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Mana Issue
Since many have reported mana management is an issue eventhough the build have covered the workaround, I have changed something to remove the root of the problem.

- Socketed Attack have -15 to Total Mana Cost in body armour is now a requirement for endgame setup
- Blood Magic is now a requirement to support Leap Slam, Ancestral Warchief and Blood Rage
- Praxis unique ring is required until you can get -mana cost body armour
- Added new cwdt setup - check Gem Setup
- With this changes I have removed PAQ no 13 which provided possible solutions for mana issue

Common Questions
For the love of god, please read the guide. Most of the times players keep asking the same question in this thread or through PMs which I already covered in the guide months ago. For newbie players, please read gem and item description, passives nodes - this will help you understand why the guide tells you to do something.
- Added build guide
- Added Uber Elder kill video
- Added Compilation of Endgame Content
- Update guide to 3.8
- Added 3.8 update breakdown
- Added 3.8 POB tree
- Added anointment below accessory explanation
- Added other build guide section
- Added no. 13 PAQ to solve mana issue for other skill usage
- Added 3.9 update breakdown
- Added other build guide section
- Added some info on PAQ no 1 "Infused Channeling"
- Added LNB appreciation
- Fixed typo "killing Alira"
- Updated accessory explanation (mana cost and leech)
- Added MTX list
- Added Lucidity in Amulet Anointment
- Added new option to PAQ no 13
- Added new passive tree in image form for beginner
- Removed PAQ no 13
- Updated Gem Setup and Gear Explanation
- Added Read First
Thank you LiftingNerdBro
This build was recently featured as bonus build for Path of Exile 3.9 Starter Builds for Metamorph by LiftingNerdBro! Thank you bro!

I always love the starter build series and didn't expect to see my build in one of them. Again, thank you for the early Christmas gift. Wish you and everyone here good luck in 3.9 and happy holidays.
3.8 Update
Bane of Legends
- Now gain 10% increased attack speed for 20 seconds when you kill a Rare or Unique enemy (from 20%). You now gain 10% increased movement speed for 20 seconds when you kill an enemy (from 20%).

- Now has a base range of 11, rather than a range based on your weapon type.
- No longer gains additional radius based on Melee Range. Now gets 8% increased Area of Effect per 1 additional Melee Range.
- Now deals 5 to 8 added Attack Physical Damage at gem level 1 (from 10 to 15), up to 28 to 42 at gem level 20 (from 56 to 85).
- Now adds +1 to radius per stage (rather than +1 to melee range).
- You now gain 1 stage every 0.2 seconds while channelling, rather than based on your attack time. You now lose 1 stage every 0.3 seconds while not channeling (from 0.2 seconds).

Pulverise Support
- Now have 25% increased Area of Effect (rather than the multiplicative "more" Area of Effect) at gem level 1, up to 34% increased Area of Effect at gem level 20.
- Now deal 40% more Melee Area Damage at gem level 1 (from 30%), up to 59% at gem level 20 (from 45%).

Crafting Changes
- The mana cost reduction crafted modifier (AKA "Elreon's") has been split into two separate modifiers - one for Channeling skill mana costs, and one for non-Channeling skill mana costs. Each has three ranks.
- For channeling skill, rank 3 grants -3 mana cost.

In summary, huge nerf to Cyclone's area of effect, from 34 radius at max stages to 27 and slight nerf to damage is compensated by Pulverize's damage buff (14% more damage).
3.9 Update
Monster Armour and Life
- Monsters throughout the game now have more armour, from 33% at level 1 up to 2762% at level 84. According to some calculation on reddit the highest number seems to be about 28k.
- The life of all unique monsters in the game has been increased by 10%. On top of this, map Boss life has been greatly increased at the highest tier of maps.

Physical Damage Reduction
- "Enemies have -x% to Total Physical Damage Reduction against your Hits" is a new stat that can be found on various weapon notables on the passive tree, as well as a few smaller clusters, and new influence modifiers.
- With current passive tree, only Path of the Warrior notable is within reach to get this stat.

- Impale is significantly affected by the higher armour values because of how its damage is dealt in many small hits.
- Some Impale passives and the Impale Support will cause impales applied to give monsters -x% to Total Physical Damage Reduction against Impale.

- Fortify's damage reduction effect is now multiplicative with other similar effects.

In summary, boss encounter will be harder and the changes in 3.9 that affect this build also affect pretty much any physical attack build or build that uses Fortify and Impale mechanics. To update the Path of Building tree, simply click convert to 3.9.

