[3.7] Tidebreaker Slayer Flicker Strike | League start viable | Stunlocks | Updated with some videos

Firnblut wrote:
Thanks for the guide. I'm only at lvl 45 right now, but it plays very smooth so far.

I noticed you can save a passiv point and gain a little more damage and life if you alocate wisdom of the glades and route through a strength-node instead of those dexterity and intelligence nodes while having even more intelligence to support a higher concentrated effect on Vaal Ancestral Warchief:


Any drawback I missed?

Since I am playing SSF and don't have access to 6links, which support-gems would you drop in the flickerstrike and totem setup?


I don't know how much you are in need of the over max. resistances. You could opt for some higher damage and attackspeed when sacrificing the overcapped resistances.
Again, since I didn't play endgame content yet, I don't know how much we need those.


Edit3: We are missing 2 dexterity on the 2nd pastebin, so nvm :)

Update about this soon, you're a genius xD

Edit - Link to update video


I hadn't checked my resists lately, plus they change when you get endurance charges.
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sakurakb48 wrote:

I'm using the Lunaris major pantheon, fully upgraded. Mainly for the spell dodge.

The minor one is the Shakari, upgraded for the poison immunity
can anyone tell me what is the name of that aura mtx. the one that has cogs circle around not the celestial one. It's so fckin cool
It's the wrangler aura from the new mystery box

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