Pillar of the Caged God. From A to Z. [3.10] (WiP)

This guide composed from 5 chapters, where every next directed on more interested players. In this way, chapter 1 interesting with all users (found guide by accident and purposefully), chapter 5 - for real conception-fanatics, who want to know our history.

Our first ideas about that build was started from 1.0.0 version of the game. At first we assumed that we gonna complete this guide entirely, before the 3.7.0 was released. It's would look pretty symbolical, if only we was able to release this before the league that mostly focused on melee rework, considering that "Pillar of the Caged God" was never considered as a "strong" unique item.

But, due to the large amount of work we failed to complete it in time and this make a lot of info in this guide not relevant. For that reason we was make a decision to release only 2 chapters from 5. Other ones gonna be released during "Legion" update.

For creators of this guide English is not native language. Sorry for a possible mistakes. So if you can offer an improvements feel free to do it in comments.


Patch Notes
Passive Tree Changes

Significant Changes (for build)
Gem "Ground Slam" and "Vaal Ground Slam" no longer has added Flat Physical Damage.

But! Gem "Perforate" now has added Flat Physical Damage.

Warcry Notables from Cluster Jewels are changed and rebalanced. But Notable "Provocateur" don't changed.

Notables "Fuel the Fight" and "Martial Mastery" don't changed.

"Call to Arms" is now Keystone (instead Notable).

Jewel "Split Personality" is now limited to 2.

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(include update 'Gearing'-links for Blight Challenge League).
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Q: Why you don’t use [Unique Item Name]?
A: In one of the sections Chapter 4 we shall focus in detail on the are potentially useful Unique Items. In the current moment notably 2 facts:
- using of the Rare Items provides a compromise among of maximum combat effectiveness and of balance defensive mechanics;
- using of the Rare Items provides more “flexibility” in future build planning.

Q: Why you don’t use Timeless Jewel?
A: In same section Chapter 4 we shall focus in detail on all aspects of the Timeless Jewel. On this moment, we all very suspicious with mechanics of working and situations with regard to the trading.
A: Update (07.04.2020). We have some problems wth prepare "Chapter 4" for publishing.

Q: Why show Amulets at first and (are later) Talismans at second (but they are clearly better)? May be better show Talismans instead Amulets?
A: We consider, that approach give understanding of the reasons for choosing Items (and reasons, on which Talismans better). Also, this means avoiding of difficulties in case, if Talismans are not available (no longer for sale or budget does not allow it to sale).
A: Update (07.04.2020). We have some problems wth prepare "Chapter 4" for publishing.

Q: Why you don’t listed values of offense/defense and pros/cons?
A: Although, it this moment we are review only one of conception of ‘Pillar of the Caged God’-builds - we are planned to consider some other conceptions at later. For that reason we don’t listed any values of offense/defense and pros/cons.

Q: Resistance is one of the most important problems of ‘Pillar of the Caged God’-builds, but I don’t really see this in thread.
A: Chapter 2 sections “Concept” and “Items”.

Q: Why you don’t use Cyclone?
A: Exist many threads of the ‘Pillar of the Caged God’-builds, which used Cyclone and channeling mechanics. They show is set to a different of the combat results. We recognize, that gem “Cyclone” is a valuable and strong choice for ‘Pillar of the Caged God’, but we would not have considered it necessary to review this conception on current day.

Q: Why thread don’t have a video?
A: It is a complex problem. We don’t have much more of time. And we don’t have time on setting, preparation, footage and assembly of video. Also, this makes it harder to actualization of builds - we are going to need of create a video instead of change PoB-link and text descriptions.
On current moment we prepared small channel for streaming build gameplay after release expansion 3.8.0. Link will be published later.
A: Update (07.04.2020). On current moment we have prepared small channel for streaming gameplay, but they rarely did. We look the other ways for gameplay representation.

Q: Are you reached 100 level with this build?
A: No. None of us will ever be achieve 100 level with any build. Regrettably, we don’t have much more of time.
Although, in Challenge League “Incursion” we are reached 95 level with ‘Pillar’-build.