Welcome, exile. This is my first guide and I am excited to share what I have been playing since the start of Legion league. With this build I have completed 24 challenges, kill Uber Elder few times, bully Shaper and his guardians and cleared 5 faction Legions on the Domain of Timeless Conflict.

If you are looking for budget Cyclone build that doesn't follow current meta, can be build from scratch as league starter capable of taking on endgame content, then this is probably the build for you. If you have several exalts to spend, you can push the build to the max.

Pros and Cons

+ Can be a leaguestarter
+ Cheap to build
+ Can handle almost all mapmods except for no leech
+ Immune to reflect mods
+ Great mapper and boss killer
+ Capable to do all endgame content including five faction Legion
+ No gemswap
+ Flexible gear and support gem choices
+ Onslaught buff on hit!
+ Up to 2.6k life leech per sec, can be push to 3k

- Cannot do no leech mapmod
- On tier15-16 map, less recovery mod is dangerous (mostly Legion army)
- Cyclone AOE is not massive
- Kaom's Heart is not an option since we don't use 6L weapon
- Map with Burning/Desecrated ground can be annoying when to pick up item or typing in chat while not on life leech effect

Dual wield
Dual wielding grants; 10% more attack speed, 15% attack block chance, 20% more attack physical damage. Common knowledge to melee veteran players, but it is important to know the mechanics that makes dual wield strong.

Vaal Pact
Doubled life leech speed and maximum leech rate, but causes life regeneration to have no effect. The build lose 250-300 life regeneration per sec but instead gain additional 1.3k-1.6k life leech per sec.

A debuff that deals additional physical damage each time the target is hit, act as more multiplier to our damage. The mechanics can be confusing, and POB currently doesn't support its calculation. If you have play Dota, it is similar to Bristleback's Quilspray, the more you stack, the more damage the target takes, capped at 5 stacks (without using Pride Watcher's Eye or Champion). Simply put, this mechanic best use with fast attacking skill like Cyclone.

0 Maximum Frenzy Charges
Equipping two Ahn's Might together with Pacifism jewel (-1 Maximum Frenzy) lowers our Maximum Frenzy Charges to 0, granting both effects of Ahn's Might unique mod of +50% Global Critical Strike Multiplier while you have no Frenzy Charges and 400-500 to Accuracy Rating while at Maximum Frenzy Charges as it counts the character as NO Frenzy Charges and AT Maximum Frenzy Charges.

Why Ahn's Might?

To be honest, because it is cheap. I like cheap things, especially if its effective and proven to be as good as the expensive one. It can beat Starforge and I am not trolling. You can take my tree, change to Starforge and change dual wield passives to two-handed and the damage lost is about 500k. Yes of course I am aware that Starforge gives additional aoe radius, up to 100 life, ability to shock, and not to mention it is the best looking non mtx sword in the game.

When the league starts I actually had plan to build on Starforge as I never play with one. In the past leagues if I remember correctly it usually priced between 2-4 ex but this league it was 10-12 ex on the first week! I had saved up 11 ex by day 10, but since it's too expensive I hesitate to buy it right away. Then I started farming Shaper, after a couple runs I noticed I was wasting my currency and it seems to it's very possible that I ran out of currency buying fragment sets before the sword even drops for me.

So I start to make some adjustment on Path of Building, trying multiple weapons, changing passives, crafting "custom item" Elder weapon - supported by Fortify, although it has the highest dps potential it also cost a lot more as I have to 6 link it. Since I hate gambling on my currency and cheapest on sale was non 6L 450+dps, cost 4ex at the time so I decided not to go through with that route.

After much theory-crafting I found the perfect weapon for my build. I have used it in the past with dual wield Cleave Juggernaut and with this build it is scales even better. As I have saved up some currency, instead of the cheapest Ahn's Might I look for perfect roll, but it cost about 2-4 ex per weapon at the time. So I settled for slightly below perfect, one for 35c the other for 45c and beastcraft both to 30% quality, the beast cost 5c at the time. It is the best investment for this build.

So why this weapon outdo 600+ dps weapons like Starforge or Atziri's Disfavour? One, is dual wield bonuses, two is the unique mod on Ahn's Might, 100% Global Critical Strike Multiplier and up to 1000 Accuracy Rating is insanely good on any attack critical build.
Why Slayer?

With 3.7 Slayer rework, it is the most rounded attack base ascendancy you can build around in my opinion.

