[3.14 viable]fire crit AoF Elemental Hit Ranger (All class)

quick 3.14 update.
Since this build does not use rage as a more "classic" EH bow build, this build is not affected by the chainbreaker nerf, just the harvest nerf make the build may be expansive. Primarily on crafting bow. But it also use 3 unique (helmet, chest and boots) so that save some currency (And i know the unique chest is expensive anyway)

Current gear in page 18. Sorry no starter gear guide is writtem

quick 3.11 update.

I have never massively use cluster jewel for this build and there is not much good passive for this build except chaos res. Not much skill point also to spare (or you can always go glass cannon route)

Quick check POB, Deadeye still has the strongest dps. but you can craft Tailwind on boot now (and i also posted the method to craft it without elusive variant) 3.12 edit: well. nerf hammer made that method obsolete

End of 3.10 league quick kill Sirus fail yet again for Deadeye since the class have ZERO elemental ailment immune

I would still recommended Raider with specific mod "You have Phasing while affected by Haste"
(edit 3.13, well, Raider now has built-in phasing for activating the ailment avoidance node)

to avoid shocked ground, and all other elemental ailment (from Raider's Avatar of the Veil passive skill). Sadly burning ground inflict burning and burning is not an ailment

PSA: I did not made this build, but uberdan

Here is another (somewhat outdated) guide for EH, attributing to uberdan

You can found Dan's build at his profile The character "DanWTBFossils" is a cold variant bow EH Scion, with fine tuned as HC deep Delver.

Thanks 99prosorc that made a written build guide in POE forum. But unfortunately you did not reply to that thread since December 2018, so i need to takeover to update the build

So Elemental Hit Bow build was just like collecting infinite gems for Infinity Gauntlet. If you don't have full set, or at least the Combat Focus and all 20/20 gems, it won't have the dps. Also, it is one of the build that constantly nerfed (Combat Focus change in 3.4, added damage value in 3.9)

If you want a starter build for HC , see havoc's video. Ziz also made a build guide for 3.7 but somewhat outdated on essence crafting bow part

In 3.8, mbXtreme's guide is different from mine. Ask him if his build was broken or not if not using "Farrul's Fur" as chest

Crafting beggar-level poor man starting bow


Step 1 : one set of 6L Short Bow cards (The Porcupine) and turn in the card set

Step 2: turn the bow to 1 mod magic by using Orb of Trans - any mod (1 prefix and 1 suffix is fine, but 2 prefix and 1 suffix is not fine)

Step 3: Turn it to 2 mod rare by using Regal -any mod: 1 prefix and 1 suffix or 2 suffix (scour and restart if 2 prefix 1 suffix)

Step 4: craft "cannot roll attack modifier" - cost 1 ex

Step 5: use the beastcrafting "add prefix and remove suffix" - cost a few c

Step 6: remove the crafted mod, add "+2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems" mastermind signature mod - 2ex

Step 7: buy a bricked lv 3 Empower

(no need to craft multimod, not worth it on ilvl50 short bow base as well as bad affix)

Cost 3ex and some c (the metamod and mastermind mod not included in the cost)

Crafting bow

+3 bow is not a must for this build, but +4 bow from fossil craft is a chase rare, or any synthesis base in perma standard market

So GGG kill off the +3 fire bow crafting when using essence since 3.8, but alternative +1 socketed gem prefix and +2 socketed supported gem mastermind crafting recipe is still available. But, in 3.9 GGG also killed multimod (only able to craft an additional 2 mods), so 5 mod v 6 mod does matter
Alt+Regal method

(ignore that bad mod poison mod, it has no use)

(this one drop naturally)
You just need:

Step 1 to 3:

alt + regel to 1 prefix + 2 suffix (1 good prefix such as ele damage T1; Must have 2 suffix before steps of ex slam (for getting "Paragon's" see below); you just need any suffix for beastcrafting "add prefix, remove suffix" BTW). Since 3.9, the top tier ele damage increased mod is ilvl 86 (87–100)% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills

Step 4: and then craft "cannot roll attack mod" (for getting "Paragon's" prefix)

Step 5: ex slam or Leo slam to get prefix "Paragon's". Alternatively, instead of ex slam, "add a prefix, remove a suffix" beastcrafting also work. Please don't use Shaper base in this method as there are other bow Shaper prefix that were not attack mod. While for the Elder base, since 3.9 have 2/7 chance to hit not desired "Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 10 Onslaught" instead

Step 6: craft can have multimod

Step 7: craft +2 socketed supported gem prefix (Mastermind veil mod)

Step 8: craft anything you like as last mod

Alternatively you can craft prefix cannot be change and scour after step 5.

