So do you think the freezes have been fixed?

Doing a Delve or a fat map with endgame builds made the game virtually unplayable last go round. You'd just freeze up or your abilities wouldn't register. I had to stop playing on console and hop on over to my PC acct.

We never got word one about how they even acknowledged that it was a problem. From what I understand Xbox players have been dealing with this for a few years now with no hope of ever getting a fix.

Are maps going to be another stuttering mess? Should I even bother with playing on console and just start up a character on PC (got a 2080 - may as well use it?)

hi ezra
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Unplayable the original Poster not out of act 1 yet 😢 Too many game freezes and lag bombs. Am using a high lvl connection and a xbox1x so there should be zero excuses for poor lazy bug testing before deploying. Did GGG employ all the old Fallout 76 testers that got laid off ? Cos it certainly feels like a Bethesda quality release.
Considering PC is having issues with certain skills. The best console is as good as the worse PC, you do the math.
The crashing is still a problem. The Legion monolith events seem to crash fairly often when certain rares are "released" during the event. The rares mobs themselves aren't the problem it seems, but their abilities. Unfortunately it's relatively hard to take notes in the heat of combat and it's random enough that it's a royal PITA to nail down.

Hopefully some hotfixes are in the works that will help with the current crop of crashes outside of the already known Dash desync crash while in groups.
Personally i think the dynamic graphics aren't working as intended... The resolution load for the game after teleporting to new area then insta freeze when combat starts does give a potential explaination... However why the DLC was released in this state is surprising, but how it got through xbox certification is staggering.
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I think I might've gotten really lucky.

Last night I got from act 1 to act 4, no freezes or crashes. I did get some backed up lag and rubber banding though

Last league I had all of that in the first 5 minutes.
I'm having insane lag spikes right now. Something like 2-3 second spikes once every 10-15 seconds if I'm in an area with enemies.

I know the difference between lag and desync. This is absolutely lag. My connection is 100 megabit downstream and it's not like I'm torrenting or watching netflix while I play so I don't think it's on my end, but I'm willing to try any suggestions to improve this.
I crashed once an hour when I was in Act 1 and the beginning of Act 2. After those, the game became much more stable and hasn't crashed much at all in later acts. There's been literally one or two crashes since then, but I seem to be able to play 10 hours straight without any problems now.
I have an xbox so I'm not really sure of PS Architecture. I know when I first picked the game up I would have pretty regular lag spikes or long load times that could lead to unresponsiveness during higher tier maps. I know people don't want to hear this as a solution but I picked up a 500MB SSD that I have POE and a couple of other games on and it has eliminated about 95% of the issues I was having before. I'll get the occasional stutter now if it's a particular juicy map with a multiple league mechanics going on. I've only experienced 3 crashes since legion started on one of those was because my internet was slowly dying. All in all it has helped tremendously.
+1 to hugely better performance on an xbox one x by getting an external ssd, playing pretty casually this leage so only in act 6 but haven't had any problems.

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