Headsman gives 20% more damage against Unique enemies, additional 10% more on kill recently (stacks with 20% more), not only that we also immune to physical reflect and as the build is pure physical this means we are immune to elemental as well.

Bane of Legends what makes Cyclone feels better and overall smoother on Slayer than any other ascendancy. It kills enemies that have 20% hp instantly (except Uber Elder) and this is a very strong mechanic against Unique or Rare enemies with high life like Shaper and his guardians. It also grants 10% attack speed on Rare kills and 10% movement speed on any monster kill for 20 seconds!

Endless Hunger gives overleech and two immunity while leeching; stun and bleed. As we are constantly attacking, we are immune to these and it saves us points on passives and flask slot.

Brutal Fervour grants the following while leeching; 15% attack speed, 50% attack damage, 6% reduced damage taken. It also gives unique leeching bonus "Life Leech effects are not removed at Full Life", together with overleech and Vaal Pact it makes life leech one of the most powerful defensive mechanic in the game.

Passives Tree
30 Points Passive
60 Points Passive
90 Points Passive
116 Points Passive
Respec Life and Mana Leech node when you got your -Mana Cost ring.

For beginner check the image below; click view image or drag to new tab for larger image. Vaal Pact is not numbered eventhough the image shows it is taken because well, it is not for beginner.

@116 Passives Tree

In order of Labyrinth difficulty;
Headsman > Bane of Legends > Endless Hunger > Brutal Fervour

Save Alira or kill all if you want two additional passive points.
Saving Alira makes it easier to gear on resist, 5 mana regen is great for early leveling and 20% critical multi is the stats for late game.

For general mapping use Soul of Solaris (Major God) and Soul of Gruthkul (Minor God).
For Shaper and Uber Elder encounter use Soul of Araakali (Major God) and Soul of Yugul (Minor God).
For Legion's Domain of Timeless Conflict encounter, use Soul of Solaris (Major God) and Soul of Ralakesh (Minor God). Upgrade all of them, this is important as these pantheon gives great defensive bonus.

Gem Setup

In order of importance;
6L - Main Attack
Cyclone > Impale > Fortify > Brutality > Pulverize > Melee Physical Damage

4L - Movement | Ancestral Warchief
Leap Slam > Ancestral Warchief > Faster Attack > Blood Magic
Unfortunately we can only link our Warchief with Faster Attack and Blood Magic because of the setup requiring aura NOT to be on 3 link weapon and Blood Rage to BE on one of them

4L - Aura
Pride > Flesh and Stone > Maim > Blood and Sand
This build use Blood Stance.

4L - Banner | Utility
Dread Banner | Cast when Damage Taken lvl1 > Frost Bomb lvl1 | Vengeance or Summon Ice Golem lvl3 or Vulnerability lvl 5
Frost Bomb reduces enemy life/es regeneration by 75%, extremely useful against Metamorph bosses with high life and regen mod. Frost Bomb level does not matter - higher level will increase the int requirement so level 1 is enough. Vengeance is optional.

3L - Utility
Cast when Damage Taken lvl1 > Immortal Call level 3 > Increased Duration level 20 or Vulnerability lvl 5
Do not level cwdt higher than 1, if you do it won't trigger Immortal Call.

3L - Utility
Blood Rage > Blood Magic > Enhance lvl 3 (optional) or Portal/whatever gem

Blood Rage needs to be slotted on the weapon to have the ability to remove Blood Rage by pressing 'x'. X key is for weapon swap.
Current Gear

Weapon & Armour Explanation

Ahn's Might

Look for the highest dps non-corrupted you can afford, then beastcraft to 30% quality. Keep in mind this will corrupt your weapon, so change color socket for your gems before you do. No you don't have to quality it to 20% before that.

Rare Helmet

Look for armour based with 90+ life, physical damage taken as fire mod; this comes with resistance too. Cold or lightning also works but the fire version works slightly better because of 1% higher fire max res.

The helmet cost me 10c in first week of Legion, should be cheaper now. Look for non-corrupted with 1 prefix open so you can craft +1 to Melee Weapon Range for 1 Divine Orb. Best enchantment is 15% Cyclone attack speed > 40% Cyclone Damage > 10% Cyclone attack speed > 25% Cyclone damage.

Alternative unique : Starkonja's Head, Devoto's Devotion

Rare Body Armour

Armour based with 90+ life, Socketed Gems Have -15 Mana cost. Additional stat is bonus. BiS is Attacks have +% to Critical Strike Chance, +1500 armour and % maximum life.

