[3.7] Crit. Staff Cyclone, up to 5 million+ Shaper dps, 100% Elemental Damage (Shaper Video!)

Hi, have you ever tried dropping Elemental Focus in order to be able to apply elemental status?

I have been playing a very similar build with Cyclone - Fortify - Melee physical - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Hypothermia - incAOE/Conc Ef.

Since I can chill enemies, hypothermia does 39% more damage.

I’m also using herald of ice - curse on hit - assassins mark to shatter enemies (never die to porcupines), generate power charges and sustain mana.

thx for your post. I thought about this, but it is that much damage, that most of the time enemies are dead with 1-2 strikes. Hypothermia does more damage with the second (an all other hits). Elemental Focus with all. I played some time with Herald of Thunder and Poachers Mark to proc Frency Charges and gain more Life/Mana on Hit.
First goal is to get the T15/T16 Bosses down also very fast and to have there the max damage output. I do proc power charges on Leap Slam (jumping into fight) and a percent chance on Staff Block.
But I think I will try the next days.

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Thanks for the reply. I chose to use Assassin's Mark on a Curse on Hit setup as i wasn't generating Power Charges while mapping. Monsters just didn't hit me enough lol.

I'm still doing mid tier maps (mostly T9-10) and have no problems on bosses. For tougher bosses, when i get there, i was thinking to swap into Orb of Storms - Power Charge on Crit (it's B-B, just like the CoH - AA).

I'm only running Hatred - Herald of Ice - Blood and Sand as auras, as i do not have a high level enlighten.

POB damage, with about 1ex gear is just over 1M. All i spent is 30c in the staff and 75c in two jewels (not counting 2ex for the Kaom's Heart, which is not needed, but realy helps getting me to over 7k life).

i Build this nice Templar too..wasnt cheap but work like a Dream.
Still need more Level to get more then 4469 Life but thats only need Time ;)

Thanks for this nice Guide.

Hey - cool!

At the moment I tried Infuse Channeling Support instead of Increased Critical Strike Support - With Diamond Flask - you can do even more damage, but your (my) crit strike is about 70% without power charges and flask. With it is about 94.

There is also a POB link with Infused Channeling Support above.

And yes, to have good equip, it's not that cheap.

Hope to hear more.

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New Section Added 'Sustain Mana - How it works' - because I got several questions about this topic.
Thanks for this build and I am running a poor man's version of it. Most of my stats are within 10% of your standing around screenshot except I can't figure out how you got over 700% increased attack speed? I am only up to about 150%.

All your equipment numbers don't add up to 700+% and I tried looking through PoB as well but am also stumped?

Any ideas?

You have to select the cyclone attack (column above the stats, below the attributes) then you can see the 700%+. If I'm selection only the 'Default Attack' then the attack speed modifier is about 150%+ also.

OMG Turba, thanks! I am such a noob (first league)! It shows as 550% now but still 1/4 of your overall DPS.

All the more to improve my gear - thanks again, the endgame really opened up for me with your build.

No - problem, if you want/need help you can also send me a pastbin link or something.

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