3.7.1d Patch Notes (Restartless)

Are they aware of the latency issues ingame?

My friend and i are playing from Germany and he got huge lag Spikes, while his Connection is stable.
AT 3.7 release and and a week after it was all fine, then it went to shit for him. (Dont know if they fuck something up)

He tried all to resolve the issue but it is just POE which lag Spikes. It is unplayible for him and hes dying cause he cant move and Mobs killing him.

His Provider is "Deutsche Telekom" in Germany.

He tried other Servers than Frankfurt, still the same issue.

My Connection is fine, but i got another Provider.

Would be nice to hear something About that.
He just bought a huge supporter pack, now he cant Play cause of the issues.
Its just frustating.

Hope u guys can help / fix the issue…
And this introduces even MORE CTDs & MEMORY LEAKS. All of which are UNFIXABLE without a complete RE-WRITE of game code & DUMP of character/item databases.
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took me only 4-5 minutes to allocate, download and install. Good job devs.
How does ggg make these updates ?
it's 17 mb patch but takes 15 min in steam to download and install that at 4mb/s download.
Mjuu wrote:
How does ggg make these updates ?
it's 17 mb patch but takes 15 min in steam to download and install that at 4mb/s download.

It's because steam package system. The standalone client works fine and it's faster at... well at everything than steam's client.
Try it and don't blame GGG for the utter shite steam packaging is.
still no flicker crash fix, thx
Hi guys, first of all thanks for the great work you made with that game. I know this is not the place to post this but could you look at this dominating blow bug who made us crash every 20 min? Or just get some 'ews about it because there is no answer in the trend dedicate to. Bye
took me half an hour to DL (on 250mbps) then i can't start the game with Exception message: "invalid vector<T> subscript".

Have no idea what this means. Reinstall whole game or now what?

EDIT: found some solution in bug reports by users that might work, though I seem too useless to even know how to apply that solution.
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I am getting more disconnects & lag spikes than before.

first login in is a transfer account error.

2nd and third are unexpected disconnects.

once i finally get in and try to change area it disconnects again and again and again.

All I can do atm is look at inventory tabs..lucky I bought loads in the sale!

Please try and atleast fix the disconnects and the really bad lag spikes

Wow, after 40 minutes (17.3MB), my steam started to download 20.6GB. Something went wrong with this mini patch ;D

-1 hour in my PoE life, so after this i hope u fixed that crashes every 3 mins and we can play normally like in previous leagues.

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