Socketed Gems Have -15 Mana cost is required, therefore no current unique body armour can fill this slot. To craft this mod it requires Serrated Fossil. If you want to craft your own, check out body armour mods.

Rare Gloves

This depends on your budget. If you are on lower budget than 10c for gloves (not overall) look for rare with +70 life, as much resists to reduce the need for your boot to have resists as it will cost alot more with 30% movement speed. 10-30c range go +90 life, resists.

More budget go for 90+ life, resists, attack speed or flat phys, ideally with 1 open prefix to craft +1 Melee Weapon Range. Bought mine for 2 ex, corrupted.

Alternative unique : Tombfist with Enfeeble lvl 11/12 corruption. I used it before my current gloves, great defensive setup. Cheapest on sale is 15c, average price is 25-30c. Remove cwdt-vulnerability setup if you use this.

Rare Boots

If budget lower than 10c for boots, look for 70+ life, and 30% movement speed. Follow the same principle as gloves.

*Important tips for beginner* When upgrading your gear ideally look for armour based than evasion, as it benefits the build, coloring is easier. Avoid int based armour because of socket color, int requirement. LiftingNerdBro have a great video guide on upgrading gear for beginners if you are struggling on how to.
Accessory Explanation

Rare Amulet

Look for non corrupted, +30-50 life, +30% critical multi, dexterity and intelligence that your build require, 1 prefix open for 1+ Melee Weapon Range, critical chance is a bonus. higher life rolls or resist is ideal, but not a requirement, because it will get expensive to look something specific as that. I bought mine for 50c.

Alternative unique : Daresso's Salute

Rare Ring

Ideal is Diamond Ring - non corrupted, with 70+ life, some resists, -8 mana cost. BiS ring multi mod Curse on hit Assassin's Mark, but these can be very expensive.

With 3.8 update to Crafting Benches, you can only craft up to -3 mana cost for channel skill. This method is not useful for endgame setup because to have smooth Cyclone experience -8 to mana cost is required.

Although the craft version for channelling skill is restricted to -3 mana cost, Elreon modifier exist however I do not recommend this because it is rare, expensive and hard to get the right stats for your build.

Cheapest way to get -8 mana cost is by Praxis unique ring. Keep in mind that not all Praxis ring is equal- the mod have rolls (-4 --8). This can serve you from leveling until endgame when you can afford -15 mana cost body armour.


Best corruption is +25 critical multiplier > +40% critical chance > 10% attack speed. Note that this belt doesn't show Onslaught buff, but it does if you have Fortify. You can check the difference of movement speed on defense tab. I bought mine for 5c. I wouldn't pay more than 20c, so if you see the price beyond that just get normal one with higher rolls which cost 1-3c.
Amulet Anointment

Tier 3

12% increased Attack Speed
6% increased Cast Speed
+10 to Dexterity and Intelligence
Black Oil | Crimson Oil | Amber Oil

Other notables that grants 12% increased Attack Speed is Berserking and Lust for Carnage, but Coordination requires cheaper oils.

24% increased Damage with Swords
6% increased Attack Speed with Swords
24% increased Damage with Ailments from Attack Skills while wielding a Sword
+1 to Melee range with Swords
Crimson Oil | Amber Oil | Amber Oil

All rounder damage boost and cheap.

Aspect of the Lynx
16% increased Attack Damage
4% increased Movement Speed
20% increased Critical Strike Chance
+10 to Dexterity and Intelligence
Crimson Oil | Violet Oil | Violet Oil

Another solid all rounder notable, if you need the extra attributes go for this one.

Tier 2

True Strike
+12% to Critical Strike Multiplier
45% increased Critical Strike Chance
Black Oil | Crimson Oil | Teal Oil

50% increased Attack Damage with Main Hand
20% increased Attack Speed with Off Hand
Attack Skills deal 50% increased Damage with Ailments while Dual Wielding
Black Oil | Azure Oil | Amber Oil

Very good notable for the price.

Twin Terrors
12% increased Accuracy Rating while Dual Wielding
75% increased Weapon Critical Strike Chance while Dual Wielding
Black Oil | Azure Oil | Clear Oil

Another solid notable and costs less than 10c at the time of this writing.

Tier 1

Fatal Blade
10% increased Damage with Swords
60% increased Critical Strike Chance with Swords
+30% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Swords
10% increased Damage with Ailments from Attack Skills while wielding a Sword
Opalescent Oil | Opalescent Oil | Amber Oil

Extremely good notable that is not within reach. This is the best notable to anoint for this build in term of stats it grants and price-wise. I am surprised it doesn't cost more.

