[3.7] Toxic Rain DoT Mines | Budget/SSF Bosser

I'll start with giving credit to an old version of this build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2306310, which I came across while originally gearing this build back in Synthesis league. A good deal of the information is the same, but there's some gearing differences and an updated passive tree.

This is very high DPS build (13-15M pure chaos funded) that can be ran on an extreme budget or in SSF (due to the Imperial Legacy divination card and reliable fossil crafting). It abuses the damage over time component from Toxic Rain and scales it effectively with mines, since mines offer ludicrous damage scaling and ignore bow attack speed.

This is an excellent league starter if you can tolerate a miner playstyle. Note that toxic rain itself has its own delay before the arrows hit the ground, so mines unfortunately contribute to making this more unpleasant -- especially before ascension for +100% mine arming speed. Otherwise, the clear speed is decent, and its bossing capabilities are absurd.

Update Jul 06: The build is now easily HotGM capable by running a Balefire weapon swap setup.

3.7 PoB: https://pastebin.com/y3wnxyEj

Build Theory

Toxic Rain has a unique area DoT in the sense that each individual pod can stack with separate attacks, and can even overlap with pods from the same attack with AoE scaling. Note that by default there is no overlapping with Toxic Rain; the arrows are displaced perfectly away from each other, but the arrow placement does not change when we increase AoE, so the DoT starts to overlap.

We only need a moderate amount of AoE scaling to get acceptable overlapping such that the target in the center of your pods is getting degenerated from all adjacent pods; note that bosses usually have a larger hitbox so they generally come in contact with most pod AoEs even with minimal scaling.

This mechanic has been touched on before with Quill Rain to achieve very high APS on a self-attack bow build to stack the pods, before the unique was nerfed from 'Less Weapon Damage' to 'Less Damage'. Mines are even better than pre-nerf quill rain builds since weapon APS is completely ignored and the base mine laying speed gives us some great opportunities to reach high attack rates (and makes crafting a bow very easy).

In addition to this, mine damage and mine support gems actually double dip and scale both hit and DoT DPS from Toxic Rain. While there's probably some build opportunities here to abuse, we still only focus on the DoT. Remote Mine Support itself also contains a 49% more multiplier, so we're not even losing out on any comparable support gems by using mines in the first place.

Mines also get a 'place an additional mine' mod on shaper helms, and the Saboteur ascendancy gives some excellent regeneration, 100% blind, and ailment immunity.

Additionally, since we are chaos, we can stack up on non-ailment chaos multiplier stats and use a wither totem setup to effectively double our DPS against a single target. We can also go even further with skill effect duration, which makes our pods last longer and allows us to stack them up for longer.

The final piece of the build is gem scaling, since Toxic Rain's DoT component has some insane exponential gem scaling. An empower setup with a +3 bow is all you need to clear all content due to this.

Early Gearing

The first thing you will need is a 6L bow. This is only required once you hit maps, but it is still very easy to obtain (ie. Imperial Legacy divination card, trading). The base does not matter since we don't attack, nor do we use the weapon damage: it only needs to be linked and above or equal to ilvl 64 (non shaper/elder).

Once you have the base, we can use a few fossil crafting combinations to lock gem level prefix mods. I use the same combination as the old guide (which is generally the cheapest): metallic, corroded, and jagged fossils. It takes about 5 attempts on average to hit the +1 all/+2 bow mods, and will always leave at least one open prefix.

The last thing you need to do is craft '+#% to Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier", although rank 3 can be difficult to unlock early on. Either use a trustworthy crafting service or just craft lower levels until you unveil the craft.

This bow is all you need to deal ludicrous damage, and will cost on average about 40c to make. It is not required until maps, and can be made in SSF with minimal farming.

The next thing you want to look for is a 'place an additional mine' shaper helmet. This is a considerable damage boost and lets us drop minefield in favour of empower. Just focus on getting life and the shaper mod since we will have room for resists on other gear. SSF players can just alt-spam an evasion base.

At this point, with a level 3 empower, you should be able to down Shaper/Elder easily and clear red-tier maps granted you are fully ascended. Your life pool, however, will be somewhat lacking and will require you to play passively to avoid being killed (especially with some dangerous Legion mechanics).

The last big core item is a Kaom's Heart, which instead leaves us with a hefty life pool and allows us to clear the rest of the game's content (Uber Elder, Uber Atziri, 5-Way Legion).

Note that this build requires some intricate mana cost balancing, so we will need eleron's mana cost craft on both of our rings (t2) to help (or Xopec's mod), along with some 'reduced mana cost of skills' on jewels/passive nodes.

Early Leveling

You want to start with explosive trap for early leveling, while beelining on the passive tree to Volatile Mines. You can take a shortcut to this node and respec later since this node is essentially required to use any sort of mines.

Once you have Volatile Mines, you can swap straight to Toxic Rain with Remote Mine Support. You then want to grab Clever Consutrction, then the Hunter's Gambit wheel and Method to the Madness wheel for some early damage. After this, you can work around filling out the passive tree in almost any order -- although you should grab at least one wheel of skill effect duration fairly early.