Or you can always alt + regal to 2 prefix one suffix that one of the prefix is :"Paragon's". This times it is Shaper base friendly

List of good prefixes and suffixes (basic no influence base)

You need at least 2-3 combination of these to go to "cannot roll attack mod" + slam
T1 % increase elemental damage (ilvl86)
+1 to all gem (ilvl50?) so that you can skip "cannot roll attack mod" + slam

T1 attack speed
T1 crit chance
T1 crit multi

Here is legacy items that crafted from alt + regal. Note since 3.9 you cannot craft so many crafting mods (2 additinoals if not counting multi-mod metamod itself). While the double damage mod from Shaper base was nerfed in 3.9. But ele damage mod was buffed at the same time (old T1 50% at max, new T1 100% at max). Some craft mod are removed entirely as well

for 6L base, either use Imperial Legacy (new card since 3.7) or Bowyer's Dream (drop from the boss of Ashen Wood Map as of 3.6). Not that recommend for The Porcupine due to lower ilvl.

Imperial Legacy card set gave Imperial Bow with ilvl 100, aps 1.45, so it seem better option for getting T1 prefix when alt+regal, unless the card was expensive.

The Porcupine card set give you ilvl 50 base that would only essence craft / alt regal non-T1 prefix, but it have the highest aps (1.5).

For essence craft, crafting +3 fire bow was killed off.

Alternatively , since 3.9 it became an essence prefix mod that grant fire pen "Damage Penetrates (15–16)% Fire Resistance ". (nerfed from 20-24 , the values in 3.8)

It is not that bad compare to Shaper T1 prefix (introduced in 3.9, replacing shaper suffix that have the same function) or Delve T1 prefix "Damage Penetrates (12–15)% Fire Resistance" and Attacks with this Weapon Penetrate (9–12)% Elemental Resistances (both nerfed in 3.9) or normal T1 prefix "(87–100)% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills " But it need at least one annulment to have a enough space to go to the route "cannot roll attack mod". And since 3.9, only at most crafting 2 additional mod, unless you have god roll from expensive essence spam

Here is the legacy bow that craft from essence

Lastly it is a waste of money to buy or craft +3 "bow gem tag" bow as except the EH gem, not much gem benefit from bow gem tag. Unless you bought it to socket clear skill....

You can essence craft or alt +regal or "cannot roll attack mod" + ex slam to craft +3 bow gem tag bow anyway.

Gem setup

For the gem setup for single target in +3 bow (Catarina's signature mod), i would recommend

3R1B2G. 4 offcolor, ez to do it in Short bow but cost 100 or more chromatic to have the right color. Don't use jeweler method for pre-6L bow

For the last gem, instead of Empower you can use

(you can use lv4 Empower if you are able to afford it)

You can use 5 offcolor setup that replace slower projectile to other gem but it is way more expensive to craft 3W or traditional coloring methods

See also alt setup when socket single target in +8 helmet

You need to use clear skill to proc ignition to the monster, which this set up would geared in any helmet you like, or 6L chest if you don't use Kaom's Heart (see alternative setup for 6L gem setup for clear skill)

(since 3.9 the nerf in mirage archer, you can replace the support gem whatever you like such as chain, fire pen, etc.)


use haste (always on) + vaal haste in boss room


vaal grace if you think dps is enough and you need some defense

You can run the new aura introduced in 3.7 if you don't have mana problem as well as don't want to cast ice golem

Also, run relevant Purity of X aura (or other Aura) if you have relevant Watcher's Eye (see the mod pool here )

And here is the Sand stance setup inspired by kroovin in page 2


Lv4 enlighten, 20/0 Precision, Vaal Aura and normal counter part at 20/0, any lv Flesh and Stone (we don't need to switch stance)

Other utility skill, not essential to use


(if you don't use portal scroll since Neversink's strict filter did not shown portal scroll)

(golem die a lot BTW)

CWDT. Since 3.7 nerfed Immortal Call, i would say lv20 CWDT and Steelskin may work, but i haven't test it. Would wrote this part later.