Singular Focus
4% additional Physical Damage Reduction while Channelling
Channelling Skills have 6% increased Attack and Cast Speed
Channelling Skills deal 15% increased Damage
Opalescent Oil | Crimson Oil | Crimson Oil

Great all around notable that boosts damage and defense against physical damage.

Cruel Preparation
10% increased maximum Life
+5% to all Elemental Resistances
Silver Oil | Black Oil | Teal Oil

There are seven notables that grants 10% increased maximum life and Cruel Preparation is the cheapest and not within reach. Go for it if you need the extra life.

40% chance to Avoid being Stunned while Channelling
Channelling Skills deal 30% increased Damage
Channelling Skills have -3 to Total Mana Cost
Silver Oil | Violet Oil | Amber Oil

This anointment together with two rings of -3 mana cost reduced Cyclone's mana cost to 0.


Other notables not listed here like Golem's Blood or Assassination is because of the high price or the stats it grants is not good enough.
Jewel Explanation

1. Pacificm Jewel is required. Equip it together with two Ahn's Might.

2. Pride Watcher's Eye; "Your Hits Intimidate Enemies while using Pride" (cost about 50c). This can be skip if you use Tombfist. I don't recommend "Impales last 2 additional hits" mod, too expensive.

3. +30% critical multiplier (if cost below 3c) or get Tempered Flesh for 15c (49%+ critical multiplier)if placed near Juggernaut and Barbarism node.

BiS is Transcendent Flesh but it cost about 2.6 ex right now, have the same amount critical multiplier like Tempered Flesh but with additional physical reduction. If you follow my tree, you'll get 4%. Which why I don't use it, but will use it for my other build.
Flasks Explanation

1. Quicksilver Flask

While most players like to craft movement speed and increase effect on Quicksilver to be used for general movement, I don't. This flask is mainly use on attacking for better positioning while having immunity to Freeze and Chill. Tip to craft if you struggle with getting increased Duration and Freeze Immunity is to craft increased duration and beastcraft "of Heat" - you will most likely have the beast - it is common.

2. Diamond Flask

If you don't have the craft, what can you do is either buy (on sale is 15-25c) or craft increased Duration then look for craft service. As I recommend in section above, try Vocandin. But as for this craft, he may or may not ask you for 10c per craft because last time I asked him he mentioned that people have been using this exact mod craft to profit, though he still did mine for free.

Even at 10c, you save 5-10c than buying on trade. If you can't afford it, craft increased Armour instead. Should be able to give 3k-4k armour depending the rest of your gear.

3. Sulphur Flask

So why this flask when we can't life regen? The implicit of 40% damage and it gives 3 total usage; perfect for Curse Immunity flask to counter curse mods on maps. Use same method as Quicksilver flask, craft duration then beastcraft "of Warding".

4. Basalt Flask

This one is different than the other as it consumes 40 out of 60 charges and it is a bit harder to get the right craft. What mod you going to look for is 23% reduced Charges used, not lower. With 23% it uses exactly 30 out of 60 thus allowing two usage per flask without topup. At 22% it uses so 31 so can't be used twice without charging. Once you get the right number beastcraft with "of Grounding" (Immunity to Shock - very important to avoid one shot).

5. Lion's Roar

While the knockback effect is annoying for most melee skill it is actually great for Cyclone because it pushes enemies out from their melee range towards outer Cyclone aoe and since we constantly moving it is not a problem. If you can't afford it craft Granite Flask with increased Duration and increased Armour or movement speed.

You can also use Life Flask or Writhing Jar. As we are immune to bleeding, skip the mod unless you want to farm Labyrinth or do Trial, have it ready so can be use any time.

Some tips if you are 12345 flask user, set your flask based on highest duration from 1 to 5. If you noticed, I place the lowest duration Lion's Roar at 5 and second lowest Basalt Flask at 4, so that when I start pressing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 the flasks can ends at similar time.

PAQ - Probably Asked Questions

1. Why you don't use 'x' support gems?

Infused Channeling- Because of the high int requirement, it makes gearing other equipment a lot harder. With current setup I have 30 int, would need another 81 int somewhere to be able to use gem level 20. But if you want, by all means. It is the best support gem for Cyclone in my opinion as not only it grants up to 49% more damage but 8% less physical damage taken while buff is in effect. Replace Melee Physical Damage with this if you want to use it.