Q: Why in this thread is not represented “min-max”-version of this build?
A: We consider, that:
- is impossible (exist many variants and methods for the optimization of the build);
- is not required (you cannot be replicate that result).

Q: You have other builds (don’t ‘Pillar’)?
A: Yes. But on the current moment we are publish only ‘Pillar of Caged God’-builds.

Chapter 1. Examples of builds

Within each expansion from Original Game we created build in same challenge league. In this chapter given most apposite and recently results.
You can be download archive with 'xml'-files of builds, in case PoB-links in the spoilers don't worked: link.


Class/Ascendancy: Marauder/Juggernaut
Bandits: Alira
PoB-link: https://pastebin.com/eqhbneCP


Class/Ascendancy: Duelist/Champion
Bandits: Alira
PoB-link: https://pastebin.com/KgBArRZR


Class/Ascendancy: Duelist/Champion
Bandits: Alira
PoB-link: https://pastebin.com/54c847un


Within expansion “Synthesis” (3.6.0) we also create ‘Pillar of the Caged God’-build, but he it was not completed.


Class/Ascendancy: Duelist/Champion
Bandits: Alira
PoB-link: https://pastebin.com/2GircG2k


We are started at "Marauder/Juggernaut" (on ~70 lvl respec points to "Marauder/Berserker").

Class/Ascendancy: Marauder/Berserker
Bandits: Alira
PoB-link: https://pastebin.com/VLbUb7Ts


It is a 'Boss-fight'-League and a more reliable Ascendancy-classes use, such a:
- Marauder / Juggernaut;
- Duelist / Champion.

Class/Ascendancy: Duelist/Champion
Bandits: Alira
PoB-link: https://pastebin.com/mnt1nbkM


Before use Annoit "Whispers of Doom"
Class/Ascendancy: Duelist/Champion
Bandits: Alira
PoB-link: https://pastebin.com/d4SZZp6S

After use Annoit "Whispers of Doom"
Class/Ascendancy: Duelist/Champion
Bandits: Alira
PoB-link: https://pastebin.com/iEcGzvGY

Some changes and tweaks (without Annoit "Whispers of Doom")
Class/Ascendancy: Duelist/Champion
Bandits: Alira
PoB-link: https://pastebin.com/0kT34Dkx

We consider, that using "Whispers of Doom" was not profitable.
Second curse may be have siginificant increase DPS, but other Notables (like as "Serpent Stance" or "Titanic Impacts") such more cost-effective.
"Well you see him, exile, shrink not from God."
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Chapter 2. Basis

Description of the main concepts and basic principles of 'Pillar of the Caged God'-builds working.


The basic principle of the concept is that in increasing a Base Attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence) for boost combat effectiveness. So, relative to it is initial bonuses per Attributes, character with the Staff receive:
a) for each 20 Intelligence:
+10 Maximum Mana (+1 per 2 Int);
4% Increased Energy Shield (1% per 5 Int);
1% Increased Area of Effect for each 20 Intelligence;
b) for each 10 Dexterity:
+20 Accuracy Rating (+2 per 1 Dex);
2% Increased Evasion Rating (1% per 5 Dex);
1% Increased Attack Speed for each 10 Dexterity;
c) for each 10 Strength:
+5 Maximum Life (+1 per 2 Str);
18% Increased Melee Physical Damage (1% per 5 Str + 16% per 10 Str).

About Offensive
Mechanics of the ‘Pillar of the Caged God’-builds are similar on the ‘Facebreaker’-builds. It means, that Added Physical Damage most effective for increasing Damage. You can lean Added Physical Damage on following items for success (more information in section “Items”):
- Amulet;
- Rings;
- Belt;
- Gloves.
Besides, that Pillar of the Caged God define is a Weapon (unlike Facebreakers) - he may be used more Main Attack Gems, requirement a Weapon. Also, he have summary a 24 sockets for gems (vs 21 for ‘Facebreaker’-build).

About Defensive
Resistance it is a fundamental problem of the ‘Pillar of the Caged God’-builds. Choosing rare items, you also receiving resistance from elemental damage (in ideal situation - also from chaos). You can lean resistance on following items for success (more information in section “Items”):
- Rings;
- Belt;
- Gloves;
- Body Armour.
You don’t lean on amulet for receive elemental resistance, because all Suffixes on item will be busy with Attributes mods.

