[3.7] Orb of Storms Speed Leveling Guide (Trickster/Assassin/Hierophant/Inquis & More)

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening All! EveryDayEngineering here and after the success of my Orb of Storms Trickster build https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2509015, I wanted to create a guide to help those speed level as a caster.

My goal for this guide is going to help those that are tired of slowly leveling or those like me and are altaholics. I've leveled a handful of different builds all based around lightning damage/orb of storms. With the bump to damage last league it really has made a push to be a viable leveling skill.

This will not have any leveling tree's as this isnt the reason for this guide.

How Fast?

So how fast can Orb of Storms carry you? Leveling my crit assassin OOS with some leveling gear was crazy. If I pushed and wasn't streaming/chatting I would of ended up at maps in 4-5 hours total. I ended at 6 hours played by the time I hit maps.

Stat Stacking

These are the stats you want to focus on while leveling

Cast Speed / Crit Chance / Crit Multi / Spell Damage


4L: OOS, Inc Crit Chance, Faster Casting, Energy Leech (1-38)
4L: OOS, Inc Crit Chance, Chain, Energy Leech (38-50)

5L: OOS, Inc Crit Chance, Faster Casting, Energy Leech, Chain
6L: OOS, Inc Crit Chance, Faster Casting, Energy Leech, Chain, (dealers Choice)

Make sure your 2nd dps skill is Lightning based. Link it how you want to. Ill explain below about the OOS Mechanic

Orb of Storms Mechanic
So OOS has this little sentence in its description "Using a lightning skill while inside the orb's cloud unleashes additional bolts." So what this mean is that any time you cast a lightning spell you grant extra procs of OOS. So far I have tried a handful of lightning spells and so far I've enjoyed Storm Burst as my other source of damage and OOS proc.


Early Game Gear (1-40/50)

Ignore Gems In Items

This should get you to your 40/50's. Fill in missing pieces with whatever you have in stock.

Mid Game(40-60)

So you're about in the mid 40s now and maybe hitting a wall with either dps or defense. It happens and there are cheap solutions to upgrade from.

Eclipse Solaris - https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Eclipse_Solaris This is nice because of the crit chance/multi/global blind

Light of Lunaris - https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Light_of_Lunaris With as fast as your orb of storms is casting, you will always proc the %multi from this shield.

Marylene's Fallacy -
Huge dps boost and culling strike is great. Yes the less % crit chance sucks, but again with as fast as your orb casts and procs the multi gained is huge.

Mutewind Whispersteps - https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Mutewind_Whispersteps These are always cheap and a huge dps boost. Crit chance/Flat spell damage, movement speed, cold res. Good upgrade from your Wanderlust's

The rest of the gear you can start switching out if you need resists.

End Game (60-70)

So your hitting the end of Act 9/starting of Act 10 so what do you upgrade to?

Well if you haven't switched to your actual lightning skill build or you're loving Orb of Storms, you can check out my Trickster guide for end game gearing options. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2509015


Well hopefully this will get you started on your next speed run. If you enjoy the content/guide and want to see more, follow me over on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/everydayengineering

I'll be releasing a video guide for this as well this coming week so stay tuned!

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Very useful guide!
justin6201 wrote:
Very useful guide!


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