a 6L ES/EV hybrid chest with about 1500 evasion and 400 ES for a long time. Can craft these easily by just throwing single-resonator Dense fossils at a Shaper or Elder chestpiece (or throw in a Sanctified for better odds).

I was planning to add some "budget" options and Life/ES hybrid builds in the near future when I get some time to play around with PoB. I already had a ton of currency saved up when I built this, so I skipped the "entry level" gear testing. Going Life/ES should be easy and not require many changes - but having a "single" large EHP pool (all life or all ES) will allow for higher maximum life/es leech per second.

You're right about the Lvl95 tree - I run Inspired Learning (required 3 wasted skill points) so without it, you have 3 extra points to put elsewhere. Can pick up 1 more power charge for extra crit, or put all 3 into 6% ES nodes for some more EHP, or path towards another Jewel socket.
Cospri CoC Cold->Fire Trickster:
Divine Ire Trickster:
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wanna try out this build. What number has your Brutal Restraint?
Reyalsdog wrote:

wanna try out this build. What number has your Brutal Restraint?

The seed number is not that important, what matters is that it is to Nasima to get the crit bonus.

Can just grab a brutal restraint and spam divine orbs on it until you get a Nasima with decent extra bonuses.
Cospri CoC Cold->Fire Trickster:
Divine Ire Trickster:
For the elder Pyre is it okay to just spam scour and chance in hideout without needing to run any particular zana mod or have any particular ilvl base?
F1sherKing wrote:
For the elder Pyre is it okay to just spam scour and chance in hideout without needing to run any particular zana mod or have any particular ilvl base?

Yes, zone mod and ring ilvl are not relevant.

Just scour/chance on an elder Sapphire ring.

Note that Elder Pyre is not mandatory for this build - it just enabled the ability to use a Mark of the Shaper which has pretty considerable spell damage. A regular Pyre alongside a well-rolled rare ring will perform just as well - something like a good Opal ring with % fire/cold damage, or a ring with assassin's mark on hit etc.
Cospri CoC Cold->Fire Trickster:
Divine Ire Trickster:
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Yeah using a regular pure and a rare ring right now, though i samt that juicy bonus from mark of the shaper later. Read some stuff about APS and cooldown on CoC, if i understand it right optimal aps for single wield cospri without any cooldown recovery modifiers on other gear is around 6. I think i have something over 9 which seems like its a dps loss because the cooldown is overshot. This is new territory for me, your thoughts? Reddit thread for reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/cavo7v/cospri_coc_cyclone_gc_or_frostbolt_threshold/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app
Is CDR not important for this build?

edit: Also question about Zealotry and Zealot's Oath. It reads that it gives you life regen based on 6% life. Even with Zealot's Oath with CI wouldn't this be basically no regen? Just curious how you find it working.

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Read some stuff about APS and cooldown on CoC, if i understand it right optimal aps for single wield cospri without any cooldown recovery modifiers on other gear is around 6.

This is correct - I have a considerable understanding of CoC mechanics, and ideally, you want just under 6APS or 7.5 APS with 14% CDR - for maximum DPS.

However, these numbers are a bit tricky to reach as Trickster without sacrificing considerable clearspeed/feel of the build. Specifically, this means dropping your Onslaught buff - so no Cinderswallow flask - and then picking up a 14% CDR belt instead of a Stygian vise. Even with the slowest Cospri (9% attack speed)your APS is around 6.85. I don't believe it is possible to reduce it under 6APS as a Trickster, since we get attack speed from ghost shrouds.

So ideally for maximum single target DPS, you want to drop the Silver Flask, pick up a 14% CDR boot, and you'll be at around 7.2 APS - can grab a single jewel with some attack speed to boost it up to around 7.4.

Personally though, the DPS you lose for "going over" the breakpoint is worth quality of life/clearspeed. Having Onslaught up all map, alongside the added damage boost/restoration effects of Cinderswallow are very strong. Plus more attack speed makes Shield Charge/Leap Slam much faster for clearspeed.


Is CDR not important for this build?

edit: Also question about Zealotry and Zealot's Oath. It reads that it gives you life regen based on 6% life. Even with Zealot's Oath with CI wouldn't this be basically no regen? Just curious how you find it working.

See above regarding CDR. Basically - if you only care about maximum single target/boss DPS, you probably want a 14% CDR on your boots (so you can keep Stygian vise jewel) and then drop Cinderswallow for a different flask. This puts your APS at around 7.2 which is just under the 7.5 breakpoint.

Regarding Zealot's Oath, the 6% life regen becomes 6% ES regen. Excerpt below directly from the Wiki page:

"Percentage based life regeneration becomes percentage based ES regeneration based on maximum ES"

6% ES regen is pretty huge - with 8K ES, my regen is 520/s, which is pretty much up at all times since there's so many rares/uniques this league to beat on. Practically full uptime on bosses too like UElder - the sustain is incredible coupled with leech.
Cospri CoC Cold->Fire Trickster:
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