[3.7] Spectral Shield Throw Gloomfang Cold Crit Deadeye

[3.7] Spectral Shield Throw cold crit Deadeye

Update 6/24: Switched Cold to Fire to Energy Leech, updated PoB

Update 6/22: Uber Elder down, notes for boss killing added.

Update 6/21: Picked up aura nodes to fit in arctic armor or purity of ice for my watchers eye. Fixed/added links.

Update 6/20: I got a conversion watcher's eye & swapped uniques for rares. Dropped pierce nodes & added more life.

Update 6/18:
I've completed the atlas, red elder & shaper, all of it pretty smooth, even with less than 5k life. PoB link has been updated with a tentative L100 tree.

VERY fast clear speed & well suited for Legion content
Off-Screen clearing
Freeze chill & blind enemies
Non-meta hipster build
MF quantity farming viable
Good aesthetics & audio
Level as the build

Single target damage is low (only for fights vs literally one target)
Weird & limited damage scaling options
No big tooltip numbers
No ele reflect
Situationally weak (aka not HC viable with eva+dodge)

T15 Summit Triple Beyond + Shrines & The Gull

T16 Beach

double boss example

map demo after completing uberlab

3.7 massively buffed Spectral Shield Throw (SST) with the addition of the new threshold jewel. The shield projectile chains +4 times, and now throws a reduced number of shards on each hop. Projectiles also no longer get eaten by doorways as they had in the past. Legion content rewards clearing large areas quickly, so that's what I tried to optimise this build for.

Use frost blades until you can use the threshold jewel. Get an ewar’s mirage for +1 chain, or Bitterdream for EZ links. Karui Ward/Charge is REALLY good. Prioritize crit & proj speed nodes. Piercing shots above Acrobatics helps clear packs.

1) Gathering Winds 2) Far Shot 3) Ricochet 4) Fast & Deadly

Help Alira for crit multi

For pantheons take Brine King for stuns, Ryslatha for life flasks. For boss fights like u elder do Solaris with the "8% reduced Elemental Damage taken if you haven't been Hit Recently" upgrade.

Leveling tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/build/KV3PIB

Tree & My gear
PoB: https://pastebin.com/vu3mN6r8

Main: SST > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Hypothermia > Vicious Projectiles > Increased Critical Damage > Energy Leech

While you have Blood Rage up, you are always leeching energy shield within 5s of an attack. Very gimmicky, but it works.

Increased Chance to Crit, Cold to Fire, Cold Pen are also OK options.
Try Fork to augment clearspeed (useful before merc lab & gloomfang)
Slower projectiles is bad IMO because you want projectile speed

Auras: Hatred, Herald of Ice, Precision (only level it up much as you have mana for). If you want to add another herald or arctic armor, you can take the Charisma cluster between Ranger & Shadow (this is entirely optional).

Utility: CWDT+Steelskin, Blood Rage, Frost Bomb, Ancestral Protector, Leapslam+Faster Attacks+Fortify+Endurance Charge on stun

Recommended items
Gloomfang - pretty cheap in 3.7 and +1 chain improves single target AND clear. You will want a source of life gain on hit to negate the penalty. Elder ring is my choice, but you can equip a Thief's Torment. Life gain on hit from Claws is local & won't work!

Magna Eclipsis - Best in slot until you can fossil craft a shield with t1 rolls

Prismatic Eclipse G-G-G - GLOBAL attack speed applies to your offhand attacks AND movement skills.

Hrimburn OR Hatred Conversion Watcher’s eye (and 25% cold conversion rare gloves)
Atziri’s Promise - you get the benefit of both phys & ele rolls

Taste of Hate - extra damage & compensates for having no armor

This is a crit build, use a diamond flask!

Elite Protips
Lone bosses with nothing to chain off of kill your potential dps. This can be alleviated by spawning more enemies with a vaal breach gem. The ideal maximum dps situation would have two targets next to each other. You want your chains to go right back to the original target AND for the shards to hit the original target. This raises dps from the 800k zone up into the millions. (math to come).

Gloomfang damage doesn't show on the tooltip! Use Path of Building & increase the "# of times Skill has Chained" option in the Configuration tab to get an idea of what your damage will be.

You are pretty safe against most hits but very vulnerable against area damage (especially physical). Phys taken as cold is a strong mitigation against this.

Choose maps to farm with open layouts to get the most out of Legions

Swap in a Phys to Lightning gem to run phys reflect maps.

Watch out for Corrupting Blood!

For the uber elder fight, the shield can chain off of the immune phased boss, so be sure to position yourself to take advantage of this!

Noob Traps

“Increased Defenses From Equipped Shield” nodes on the passive tree DO NOT raise the base damage of SST! (It would be nice if it did GGG) Get proj damage, cold damage, multi and attack speed.

I’m not clear as to whether “Damage with Weapons Penetrates % Elemental Resistance” works or not. It shows up on your Offence tab with SST selected, but I’ve read that it doesn’t work. GGG clarifying or adding shields to the weapon list would be cool.

A pure phys version of this build relies heavily on impale to scale damage. This is an anti-clearspeed mechanic, as it ramps up damage only after multiple hits.

Don’t seek out additional projectiles. “Modifiers that cause additional projectiles to be fired will add more shards, not more copies of the shield.” Also: "With 40 total Dexterity and Strength in Radius, Spectral Shield Throw fires 75% less Shard Projectiles." DON’T USE a Dying Sun flask.
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Definitely trying this out, what shields should i be using while leveling? uniques or rares?
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Kaltenhalt>Titicus Span>Rare>Magna Eclipsis is what I used.
What about bandits, my man?
I've been running a DB Witch so far and am starting to look for a second option and this build really looks so fun. How is the scaling in group content? I'm usually running maps with 1-2 other guildies.

This is very flashy, too. Impale is OP AF right now so I'd be interested in seeing your thoughts on a physical tree/items for this if you ever get the chance!
ahhitsjamie wrote:
Impale is OP AF right now so I'd be interested in seeing your thoughts on a physical tree/items for this if you ever get the chance!

Impale is a ramp up mechanic so it's not that good at clearing, but extremely good for bossing. So it just a matter of you liking mapping or bossing.
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HumbIeMemer wrote:
What about bandits, my man?

alira for multi, my guy
super fun build with new jewel, thx for the guide

also I think tree is not really optimised, but I dont know what to change since Im not good at building :)
What ascendancy route do you go? i see you listed the same ascendancy twice. I'm busy playing your build XD
Goatninja wrote:
What ascendancy route do you go? i see you listed the same ascendancy twice. I'm busy playing your build XD

Good catch.

tailwind first, then farshot & +1 chain, fast & deadly last

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