Pillar of the Caged God. From A to Z. [3.10] (WiP)

Currently playing PotCG champion w/ cyclon.

I am breezing through any contents (red map crazy mods included), even the legion generals are not living quite long.

- Clearing speed in nice but not insane
- Good single target damage
- Almost unkillable, only died once in 5 levels due to innatention versus legion rare + crazy map mods.

Still got a lot of rooms for improvments : level & quality gems, missing strengh on rings, corruptions on uniques...

It might not be suited to be league starter tho. My build revolves around several uniques, and you need to get your res on only a fews piece.

100% recommand PotCG this league. This is clearly an underestimated item, yet super powerfull.

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I don't understand your English...
It is incentive, that writing better.

There are some excellent crafting tips in here regarding pillar. But There are some catastrophic flaws to this work in progress pillar plan. The pillar uses a decent amount of uniques that come with no resists. To compound that, you pick an ascendency which has no resists built (perfectly fine in itself)... but then every single item you suggest including every jewl is added flat.. and str... do you know what that will do on a character that is already starved for survivability and probably wearing an abyssus (for more phys damage incoming ) to boot?

I would like to point out reworking your suggestions and factoring in how to build resists into a pillar build because it is a fundamental problem to these characters.
Thank for your response.
Sure enough, increase resistance it is one of fundamental problem of ‘Pillar of the Caged God’-builds. We know about it, and if we will release all chapters, this misunderstanding didn’t arise (check "Notice").
But! Your message showed, that on current moment information in guide can be create confusions. We will deploy small clarification about defense in already released chapters. After release next chapter, you will see, that situation will get better.
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Sorry for long time without updates.
In current time we experimenting with different variants of formalisation, where information in guide was more clear and usable.
Also, we are pleased to see, that on forum created some new threads about ‘Pillar of the Caged God’-build. Despite we do not agree with a lot of information in their guides, but it is demonstrate, that ‘Pillar of the Caged God’-builds get approval from community Path of Exile.
"Well you see him, exile, shrink not from God."
I decided to do a bit of memeing around with this for fun, given your tree I slapped on some mirror-tier PoB items to get 20m shaper DPS.


Now, I would recommend using The Iron Fortress on more legitimate builds for the added str + the modifier
Strength's Damage Bonus instead grants 3% increased Melee Physical Damage per 10 Strength

Thanks for the fun! Have a good one.
@VisualBasic, Thanks for your suggestuons.
As we wrote earlier, "The Iron Fortress" is a viable choice. However, may exists other variants of the Body Armour for using in 'Pillar of the Caged God'-builds.

Thanks for the fun! Have a good one.

Thank You.
"Well you see him, exile, shrink not from God."

Passive Trees from 3.8.0 may be used in 3.9.0.
"Well you see him, exile, shrink not from God."
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