[3.13] SRS Necromancer (2021 Edition) Build - 5M DPS on 1EX budget! Uber Elder DEATHLESS in 3 days!

Well, PoB wasn't installed incorrectly. I knew that as I had been using it for 5 leagues now. That being said I am an idiot and did do something incorrectly. I havent played for two or three leagues now and forgot what I was doing. I was using the import tree button on the bottom, not the import build button on the top left.

So at the end of the day it was operator error.
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razhlive wrote:
6.5k ehp atm breezing through. Having fun so far in around 4ex spent

Any tips are aprreciated :)
I'll prolly try to ench helm myself once the ones available at trade will hurt either my mana, life or resists.

Holy Relic? How do u trigger that?
Yo, been trying something close :)
/wall of text !

little tips :
- replica grip of the council is a good enhancement to the regular one :
Replaces minion speed loss to health loss, since you don't care about srs health (in non-popcorn) it doesn't matter and you win more SRS movespeed (awesome for mapping and still useful to stick to targets).
Phys to cold changes for fire, not important.
And it costs close to nothing, unlike some pricey replicas ! Got'em in early league for like 10c
- 21% increased attack speed with flesh offering as helmet enchant.
While the usual chances to summon an extra spirit is fine QoL, with unleash it becomes really not that important.. On the other hand, a huge AS buff is quite a boost in dmg !

Now on my personal thoughts of the build :
I've been highly disappointed by both Victario's chest+staff and Unleash.
While the first provides some additional auras (which at least make it even better for group play), that doesn't improve damages as much as other setups and prevent from using the 6link for SRS itself.
I'd rather go for Victario's shield + necromantic aegis which grants frenzy/power charges to our SRS (and ourself, cast speed QoL !) and some good rare wand ; allowing for another useful chest like the Covenant (solves SRS cost problem and add some damages) or one with more defense with life/resists.
We can still use the most important auras+generosity (hatred/precision) but lose anger (bit of fire dmg, even though it loses a bit with SRS way of working), skitterbot (chill ain't that important, shock is nice though) and.. wrath. This last one not only doesn't bring that much damages, it also prevents us from using Elemental Equilibrium with a lightning spell+hextouch for -50%fire/cold mobs resists, which is quite a crazy buff !

As for Unleash, it surely is nice QoL I didn't use in the past, awesome for rushing through the acts and to use less mana/require less casting speed...
But going with Victario's shield and a wand, you can have way more casting speed, which allows for an extra damage support to SRS, as Predation (great for actually controlling SRS and focusing on a target, espescially in 10boss Maven fights ^^), enhancement lvl4 (for the Realm Ender loss) or Minion Speed (CRAZY awesome for mapping !)
It can also justify more the use of extra SRS helmet enchant instead of AS, but all in all, SRS last so long that even on bosses you can quickly reach the max and be focused on dodging.


Next, I'm thinking of Devouring Diadem for a good aura reservation reduction & +1lvl, and it's brand new upgraded veiled mod.
I've tested it quickly and the Feast of flesh isn't a problem to cast desecrate/offering from time to time.
It would allow us to drop the Covenant or some mana regen due to it's Eldricht Battery and since we're casting much, the shield will keep restarting.

Still not convinced with cluster jewels though.. requires way too much points and we have all we need in the tree.
Harvest in a nutshell : https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2023/14/6/1680957824-poeh.jpg
Ultimatum : https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2023/14/6/1680957822-ultimatum-league.png
Expedition : https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2023/14/6/1680957686-poe-expedition-in-a-nutshell.png
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