Close Combat - The damage is conditional, since we move around alot the damage will be inconsistent so when the outer range gets hit by lower dps we have to move closer to target - so wasted movement.

Damage on Full Life - Same as above but this is worse. If you are not playing CI, don't bother using this gem. You could argue Slayer's leech able to keep up the full life effect, on weak content yeah sure. Try get full life effect on tier 16 Legions, you won't be. Just don't. With 3.7 we have alot more option for support gem than ever before depending on your playstyle.

Rage - This is great support as it enables you using Berserk. So why don't I use it? Because of the build up it requires. It depends on what you prefer. I like consistent damage, but I can understand that the Berserk buff is too good to pass- your call. Replace Melee Physical Damage with Rage if you want to use it.

2. What about 'x' uniques?

Rat's Nest - No life, no defensive stats (life, resists)

Impresence (Physical) - Going from lvl 5 Vulnerability from cwdt setup to lvl 20 gives additional 30k dps, but replacing it with my current amulet resulting 160k dps loss, 1 AoE radius, a lot of dexterity stats (amulet is the slot to get stats)

Headhunter - No resists (lol) also, you have to sell a kidney to afford it this league

Belt of Deceiver - It is a very good belt for the price, but Onslaught on hit is too good to pass on Cyclone character.

3. Why Blood Rage when you have 0 Frenzy Charge?

20% attack speed at level 20/20 or 8% attack speed at level 7/0 quality, 1.2% life leech. Boost up to 100k dps. Can be toggle with weapon swap easily. If you watch my videos you will notice I usually turn off Blood Rage when fighting boss with phases because of the degen last longer than the life leech.

4. Why no dedicated support for Ancestral Warchief?

Ideally I would want to support it with Multiple Totems, Faster Attack and Brutality but the build setup required Blood Rage to be on weapon and Auras not to be on any so that it doesn't turn off our Aura when toggling Blood Rage.

5. Can this build do 'x' content?

Shaper - Easily.

Uber Elder - If you can kill Shaper without problem then Uber Elder is doable. Just learn mechanic of the fight if you don't want to waste fragment sets. I did it deathless on my first encounter.

It's all mostly thanks to Engineering Eternity Uber Elder guide, I think I watched it 5-7 times, also read his written guide before attempting it and it was not as hard as I thought it would be. Also it's probably because Cyclone is that strong right now.

Uber Atziri - Yes, same as Uber Elder; as long you know the mechanic of the fight it should be no problem. Video guide by Engineering Eternity.

Uber Labyrinth - The only problem Vaal Pact build have in lab is the trap because of no regen, Uber Izaro is easy with Slayer's cull. If you really want to farm the lab respec Vaal Pact.

Delve - Carry flares and you're good to delve.

Timeless Domain - Yes, you can do 5 faction Legion. Haven't died so far. Though I only have done it 4 times.

6. Why don't use life flask?

Simply because the build doesn't need it. I survive better when replacing it with damage flask in my experience. It felt weird at first to not have that safety button but at the same time it's a good feeling knowing your build can handle it just fine. Spinning around maps to maps like a madman.

7. Why the aoe radius is smaller compared to other Cyclone builds?

Because the build doesn't focus on aoe but we don't neglect it either. At 34 radius I'd say it is very acceptable AoE. In fact I've cleared my 150 kill Legion challenge right after I switch to dual Ahn's Might from my previous setup of 470+ dps Kongor's Undying with 3 additional AoE radius. Conclusion, damage > aoe, the faster you kill a target the more enemies you can kill.

8. Why do you link Maim support with Flesh and Stone?

In 3.7 Maim support works with any Maim skill so the effect of "Enemies Maimed by this skill takes increased Physical Damage" stacks, totaling for 34% for only 3% additional mana reservation. Note that maim effect from different source does not stack. So if you link Maim with your main skill or totem it does not stack with the aura but instead choose which applies the highest number. Also 20% quality doesn't benefit this setup.

9. Why do you use Blood Stance and not Sand Stance?

Damage. We lose almost 300k dps (without impale stack calculation) if on Sand Stance. The build already have 10% chance to blind on hit, and it can take on some punishment from damage as long you are aware of what to avoid what to kite and what to facetank.

