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lampicka95 wrote:

Thank you so much, I was looking for good jugg build some quite time and this one looks very promising. Would you consider going Unrelenting purely for safety during exping? I think it would be good vs chaos dmg and AoE loss could be mitigated by exploding armour. Also when I was going through previous comments, one player who actually achieved 100lvl with this build stated, that he went for Resolute Technique and replaced all crit nodes with hp ones.

First of all, I am too lazy to read the whole thread, so every little thing I am going to write here is based on my own feelings. Keep in mind that I'm not experienced player, and this is by far most successful build I've ever played. Please dont look at my character tab ;)
Also my English is not the best, sorry in advance.

The Unrelenting ascendancy will give you only +28% chaos res with 7 Endurance charges up, and it doesn't feel that much. I honestly think having upgraded Shakari pantheon is absolutely enough to deal with chaos damage. Also, AoE from Unyielding ascendancy is also an excellent defensive mod, since we're using Lion's roar and knockbacking monsters in a huge area before they can hit us. Offense is the best defence!

The weakest part of this build is absolutely Abyssus. GIF from the original post with tanking Shaper's slam is most likely the exclusion of the rule and requires some luck. I died 104 times in this league, and about 70% of this death's are my desperate tries to tank some bosses. If you remove Abyssus from PoB link above, we're getting about 2mil DPS drop. Since there's 3mil DPS left, Abyssus removal seems like a solid solution to improve our survivabilty. Not sure what we can use instead of it, but we're still able to do any content in the game. Resolute Technique you mentioned seems absolutely useless, since we still have 100% accuracy with our Undeniable ascendancy, I don't know why he did this.

However, I'm not going to remove Abyssus in my way to lvl100, because everything else except tanking Endgame bosses feels absolutely OK. Yesterday I made a small mapping marathon. I was running T16 maps with fully awakened atlas, fighting some beasts and betrayal under Delirium. From lvl95 to lvl96 deathless, with Abyssus. Already 25% in a way to lvl97, managed to complete 3 Simulacrums also deathless. Core survival mechanics for me are:

1. Flasks (anti-curse, anti-freeze, Lion's roar) should be up most of the time.
2. Always move.
3. Do not try to facetank big hits.

I also don't know, if i am able to drop Freeze flask. Unstoppable ascendancy says our action speed cannot be modified, does this mean we are getting freeze immunity?

If you do everything right, Endgame bosses are also not a big problem if you playing every mechanics. Also I highly recommend to use Assassin Mark on hit ring instead of CWDT setup, because when you fight bosses you HAVE to tank at least one hit to proc it, and pray this hit wont be critical. I did:
Sirus A7 with one "I'm gonna dodge balls like in movies" death
Catarina deathless
Shaper deathless
Elder deathless
Uber Elder not done yet, but I dont think there will be any problems
Architect delve 400 deathless
Cortex deathless
Aul and Lich are not found yet :\

By the way Uber Atziri/Atziri in Atzoatl pops me like a fucking baloon. I don't know why and what to do with it, maybe someone can help me :)

I hope this will be useful for you. Maybe I've forgotten something, feel free to ask.
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