Here is legacy CWDT setup that double dip Increased duration

Alternative setup
Alternatively, If you have legacy +3 Frostferno, or non-legacy but double corrupted (at least one +2 cold/fire/lighting/AOE(and etc. that relevant to EH skill) gem tag vaal implicit ) Frostferno

Use this 4-link setup in your Frostferno

And this for clear

You can swap Cold to Fire to gem such as

I don't cover much on using bot or other means to chill and use alt gem setup. Or using Aspect of Cat to stack charges for more dps. They work but also expensive. Also, i don't want to cover non-crit

for bot

use this

And swap out a support gem from single target

Gear: You need these
Helmet: any helmet if you use +3 bow as single target

A rare helmet craft using Fossil to have "Nearby Enemies have -9% to Fire Resistance" is good. Also Alva temple mod (or Warband) that taken physical damage as ele damage is also good defensively

For helmet enchantment: EH attack speed of uber lab

Alt setup

If you don't even want to use +3 Catarina's bow as starter,

+4 gem level Frostferno is an alt option, (or just throw one essence to 6L short bow to have +3 to "bow gem tag")

+6 helmet is on par with +3 Catarina's bow (IGNORE my lab enchantment, unfinished self-torture to farm EH enchantment), so if you have really good non-(+3) bow, you can switch single target to corrupted Frostferno or legacy Frostferno

(this one is self-corrupted , but ideally should use low ilvl helmet to corrupt)

For very very end game, look for double corrupted +8 helmet or even +10 from perma league


+3 bow (socket single target) + Frostferno/other helmet you like (socket clear skill)

Alt bow setup

Chin Sol (socket clear skill) + Frostferno (socket single target)


+3 bow (socket clear skill) + relevant double corrupt Frostferno or legacy Frostferno (socket single target)


Rare shaper double damage, ele pen bow (socket clear skill) + relevant double corrupt Frostferno or legacy Frostferno (socket single target)

(craft the last 1 mods anything you like. Some like nearby mod, some like unconditional attack speed, some like unconditional double damage mod)

You can use 2 bows and weapon swap but one bow is enough

BTW here is the legacy Chin Sol if you find one in perma standard



you don't need the vaal implicit but Corrupted Blood is a nice implicit if you find one. IGNORE the vaal implicit of my gear


Any jewel with 3 crit related rolls. EH have fire/cold/bow/projectile/lightning gem tag, so it count as fire/cold/bow/projectile/lightning skill. Also + strength is a good modifier as you need a lot of strength to equip Koam's Heart. Other generic good modifier would be life, attack speed or increase damage with bow

Watcher's Eye with relevant roll is powerful for attack/defense but it may be expensive.

Lethal Pride are powerful. I have this one that give 5% phys damage taken as fire, 5% double damage and reduced crit damage taken (10%)


The only chest you need , solid life roll.

Alt chest

Alt chest options would be

Alternatively, you can socketed wave of conviction or orb of storm curse setup in chest, by giving up life roll. Or you can run ToH Lighting Coil setup and cap res in other area and balance the res for Wise Ork, to have more defensive on Physical damage. For Loreweave, i would recommend legacy 80% res one. The weak spot of the build is on physical damage reduction/migration. But it is not a bad chest to have extra 6L.


Any alt regal rare glove , craft any res to cap your lowest res

Look for T1 attack speed or T1/T2 life or T1/T2 res



All-attack option (IGNORE the enchantment): top roll Gang's Momentum

defensive option


Any belt that cap your strength to equip Koam's Heart, as well as res and life rolls

But flask rolls are very good if you run flask


One life flask or hybrid flask if you need more defense and have mana problem (which usually you have very high dps and the mana leech is enough)

However, the unique flask from syndicate is really strong. You can find the crafted crit chance variant

Depends on your choice , if you able to balance your res, run ToH for more defense and Wise Oak for more dps

Or you can drop ToH, and run syndicate's flask, life flask, Wise Oak if you like

Essential crit flask for crit build

Any quicksilver flask depends on roll you like


End-game. One Taming and one other ring to cap res and accuracy . You only need Pyre for starter

I have shit roll ring just for capping res

Only use Taming as one of the last end game upgrade option, as it is expensive

Instead of Taming you can use Call of the Brotherhood, but since the ring did not have res roll except the implicit, you need to cap res somewhere else. Also, if you use Taming, you have more buffer to drop rare glove / belt / quiver for stuff such as Headhunter, two socket Tombfist and other stuff.


one and only option. AoF on skill tree is too far away so that it is not optimal. (you can use Yoke and Scion and AoF on tree but not recommend on ranger)


any rare Quiver that cap your res.

Expensive? min-max

Assassin's Mark can be obtained from shaper ring, either multi-craft one or buy a all T1 rolls Assassin's Mark ring

Alternatively, use Poacher's Mark ring


For helmet, if you have +3 bow as single target, those helmet that have Delve mod that decrease enemy's fire res is a good upgrade, but it would be too expensive to have a rare helmet that have that mod, as well as 2 to 3 other good mods

And of cause you can replace most rare i suggested as filler in this build to shaper / elder / temple mod / delve mod / synthesis rare that have relevant mod, but it is your time to research on those mod.