Chaos resistance don’t paramount in builds context. Additionally - fully upgraded Soul of Arakaali simplify problem with Defense from Chaos Damage and Damage over Time.

Additionally, we recommend receive some resistance with Passive Tree, and also choose Alira in quest “Deal with the Bandits” (more information in section “Passives”).


Definition of gems is one of the most important stages in building. Despite oh this, you will be revise it stage at the Passive Tree planning or Items choosing. Although, that is conditional division - with the gems are beginning of the process of are most Builds creating.

About Active Main Attack Gem
After release 3.8.0 patch notes gem “Cyclone” receive a massive reduce Flat Physical Damage and now don't exist a most optimum choice.

Based on different information from patch notes and practice tests, we expect that following gems can be add in list with “Double Strike”, despite “Double Strike” will remain good choice:

About Support Main Attack Gem
After release 3.7.0 some support gems had been partly or entirely changed. For example, in builds context, "Multistrike" has lost it is leading position in the Main Attack Link.
On our opinion, exists a unified set of support gems, which can be used (without unusual Main Attack Link combinations):

Last three gems improve effectiveness of your combat Area. That is directly affects the efficiency of battles with many groups of enemies and, as a result - clear speed on the maps and the special objects (such as Breach and Breachstone, Incursion, Monolith).

a) Use "Melee Splash" for gems, do not have initial Area of Effect (this gems have tag “Strike”):

b) Use "Pulverise" and "Shockwave" for gems, which have initial Area of Effect:
- "Pulverise" will significantly increase damage at the current Area, but additionally decrease Attack Speed;

- "Shockwave" will significantly increase current Area of Effect.

About Environment Links
Besides main attack link in build, as in most others, apply "environment links" (etc. "Leap Slam" + "Faster Attacks"). Aim of these link may be different - second attack, movement link, link for sustain complex mechanics.
On our opinion, exists a unified set of ‘mana reservation’-gems, which can be used (without unusual Main Attack Link combinations):

Use Precision 1-3 levels to receive additional Chance to Hit, if you are have low unreserved mana (less than 100). Using of combination at the

“Blood and Sand” + “Maim”

have shown high effectiveness in the combat practice.

You may notice, that out there missing is Pride. Despite on the all his high popularity, on our opinion Pride nor is it as effective as it could be. The main reason - requirements of the waiting of more 4 seconds, that then to receive solid buffs. It leads with the following difficulties:
- Change of the comfort playstyle. This means that if you plan to inflict maximum damage, then you will need activate Flasks/Vaal Gems/Focuss after 4 seconds of waiting in combat (example, buffs like “Adrenaline” difficult activate safely after starting battle);

- Staying to close at enemy. Area of gem not as large and to receive buffs you will need staying as close to enemy. Many of Endgame Bosses have high mobility (although that are their have difficulties by most players). Also, it lead to staying at close enemy range (even if you can be attack their on significant distance);

- Direct efficiency. Although “Pride” may be more effective (under the 4 seconds condition) - combination of “Herald of Ash” + “Herald of Purity” provide the more stable Damage and Area of Effect for are same mana reservation. Also “Herald of Purity” create additional defensive moment at the form of Purity Minions, which divert in part some attacks of enemies.

Also, we prepared some Environment Links in case, if you have difficulties or you find ready-on-use variant. All combinations listed below, were successfully tested in theory and practice situations.

After release 3.7.0 calculation principle of status “Stun” has been changed. Skills, which guaranteed inflict this status (etc. "Vaal Ground Slam") don’t be affected.
Melee damage is now treated as having dealt +25% damage for the sake of calculating Stuns.
Elemental and Chaos damage is treated as having dealt -25% damage for the sake of stuns. This is additive with the Melee damage stun bonus, so a purely Elemental or Chaos or mixed non-physical Melee hit will see no change to previous Stun behaviour.


Environment Links can be used as Second Attack Link.

"The Boys" (thanks for naming, Mathil).