Your leveling gear isn't important. A 4-link bow (stats irrelevant) is enough to start, with Toxic Rain, Remote Mine Support, Minefield Support, and Trap and Mine Damage Support or Vicious Projectiles Support.

Gem setup

Primary attack:

Without a +1 mine helm: Toxic Rain - Remote Mine - Minefield - Vicious Projectiles - Trap and Mine Damage - Void Manipulation

With a +1 mine helm Toxic Rain - Remote Mine - Empower - Vicious Projectiles - Trap and Mine Damage - Void Manipulation

With a +1 mine helm and +3 VP bow Toxic Rain - Remote Mine - Empower - Vicious Projectiles - Trap and Mine Damage - Swift Affliction

Other links:

Primary aura links: Malevolence - Despair - Blasphemy - Enlighten (only level 2/3 needed)

Defensive links: Cast when Damage Taken - Steelskin

Wither stacking totems: Wither - Spell totem - Multi totem

Flame Dash, Phase Run, Clarity (level sparingly, ie. level 4-7)

Late Gearing

There are multiple options for continuing to scale this build. Mine laying speed is a particularly important stat that can be crafted onto bows, helmets, and amulets, and can be rolled on jewels. Be sure to get a substantial amount of this stat since it massively contributes to how smooth this build is to play.

A +3 Vicious Projectiles elder bow is another substantial upgrade, or you can use a fossil crafted +5 bow (adding faceted fossil to the aforementioned combination to add delve-specific gem suffix modifiers). The VP bow, however, outperforms a +5 bow.

You can also get a Watcher's Eye with non-ailment chaos multi while using malevolence, and -10 to mana cost of skills while using clarity. This provides a hefty damage boost and simplifies our mana problems.

Your quiver should have 'fire an additional arrow', which gives us an extra pod, along with a Dying Sun flask. You can also try to get the +1 arrow enchant for toxic rain on your helmet, but do not sacrifice 'place an additional mine' for this mod.

You can also get elder gloves with non-ailment chaos multi, and you can use the new Lethal Pride jewels to try to stack up a bunch of strength to help with the stat requirements on Kaom's Heart (while providing a hefty life bonus).

One option for additional defences is to get a chaos Impresence amulet to avoid the mana reservation from despair, which allows you to run Grace instead. However, I don't think this is necessary on softcore considering you have to sacrifice your amulet slot for this, and the build has enough defences without Grace.

Current Legion Gear


Weapon swap for HotGM:


Double HP Uber Elder carry: https://streamable.com/19t9h
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Hey, I wanna try this build, played GC miner before and really enjoyed it, could you tell me what are the pros and cons of this build compared to GC?
Hey, I wanna try this build, played GC miner before and really enjoyed it, could you tell me what are the pros and cons of this build compared to GC?

This build will outperform GC mines both unfunded and funded in terms of DPS and the clear will beat GC mines once you get additional arrows from your gear + dying sun. This build is also outright cheaper due to the main weapon being very easy to craft.

However, a lowlife GC miner can stack defences slightly better than this build with 'es gain on block' abuse with the new maraketh keystone for double block chance. This really only starts to outpace my TR miner once you put in a lot of currency, and only has any use in deep delving.

I used this to rush UE early league (day 2-3) twice now. It's far better than GC mines for this purpose.
Would an Energy Shield build work for this? If so do you have thoughts on making a tree for it?
Would an Energy Shield build work for this? If so do you have thoughts on making a tree for it?

No. ES saboteur builds require Zealot's oath, which means you need to stretch across the witch nodes to access it, severely gimping our available skill points to the point where you can't even get half the damage.

However, a MoM variant does work granted you drop despair and use an essence worm. It's slightly tankier than the pure life version, and is much easier to balance out manacosts on, but does not scale nicely with the 20% life regen you get from saboteur's ascendancy. It also requires dropping some damage nodes to travel to the witch area so I ultimately decided it's not worth the effort and respec'd it to pure life.

In the case of both MoM and ES with saboteur you are generally using spells supported by remote mine, not attacks. The only exception to this are mine builds using wands, which are pretty trash-tier at the moment.
One more question. In your PoB your socket 5 is none. Which jewel is it?

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In what order do you take ascendancies?

What pantheons?

I've never been too much for mines, but this looks like it might be fun.
One more question. In your PoB your socket 5 is none. Which jewel is it?

This is a Lethal Pride. They are generally the best timeless jewel for this build since they can give us a ton of hp and strength to help with the requirements on Kaom's Heart. This isn't required but I recommend trying a few out to see if seed hits a lot of '+20 strength' and '4% maximum life' on notables.

In what order do you take ascendancies?

What pantheons?

Ascendencies are usually Pyromaniac first and then the rest is preference. Born in the Shadows early for defenses, or get Demolitions Specialist first for smoother gameplay and leave Born in the Shadows until last.

Pantheons is Brine King. Minor gods don't matter.

I've never been too much for mines, but this looks like it might be fun.

I will warn ahead of time this is not the smoothest build if you're looking for a build to play purely for fun; this is a budget bosser that I use to rush and farm end game content.
Would a 6L tremor rod work until the bow can be crafted?
Would a 6L tremor rod work until the bow can be crafted?

Toxic Rain is a bow skill. Tremor rod is a staff.

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