All i could say shaper double damage with crit multi thicket / short / imperial bow would be a good combo to +8 double corrupted helmet. But this combo cost a lot, as well as nerfed in 3.9

You can always replace the gem setup with Plus gem equivalent .
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Skill tree


Kill all for 2 passives at end game.

Help Alira if you struggled to cap res. She also gave +20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier as well as 5 Mana Regenerated per second



Aspect of Stone is a good Anointment for the amulet, since the weak spot of the build is lack of physical damage migration, unless you run Taste of Hate or Lightning Coil

Alternatively, flat -100 physical damage from hit (assume lv 90 character) by anointing Transcendence seem a good choice too

Lastly, Tenacity may be good for more dps, since from the tree we had more than 150% increase in life.

October 2019 edit: People also using Lava Lash, which "30% increased Fire Damage ", "Penetrates 8% Fire Resistance"

If you use catalyst and The Taming, make sure you use Turbulent Catalyst (elemental damage) which have 4 mods that benefit from the quality , instead of other catalyst that only benefit attack mod


Uber Elder 3.8

Using all non-legacy gear, no double corrupted, no timeless jewel, no Watcher's Eye, no Shaper/Elder rares, just +3 bow

Uber Elder (3.7)

forgive me to use legacy Chin Sol until i craft a gg rare bow. Also using legacy uncorrupted Frostferno which equivalent to non-legacy corrupted Frostferno with one +2 corrupted implicit mod (instead of +4 corrupted implicits)

Uber Atziri (3.7)
Almost same setup as Uber Elder fight just using Oskarm and Sibyl's Lament instead of generic rare glove and ring, overkill dps.

4-way battle (3.7, Deadeye)

Lost count of how many round/cycle. Using legacy gears for more dps, 3 jewels looted

Zana's Synthesis boss and map Rewritten Distant Memory (3.8, Pathfinder)

another blind run that did not google the boss mechanics before fighting. But viable for this build

Zana's Synthesis boss and map Twisted Distant Memory (3.8, Deadeye)

Yet another blind run. +3 bow setup and no double corrupted, no shaper/elder item, no Timeless jewel, no Watcher's Eye.

Zana's Synthesis boss and map Augmented Distant Memory (3.8, Deadeye)

Same setup as above, but with 10% physical damage taken as fire.

Depth 420 Ahuatotli, the Blind (3.8)

same setup with Uber Atziri

Fenumus, First of the Night (3.7)

Using all non-legacy gear. Using one double corrupted +6 (+4 from base item and +2 AOE gem) Frostferno and a 5L Chin Sol. Because it is my blind run due to rarity of the beast, i should avoid the spider web as well as way more chaos res. But this build is totally viable to the beast fight

Mastermind (3.7)
I admitted i have to learn how to trigger the explosion of the skeleton. Using all non-legacy gear, including 5L Chin Sol, +6 current roll corrupted Frostferno. Pathfinder. The fight would be less death if i notice the totem and AOE attack carefully , but not the problem of the build

T14 Veritania, the Redeemer (Awakening Level 4)

Pathfinder setup, so i immune to freeze during flask effect. It is a deathless run but unfortunately the bow is legacy (crafted in 3.8)



v1.0.0 [11 June 2019] initially written for 3.7 change
v1.0.1 [11 June 2019] change the gear section for ring
v1.0.2 [9 July 2019] fix error on the tree
v1.0.3 [25 July 2019] add alt. aura setup on
v2.0.0 [6 September 2019] Update tree to 3.8 and bow crafting
v2.0.1 [18 September 2019] Minor addition based on 3.8 new mechanics
v2.0.1.1 [9 October 2019] more anointment
v2.0.1.2 [15 October 2019] finally retire +3 fire bow gem setup and setup +3 Catarina's bow setup as default
v3.0.0 [13 December 2019] minor edit for 3.9

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Q: Cold/MF/Delve variant?

A: I don't have time to reverse engineering uberden's cold variant or made one from scratch (Primary problem: decide single target gems). Also, someone else had made a build already for 3.8.

See his thread here: [3.8] Brittleknee’s Cold Elemental Hit Deadeye for Magic Find - Ready for Blight

Q: Die a lot from regular Atziri?
A: Atziri have reflect damage, not only the mirror clone.

If you are deadeye, your chain arrows are deadly and potentiality hitting the mirror clone, so position yourself.

For all ranger build, consider to take out

at your LEFT ring slot . And may be Soul of Yugul pantheon if the reflected damage still hit you hard

Q: Why Pyre is not needed?