It contrast to many other Attack gems - "Vengeance" depend on Cooldown Recovery Speed instead Attack Speed. This mean is "Vengeance" don’t affected from Pulverise debuffs with Attack Speed. Apply of "Bloodlust" implies fact, that you previously inflict Bleeding on enemy.


Environment Links can be used for sustain complex mechanics.

For automatic placements of the Curse on enemies. We are use "Assassin’s Mark", but you can be apply any other Curse-gem (good choice - Warlord’s Mark).

Unlike combination “Cast when Damage taken” + “Curse” , the variant listed above allows placement Curse at all time, since a don’t required of the many incoming damage.

For generate of the Power-charges against many groups of enemies and single targets.

For generate of the Endurance-charges against many groups of enemies.

This gem grants significant buffs on small period and can be used for faster burst and kill rare and unique monsters. Considering impressive buffs from gem “Rage” - positive synergy appear by decision.

'Non-swap'-links for improved movement (we are recommend have Quality on "Dash"/"Faster Attacks"/"Second Wind".


Environment Links can be used in weapon swap.

Manually Adrenaline (Champion only).

Chain Hook for the movement (using One-Handed Axe or Sword in the swap-slots).

Culling Attack.

About Quality and Level
In build context, very little of the gems can be provide significant positive results at the increasing quality. In many cases, the more profitable a ignore gem quality and receive the gem with level 21 (instead of “20/20” or “21/20”).
Only a short list of the few following gems it makes sense to the obtain with “20/20”, “21/20” or “21/23”:
- Curse on Hit;
- Any Curses;
- Vengeance;
- Vaal Ground Slam (if you use him for Stun enemies);
- Double Strike / Vaal Double Strike;
- Gems in Movement-Link ("Dash"/"Faster Attacks"/"Second Wind").
In other cases we recommend to receive gem “20/0” or “21/0” (for the safety time and currency).


Preparation of the Passive Tree is one of the most important stages at building. In many situations this allows increase positive and decrease negative aspects.

Passive Tree Planning

Step 1. Choose Bandit
In confrontation, during the events of the quest “Deal with Bandits” (Act 2), on following side of the conflict:
- Oak,
- Kratyn,
- Alira,
- Eramir.
we recommend to choose Alira or Eramir.

Bonuses from Oak, in build context, are to weak. Kratyn although can be used, too situational. Alira allows is a good choice from are fundamental resistance problems, also her bonus increase combat effectiveness (conditionally 2 Eramir’s points). Eramir, in that case, provide at more flexibility in Passive Tree planning.

Step 2. Pick Up Nodes and Notables
Although that build it is independent from any Ascendancy - should be considered are some important moments.
Pursuing a question about elemental resistances, we recommend receive some nodes with elemental resistance from the Passive Tree for “reduce the burden” on equipment Items.
Also, should be considered Pillar of the Caged God mechanics with Attributes. Each node with “10 Strength” give “18% Increased Physical Damage”. That is make choice non-profiling notables (like “Destroyer”) much less effective.
When allocating node and notables we can be orientate on following values (without Items and Jewels):
- 110-113 points;
- 500-600 Strength;
- 165-195% Increased maximum Life;
- 125-150% Increased Armour (while you using Armour);
- 250-300% Critical Strike Multiplier;
- 30-40% All Elemental Resistance;
- 5-7 Jewel Sockets.

Prepared Passive Tree
We prepared some Passive Tree in case, if you have difficulties or you find ready-on-use variant.
Passive Trees categorized as appropriate to Ascendancy and include:
- Main Attack Link;
- a short description are playstyle;
- PoB-Link with planning points for a different levels (conditionally 60/70/80/90);
- PoB-Link with points on 90 and budget gear (activated all possible access to the use buffs and selected “Shaper” as enemy in damage calculation).

"Sweep" / "Vaal Ground Slam" + "Melee Physical Damage" + "Chance to Bleed" + "Rage" + "Pulverise" + "Fortify"

Using “Vaal Ground Slam” (even if you use “Sweep” in Main Attack Link) for Stun and Taunt are the stronger enemies. Manually activate Adrenaline before the boss battles.