10. Why no Vitality Void?

Because for three points it is better to spend on Gladiator's Perseverance. The notable and two nodes before it grants this build 147k dps, +239 Life Leech/On Hit Rate, compared to Vitality Void and two nodes before it grants only +358 Life Leech/On Hit Rate, +126 Mana Leech/On Hit Rate. I think it's pretty obvious which one is the better choice. If you want to push to 3k Life Leech per sec then you can take both.

11. I have some currency to spend, what can I improve and best bang for the buck?

Assuming you already get most things covered such as; 6L body armour, maxed gem levels and 20% quality, capped resistance, max hp is above 5.5k, In order of importance;

> 370+dps Ahn's Might (you can get this by buying 345+ dps non corrupted and beastcraft 30% quality - this method is also cheaper)

> Cyclone lvl 21 q20%. Lvl 21 gives additional flat physical and +1 max stages. (q23 only give 1% additional aoe to so don't bother) *Tips ; equip 6 Cyclone gem on your weapon swap when you met the requirement to use it

> Steel Ring/Diamond Ring with Tier1 flat physical, 70+ life, resists, stats *etc

> Gloves with Tier1 Attack Speed/flat physical, 80+ life, resists

> Aim for 6K hp, the more the better without sacrificing damage

> Transcendent Flesh

> Cyclone enchantment. 15% Attack Speed > 40% Damage > 10% Attack Speed > 25% Damage

> Elder Armour or The Hunter Armour with 150+ life, +5% max hp, +% Critical Chance, -15 Mana Cost, +1500 Armour Rating. Body Armour mods for reference.

12. How do I beastcraft my weapon to 30% quality?

Press H, select Bestiary tab > Recipes and search for 30% quality. Travel to your Menagerie and place the weapon you want to craft. Important; you need another weapon during this crafting process as you need to kill the beast. You can buy the beast here.

Leveling Tips For Beginners

Veteran melee players can skip this part and do what suits you best. Please keep in mind these tips only serve to make leveling easier, by no means required.

Act 1

1. Before you start new character, get Goldrim if you don't have it already.

2. Get two Redbeak for dual wield. You can use it until level 20. Get Cleave gem from Hillock quest use it with Chance to Bleed and Onslaught. Also get Wanderlust for immunity to Freeze.

3. Upon completing The Tidal Island quest, take Quicksilver flask. Add Ruthless as 4th support if you have the link.

4. After Breaking Some Eggs quest, get Blood and Sand, Ancestral Protector, Steelskin and Dash. Use Sand Stance.

5. Next get Leap Slam and Maim support > link to Ancestral Protector.

6. At the end of Act 1 quest you have the option to buy Infernal Blow or Sunder. If you using axe or mace take Sunder, if sword take Infernal Blow, buy Ancestral Call and Added Fire Damage.

Sunder > Onslaught > Chance to Bleed > Ruthless or Infernal Blow > Ancestral Call > Added Fire Damage > Ruthless/Onslaught (you don't need Melee Splash).
Act 2

7. Around this time you should be around level 15-20, get Atziri's Foible for 1c. It is a great leveling amulet that can reduce stats requirement and will greatly boost your max mana and regen; replace mana flask. If you use Infernal Blow, I'd highly recommend getting two Tempestuous Steel; it can carry you until level 50+s.

8. Next get Herald of Ash for Intruders in Black quest reward and buy Flesh and Stone after The Root of the Problem. Use Sand Stance if you are using Infernal Blow, Blood Stance if using Sunder. On Blood Stance, take Maim support and link with Flesh and Stone.

9. After Sharp and Cruel quest get Faster Attack support and link it with Leap Slam and totem together. So both skills benefits from one support. Buy Melee Physical Damage and replace Ruthless/Onslaught from your main skill with it.

If you use Sunder, get two additional gems; Sunder> Faster Attack> Ruthless > Melee Physical Damage.
Act 3

10. Upon completing Siosa's quest, get Fortify support as reward. Use it in you main skill.
Infernal Blow > Ancestral Call > Fortify > Melee Physical Damage or Sunder > Faster Attack > Fortify > Melee Physical Damage. Also get Pulverize to be use later, don't use it with Sunder.

11. Get Cyclone as reward for Sever the Right Hand quest, Cyclone > Fortify > Melee Physical Damage> Pulverize. At this point get Praxis unique ring, ideally -8 mana cost roll, this can carry you until you get your -mana cost armour or accessories.