A: Pyre convert 40% cold to fire damage. But if you socketed your single target gem in Frostferno plus using AoF (from Xoph's Heart) you have 100% conversion already. Alternatively, if you use 6L with "Cold to Fire Support" setup, a lv23 CtoF gave you 32% of Cold damage as extra Fire damage . And the cold damage in calculation was pre-converted cold damage instead of after AOF and CtoF support (which is zero)

Also, ring is essential for this build to cap res. So, a three res ring plus Taming is better in end-game setup. Or two rare rings to cap res if you run Frostferno for single target.

You need Pyre only you don't have AoF and Frostferno. Or
your AoF+ 6L single target setup don't use CtoF (in some case you have very high crit to run crit gem / have lv4 empower or run Combustion as the sixth gem, etc ), AND somehow you run two unique rings (Pyre and Taming) and able to cap res.

Lastly, you can use Pyre for only the destroy corpse effect for special occasion like deep Delve

Q: Deadeye or Pathfinder and what is the dps?

A: For non-legacy gear, some T1 mod on rare, without double corrupted, Chin Sol point blank damage would be 2M shaper dps for my gear. However, it is a burst damage that rely on Vaal gem and flask and point blank and Tailwind (assume 1 skill is used), so it is pretty much unsustainable. Also, it is very slow as you can't sustain quicksilver flask.

(edit: haven't rewitten this part to compare the dps with +3 bow)

In the other hand, pathfinder have a halve dps (around 1M), except vaal skill that you may not able to sustain, you can pretty much always on the flasks which gave you perma boost on movement speed just like taliwind but also attack or defensive flask.

You can further chop my tree for deadeye to take none of the flask node and take all of the crit node for more raw damage and did not run any flask at all.

Or just one sentence. It depends on your preference.

Q: Have mana (and life leech) problem?

A: Make sure you have Lioneye jewel and placed in the right position. Alternatively, bring flask, or take the following nodes that was reworked in 3.7. You can just pick the first node for life and mana leech or pick all 3 nodes for more life leech

Q. Where to place Lioneye jewel

A. the jewel slot above Acrobatics and below the claw node (which would be converted to bow skill node)

Q. Where to place Combat Focus threshold jewels

A. the jewels need 40 strength and int for Crimson jewel (cannot chose Cold), as well as 40 Dex and strength for Viridian jewel (cannot chose Lighting), but you can have 40 Int in radius and zero strength to fulfill the threshold . So you can place the jewels like this: The jewel slot above claw nodes and the jewel slot below Acrobatics . (Alternatively one of the jewel can be placed in the jewel slot below the duelist area)

You can check they were placed correctly or not by unequipping Xoph's Blood (or unspec AoF from tree if you picked it). If you did not have AoF and your EH deal Fire only, then you are placing the threshold jewels right.

Q. POB for dps check?

A. I don't like to publish POB with gear, as POB had something wrong with Combat Focus, can't understand rare or unique enemy nearby, and you can't replicated 100% of my gear.

But since people had asked in youtube, here is two POB for legacy gear and non-legacy gear, and both did not tick vaal skill and power charge, or covered in ash. Only the conservative dps with flask on, nearby and ignited

Current gear

legacy gear

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thanks alot for the build and help ingame mate, thumbs up :)
guys i wanna start with this build , where can i found leveling guide?
about bandits gems or any help :)
GatheringToy wrote:
guys i wanna start with this build , where can i found leveling guide?
about bandits gems or any help :)

Sorry a rush to write a guide. But this build was quite starter unfriendly as a few items were expensive. (e.g. you need a set of card , some essences and 2 ex to craft a starter +3 bow). You can watch havoc's video to built the starter version of EH.

For bandits, kill all. (havn't test Alira is better or not due to crit buff for ranged build)
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Still testing how to make cold variant have a good single target
This is the start of forum signature: I am not a GGG employee. About the username: Did you know Kowloon Gundam is made in Neo Hong Kong?

quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"

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this build intressts me is it a good build too speed level too 100?
SJOrken wrote:
this build intressts me is it a good build too speed level too 100?

since you need a full set, it would only be tanky and high dps in your reroll character. Personally PF is more consistently in movement speed and flask up so it may be good to be reaching 100. But it had low evasion and this game now have so many bullshit one shot 6k life. So be cautious in playing.
This is the start of forum signature: I am not a GGG employee. About the username: Did you know Kowloon Gundam is made in Neo Hong Kong?

quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"

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Would a level 4 empower be better in double corrupted frostferno than fire pen or ele focus?

Also if you have a double corrupted frostferno do you need xoph ammy and/or the taming? i'm a bit confused
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