PoB-Link (points for levels): https://pastebin.com/qCCHwjqR
PoB-Link (gear): https://pastebin.com/LHZ27yzS

"Sweep" / "Vaal Ground Slam" + "Melee Physical Damage" + "Chance to Bleed" + "Rage" + "Pulverise" + "Fortify"

Using “Vaal Ground Slam” (even if you use “Sweep” in Main Attack Link) for Stun are the stronger enemies.

PoB-Link (points for levels): https://pastebin.com/bE8WzSkX
PoB-Link (gear): https://pastebin.com/s3MSj5ka

"Sweep" / "Vaal Ground Slam" + "Melee Physical Damage" + "Chance to Bleed" + "Rage" + "Pulverise" + "Fortify"

Using “Vaal Ground Slam” (even if you use “Sweep” in Main Attack Link) for Stun are the stronger enemies.

PoB-Link (points for levels): https://pastebin.com/7ea2nkvs
PoB-Link (gear): https://pastebin.com/J7sRTDQh

Why is equipment listed above (in the PoB-Links) are cheap and good for use?
This Items have be found are 08.10.2019 (on 5-th week after league starting). Criteria for the search and selection of Items (more information in section "Items"):
- trader online in the moment of searching;
- if trader offline - Item pup up to sale no later than 1-2 a weeks ago.

Total cost: ~108 Chaos Orbs.

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11ShyK_8rC1vxrUV9UNoDo8bEHN0q8-g8


In builds context, does not exist of special secrets or hidden mechanics. Choose Gods from the Pantheon depend on your preferences. More information about Gods and their Powers/Power Upgrades on the same page on wiki.
Our opinion on the usefulness of Gods.

Major Gods
Among Major-gods worth considering is Araakali as effective method for defense from ‘Chaos Damage’- and ‘Damage over Time’-types of damage taken.

Minor Gods
Among Minor-gods can be used:

- Shakari (Upgraded) - for defensive from Poison;

- Ralakesh (Upgraded) - for defensive from Maim and Blind (particularly if you depend on Critical Strikes and Accuracy);

- Ryslatha (Upgraded) - for improvement recovery life with combination “Panicked Divine Flask”.
NOTE! Low life - is life below 35% of maximum life.


Recommend Gems
Exists many suitable combination of main link gems, largely depend from preferences certain player. For example:

In Act 1:

“Ground Slam” + “Added Fire Damage” + “Chance to Bleed” + “Ruthless”

After Act 2:

“Ground Slam” + “Melee Physical Damage” + “Chance to Bleed” + “Ruthless”

"Precision" increase your Global Accuracy in the process of leveling. "Herald of Ash" good improve of the effective Area of Effect (particularly in the absence of the Links in Items at leveling). Use "Enduring Cry" (as a source of Endurance charges) and "Steelskin" for the fix "spaces" of character defense.

Beneficial Items
Despite leveling is possible with any items - list of following items provide stable DPS on throughout the Base Plot (Act 1-10) and first Maps (T1-T2) without additional difficulties.

- allows significant increase All Attributes, than don’t difficulty with this. However, main affix is “Strength”, and in this position yet ~35 lvl Astramentis may be change on rare Amulet;
- good variant, if may be used any projectile gem in main link (example “Molten Strike”);
- viable alternative for “Giantsbane” (specially if don’t use projectile gems);
- out of competition at leveling character. Have beneficial, in build context, affixes (although in small values), early available in level and regarding cheap;
- simple and effective defense from physical damage. After Act 4 the focus of types of incoming damage from the enemies has shifted to elemental damage. That is make to using a rare Body Armour is more preferable.


NOTE! Items, submitted in this section, specially don’t have a top-tier mods.


Regardless, of the build purpose - exist constant list of core-items.

- weapon, on the mechanics of which based all variations of builds. Without this item - build not able exist.
- despite on located in this list, just very successful combination of demand parameters in build context. His most important parameter is “#% Increased Strength” (from 15% to 18%). However, if tomorrow will appear item, able surpass Alberon’s - they may quickly lose position in this list.
- in build context, most valuable items,
combined damage boost and beneficial combat mechanics.


