3.7.1d Patch Notes (Restartless)

Humble request: Please put fixing the Flicker Strike issues high on the list. It feels terrible now compared to earlier leagues. Linked with multistrike it only repeats twice. Also, it pauses awkwardly instead of the third hit. 1-2-PUASE-1-2-PAUSE instead of 1-2-3-1-2-3.
Futhermore, it uses up two frenzy charges to bypass the cooldown instead of just one. This needs to be adressed, and fast.
The bug where you get trapped inside Alva's incursion if you use dash at the same time it's expiring and porting you out is still there and not fixed.

Basically you use dash at the moment it's porting you out and it cancels the teleport animation and removes the portal too. The only way to get out is relog.

This bug has been in since day 1 of the league, can't believe this isn't fixed.
Instance crashes keep happening and I lost my portals again for the 1982738917254901250th time :) I don't know where the "fix" word could fit in these "restartless" patches. They aren't restartless, by the way. And the flame dash problem keeps happening too... Do you even test something before deploying? Do you check if there are some file conflicts before committing the code? Because what is called "fix" here keeps being a "bug" after wasting 30 minutes allocating space and downloading ~15Mb of patches with a hell out of internet connection. Is not funny at all, is FRUSTRATING at the most if the same things keep happening all the time no matter what amount of "fixes" you deploy. If they are correctly deployed at least...
What Educmark said only double.

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