Please do NOT nerf the red spell of doom from Legion mobs

it s not hardcore friendly
Poe Pvp experience
I said this day one of league. [Removed by Support]
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If you actually use any kind of skill it becomes completely invisible and just blends in with all of the other shit thats going on
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walentaz wrote:
Azdrubel wrote:

Just for clarification, I am playing Vaal Spark

[Removed by Support] Go play some close range melee and report back. You don't even need to be close proximity with you current build.

Wait a second... that doesn´t make sense! First you say my opinion is invalid because I probably don´t free enough mobs. And when I reply that I play a build that is very much capable of freeing and clearing entire armies, you claim that my opinion is invalid because it´s not a specific type of build. So what is it?! One or the other? It can´t be both you know, because that doesn´t make friggin´ sense.

So why don´t you come back when you have made up your mind? I mean, it isn´t my fault that you decided to play a get-in-the-face-of-the-mobs-build and you are incapable (either [Removed by Support] or due to a slow and unresponsive build) of moving out of the way of damaging abilities. That was your choice.

Again, I think it´s fine. And as long as this game is not called "Path of Melee" with only melee skills in it and no option for any form of ranged build to even exist, my opinion simply can not be invalidated because of the build I chose to play.

Oh and this:
Head_Less wrote:
it s not hardcore friendly

[Removed by Support]
IGN: AZDSparkle
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Azdrubel wrote:
...The spell is very well projected and leaves lots of time to dodge and while I obviously died to it a few times I now enjoy playing around it. I even think it is mostly fair when I die to it as that usually means I didn´t pay enough attention.
So please, leave the area-of-instant-death-spell alone, it is fine!

Kind regards

I'm playing Bladestorm Gladiator as my starting character and I can tell you there is no way I can see anything happening on the screen when I'm in Bloodstance (which is required for tougher mobs). Visual clusterfuck created by my Blood Bladestorm, Vaal Ancestral Warchief and multiple very intense enemy attack animations that are all colored very similarly (all red to dark red). There are 2 skills used by Legion rares that can deal crazy amount of damage or outright 1-shot me even in white maps.

So, no, do not ignore the clusterfuck that Legion is at the moment. This was supposed to be a patch for melee but melee is in more danger than ever before due to balancing changes to old content and how overtuned Legion content is. I will likely reroll to ED/Contagion because my clear speed will go up significantly, I do not have to be facing those angry mobs and I can have pretty much same level of survival as any melee other than Juggernaut.
Typical... Playing an I win build with over the top gear a few days into a league. Then come the play better crap...



Xystre wrote:
red wall of doom is fine.

[Removed by Support]

play better then!

see what I did there?
GGG tunes the game for the " pay to win" crowd and over the top builds. You see it every league. Within days folks are completely out fitted in higher end gear and trashing content.

Honest players with normal builds end up suffering...

Same shit occurs in out trade system. Bots run amok and honest players suffer.

After several weeks of bitching GGG tones it down a bit for the regular players.

Same shit different league...

Oh... Get Gud, play better, etc. Translates to pick an over the top build and play pay to win.


* why put your char on private if you have nothing to hide.... Just browse through poe ninja and look at the over the top gear days into a league. Path of pay to win...
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Azdrubel wrote:
The spell is very well projected

This statement is so obviously false and absurd that I'm surprised you can possibly believe it. POE is a visual clusterfuck. There are countless effects happening on screen and countless dangers to pay attention to. The human mind simply isn't capable of processing all that visual stimuli. We necessarily must give our attention to certain areas of the screen. This is a simple biological fact. We can become more skilled at knowing where to divide our attention, but it still must be divided.

What happens if your attention is on sector Y while an enemy runs on screen into a pack of monsters with flashy effects and casts his one shot death skill? You die. It doesn't matter if he spends a full second doing the chicken dance. If you can't see it, any signalling is irrelevant. We'll ignore the off screen one shots, since the signalling GGG uses doesn't matter when an enemy's off screen.

POE is filthy with this sort of thing. You'll have three Betrayal enemies to fight all at once, all with one shot attacks, all running and teleporting through a cluster of constantly spawning, effect-vomiting adds. What do you do if your DPS is low enough that you have to actually interact with the fight instead of skipping it? You die. No matter how many of the attacks are telegraphed, you simply can't read all those telegraphs.

Legion is fucked top to bottom in this way. It's the exact same visual failure as Betrayal.

You know what good signalling is? It's signalling that players can actually see and respond to. Vaal Oversoul's big slam is well signaled. Malachai's teleport is well signaled. In both of these cases, not only is the animation clear, there's also nothing else you're forced to devote your attention to. You're looking at sector Oversoul or sector Malachai instead of everywhere else at all the other one shot threats.

If GGG used their current approach and tossed a dozen Malachais into a single fight every zone like with Legion, even that very clear signal would suddenly fail to matter. Players would start to constantly miss these obvious signals due to the addition of other sectors they'd have to focus their attention on.

Instead of having effects like screen shake, loud sounds, or color changes, GGG exclusively relies on you focusing your attention on a specific monster. This is fine in a situation where the player can do that. Unfortunately, GGG creates far too many situations where the player simply can't. They're fighting themselves with their game design.

GGG's going to continue releasing failures like Betrayal fights and Legion fights until they learn from their current mistake and stop repeating it. My expectations are low due to the way they keep doubling down, though. I expect 3.0 to be even more of an unparsable visual clusterfuck than Legion.
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Azdrubel wrote:
Dear GGG,
The spell is very well projected and leaves lots of time to dodge

Sure, if you're one on one with just that caster it's telegraphed and easy to dodge.

But when the Legion mobs first become active, that massive cluster of mobs makes it impossible to see those casters at all.

Additionally, it seemingly does full one-shot damage as soon as it is cast with no delay. If it is cast on you while you aren't moving, even for a split second, you're dead.

On top of that, the wispy and ethereal nature of the animation, it's very hard to tell where exactly the damage area is. If you use a movement skill and one was cast off screen or as floated around unpredictably (as they do) and you happen to graze the edge of one you couldn't even see, you're dead.

The fact that it does one-shot damage is fine. The fact that someone you can't see can cast it on you and instagib you before you can move is not. Nor is the fact that you can move to somewhere off screen that was safe a short time ago and be dead before you land.

It needs a windup delay, and to be ticking damage, not an auto kill.

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