12. Buy Pride gem and drop Herald of Ash from your auras setup. Pride, Flesh and Stone > Maim, Blood and Sand. Replace Ancestral Protector with Ancestral Warchief. Add Dread Banner, Brutality and Impale whenever you can. And for the love of god, if you are struggling with mana then don't turn all auras on. It is not a problem if you can't at your current level, because you will able to later at higher level.
Act 4-Act 10

Flask - Get Bismuth flask if you struggle with resists, Granite Flask helps alot in early level. Make sure you have Bleed removal before going in Labyrinth.

Labyrinth - You don't have to go it right away after you completed required Trial of Ascendancy. Most players will usually overlevel their character before going. As for Cruel and Merciless difficulty, complete them before act 10 Kitava.

Other possible uniques - Prismatic Eclipse, Ichimonji, Relentless Fury, Tabula Rasa, Belt of the Deceiver, Lochtonial Caress, Tombfist, String of Servitude with elemental resists.

Path of Building

The final dps doesn't include impale stack calculation. I used some formula on reddit post and one calculator sheet on google doc from this video and the final number is around 2.9 million dps.

I dont want to adjust the dps by for two reasons, one is because I don't want to inflate the final dps and two; the calculation is not a from pob built in calculator, so it is not exactly 100% accurate.

If you have any doubts about how the build perform against endgame content, check out videos below.

My First Uber Elder Encounter
Compilation of Endgame Content

eviL_Bison for "How to Submit a New Build or Guide" and "How to Properly Name a Build"
Dawnz for "Guide on Post Formatting"
Enki91 for the build guide inspiration
skabanos for pointing out mana issue for other skill usage with 3.8 changes to mana costs mod
MTX List
Helmet - Monolith Crown
Armour - Pitfighter Body Armour
Weapon - Innsbury Edge Skin Transfer
Gloves - Pitfighter Gloves
Boots - Pitfigther Boots
Aura - Monolith Aura Effect
Cyclone - White Cyclone
Weapon Effect - Lavender/Pitfighter Weapon Effect

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Last bumped on Jul 8, 2020, 3:58:44 PM
Hi! was searching for this ahn might build and stumble upon your guide! first of all, great job on writting this guide! really appreciate it.

As almost 40% of player build is cyclone slayer, the jewelled foil price increased exponentially. so your solid build is really great foundation to build up the slayer and slowly subsequently change to better gear. love it so far with the ahn might build. keep it up~~
RoyZto wrote:
Hi! was searching for this ahn might build and stumble upon your guide! first of all, great job on writting this guide! really appreciate it.
As almost 40% of player build is cyclone slayer, the jewelled foil price increased exponentially. so your solid build is really great foundation to build up the slayer and slowly subsequently change to better gear. love it so far with the ahn might build. keep it up~~

Thank you for the kind words. Out of melee build I have played so far, this one is definitely the smoothest. The current price on meta melee weapons is one of the reason I decided to share this build. If you or anyone have any question don't hesitate to ask (preferably here so others can see it too should they encounter same problem/question).

Have a nice day and enjoy the build!
if you had to make a rough guess how much would this build cost to get into yellow/red maps ?
Zooce wrote:
if you had to make a rough guess how much would this build cost to get into yellow/red maps ?

At current market price, with 20-30 chaos budget you can take this build all the way to Shaper, even Uber Elder. My first Shaper kill this league is with 5 chaos body armour and Kongor's Undying and I did it deathless. With two Ahn's Might the damage will be much higher and overall smoother gameplay.

Key Equipment and Price Breakdown
Ahn's Might : 1 chaos
5L Body Armour (100+ life, 500 armour, 50%+ elemental resistance) : 5-10 chaos
30% ms Boots (70+life) : 1 chaos
Puhuarted mod Helmet (90+ life, 46%+ fire resistance) : 1 chaos
Onslaught on hit Belt : 1 chaos

The rest of the gear should cost 1-3 chaos a piece, depending on your character needs.

>Off Meta
Only played EQ before but i give a chance to this couple days ago and its working like charm. Buy 20c weapons, puff uber elder down easily. Screw overpriced jewelled foils.
Hello i have a question, how do you Beast craft to 30 Quality?
And how do you get the beast for that? And what is the Beast? Thanks.
you guys should seriously read word by word in this guide. at first i just skip through and see the gem setup, gear etc.

now that i have time to read through word by word, it is very detailed explanation. im getting excited with this build. gonna try out some of the equipment and items and see how it goes.

Kudos to the guide creator. top notch explanation! thank you so much!
Hello i have a question, how do you Beast craft to 30 Quality?
And how do you get the beast for that? And what is the Beast? Thanks.

its been explained in this guide

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