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Am I right in saying that all versions of shockwave share a cooldown? From what I can tell having two gems in separate link groups with different skills does not get you two separate cooldowns.
please make the animation a bit more obvious! or release some MTXs for $$$.
It would also be useful if some explanation were made concerning this skill and melee minions (Stone/Carrion golems, Zombies, ect).

I've linked it with zombies and I *DO* see it trigger now and then... but in the scrum it becomes impossible to keep track of. Do each of the zombies get a cooldown, or is it a global cooldown so only one zom gets to trigger it every cycle?

As other posters have stated; the subtle red ring is pretty not at all easy to see even without anything else going on. It needs a bit more... ooomph. Perhaps a small shower of rocks (like EQ) or such, or (if you want to keep it brief) a pop-flash that gains brightness toward the edge of the area. Since the animation seems to last about 0.1 seconds that would not be too much...
Patch Notes 3.15:
Fixed a bug where players believed the game was playable. This has been corrected and made retroactive.
Patch Notes 3.19:
Fixed a bug where players adapted to 3.15. This bug cannot be corrected, so we have implemented a 90% reduction in item access as a punishment.
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Everything you do is sub-optimal.
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In times when spells can be automatically cast in a million ways, it might be worth making Shockweave a separate skill, because linking it to the main skill is not worth it at the endgame, if it was a separate skill, it would not have to be linked to attaku, it would help melee playing under slow attack speed and attakami without or very little aoe.
I am very excited to see the changes to shockwave in action for the 3.11 patch (harvest). I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be a nice surprise to a lot of people in their builds in this new age of 2H.

More damage is great but hopefully the stored uses will trigger off of a single slam that hits many enemies and not just repeated attacks. However, it will now be {even more} elite for cyclone clearing with all that extra dps on tap.

I’d be interested to see how it interacts with General’s Cry and Earthshatter. Can’t wait for the update to go live.

The linked attack with general cry will be considered as triggered, so I imagine it cannot work with shockwave ?
Shockwave does not get the damage boost from Fortify support in tooltip. I know that shockwave does not trigger fortify buff, but i'm assuming that it will receive the damage boost because both gems have the melee tag. POB shows that it receives the damage boost, but no damage boost in tooltip. Which one is correct? POB or tooltip?
It does not receive damage boost, since fortify does not support triggered skills.

This is a remnant from the only triggered skills being vengeance, riposte and reckoning and they didn't want free fortify for nothing, however unreliable and reactive it was.

I think shockwave should get an exception for fortify if possible, since it has to be linked to another skill that actively hits and grants fortify anyways. Shockwave is already unfavoured since it cannot be exerted, but making it so that fortify is not a viable primary link for any skill also using shockwave in primary link just feels bad.

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