***Boss Killer-Service***

IGN: LeMoNtRiX_Lightningtrap

Cheap Service, YOUR LOOT !!!

(Uber-Elder: 40c) (not 100% safe) (just 50%)

Shaper: 20

Vaal Temple: 15

Guardians: 10

Uber Atziri: 20

Yellow Elder/Red Elder: 20

White Elder: 10

PaleCourt: 10

HoGm: 15c each Person or 10c and a HoGm Map each person (but isnt that safe could take 2 tries depends on Rouges) (90% succesful)

(did also carry mbXtreme in Legion : https://youtu.be/axM-qXWuy-Q?t=284)

Loot its yours. except you dont have the money for the carry i also would take the loot but you have to decide at beginning


Instructions for any boss/map services are simple

1. PM to check availability
2. when im in your hideout re-log in EU Frankfurt SERVER
3. open portals and "wait in your HIDEOUT" for me to low his life
4. when i msg u with anything like wgewg it means u can come in
5. If u die. stay down until i kill him and join again to pick up your loot

Have a good day!
Last edited by LeMoNtRiX on Jun 15, 2019, 2:52:19 PM
Last bumped on Jun 16, 2019, 12:24:40 PM
Carried 2 times in a row my red elder without dying, 10/10 good guy
Very nice Service
Nice service.. would recommend
Solid carry. Was able to complete HOGM for both a friend and I. Thanks!
Helped carry me and the guy about through HOGM.

Would be carried again 10/10.
Quick efficient would use as a service again!
Fast and unbeatable prices, would highly recommend.
Would recommend his carry. Cheap and gets the job done.
The carry did HOGM for a 2 people carry, very fast and nice carry, would recommend for completion of your atlas !

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