Close Combat Support

Been using this one with a 100% phys Starforge Cleave setup, alongside Pulverise, MPD, Brutality and Multistrike. It's a bit of a shame that it doesn't affect the tooltip DPS (neither does Multistrike currently), so it's hard to get a reliable idea of how much it actually helps, or if other options are better to use.
Lackluster out of close combat distance which is a very short distance. But it has a cool interaction with movement skills. Combat rush.

It's good for what it's meant to do. Combat rush duration should be doubled though.

Does not update the dps counter in game as far as i could see.
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Wish it would be red gem so it could be easly swaped for ancestrall call/ melee splash for bossing. Since it is efectively concentraded effect, it is useless gem for clear.
Hello dear staff,
I was just doing a double-strike build with vaal double-strike and as i was trying out the support-gems available for it i saw that close combat support disables vaal double strike (mostlikely cause of the minion-tag).
I think this wasn't intented as close-combat works with the normal double-strike.
And as i was writing, i just thought it could also be caused by the herald of purity effect i am running... but i am not sure about this...
Thanks in advance for your reply.
Kindly regards

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