Theory and practice experiments shown, that Armour Rating is good choice for defense from incoming physical damage (even with multiple damage taken from Abyssus). If Abyssus is used, these Items would fit you:
a) Red Base:
- Golden Plate;
- Crusader Plate;
- Astral Plate;
- Gladiator Plate;
- Glorious Plate;
b) Hybrid (Red&Green) Base:
- Dragonscale Doublet;
- Desert Brigandine;
- Full Dragonscale;
- General's Brigandine;
- Triumphant Lamellar;
c) Green Base:
- Destiny Leather;
- Exquisite Leather
- Assassin's Garb
- Zodiac Leather.

NOTE! Keystone “Iron Reflexes” may be used for convert Evasion Rating to Armour. Despite on fact, that Green Base affected Keystone - it is not optimal variant from potential difficulties with re-color sockets.

Significant Affixes:
a) Red Base:
- “Armour”;
- “Increased Armour”;
- “Strength”.
b) Hybrid (Red&Green) Base:
- “Armour/Evasion”;
- “Increased Armour/Evasion”;
- “Strength”.
c) Green Base:
- “Evasion”;
- “Increased Evasion”;
- “Strength”.

NOTE! After release 3.7.0 mechanic of working Dense Fossil has been nerfed. It means, that crafting rare Body Armour with 3000+ armour rating will become again non-trivia.



Gloves, similarly Amulets and Rings, appear main source Flat Physical Damage. Item Base type and tier not important and depend trade offers and your preferences.

Significant Affixes:
- “Adds Physical Damage to Attacks”;
- “Strength”.

Beneficial Affixes:
- “Attack Speed”;
- “Accuracy Rating”.



In build context, most interesting (among other type of belts) have base "Stygian Vise".
Example: Abyss Jewel with following parameters:
“Adds 5 to 8 Physical Damage to Attacks ” (Tier 1),
“Adds 6 to 9 Physical Damage to Staff Attacks” (Tier 2),
provide 11 to 17 (Avg. value = 14.0) Flat Physical Damage.

That surpass “Meginord’s Girdle” (5 to 15; Avg. value = 10.0). Additionally, availability for craft, reforge and enhance does rare Stygian Vise most appropriate and optimal variant for this build.

NOTE! With announcements patch notes 3.7.0 has been confirmed nerfed of Abyss Jewel ‘Flat Damage’-mod power. Based on this, information about calculation submitted above is not actual.
Despite on this, we continue to assert, that may be used "Stygian Vise” + Abyss Jewel is most potential, where other belt base or Meginord’s Girdle.

Significant Affixes (Belt):
a) in case, if used “Abyssus”:
- “Strength”;
- “Armour” (or “Armour/Evasion”)
b) in case, if don’t used “Abyssus”:
- “Strength”.

Despite on this fact, that affix “Armour” listed are significant - not in all cases have opportunities receive belt with high values. In this case possibility:
- used Crafting Bench;
- find trade offer with lowest value of affix;
- failure from affix (don’t recommended).

Abyss Jewels
For Abyss Jewel required base type “Murderous Eye”.

Significant Affixes (Abyss Jewel):
- “Adds Physical Damage to Attacks” (Suffix; Tier 1);
- “Adds Physical Damage to Staff Attacks” (Prefix; Tier 2 or Tier 1).

Beneficial Affixes (Abyss Jewel):
a) Prefix:
- “Armour”;
- “Evasion” (if you use Keystone “Iron Reflexes”);
- “maximum Life”;
b) Suffix:
- “Strength”;
- “All Attributes”;
- “Attack Speed”;
- “Accuracy”;
- “Global Critical Strike Multiplier”;
- “Strength and Dexterity” (“Strength and Intelligence” as viable alternative).


Current Abyss Jewels:

Legacy Abyss Jewels (pre 3.7.0):


Rings, similarly Amulets and Gloves, appear main source Flat Physical Damage.

Regarding about Amulets - Item Base type it has an important role. The most optimal base type listed in decreasing order of importance:
1. Steel Ring;
2. Iron Ring;
3. Diamond Ring;
4. Opal Ring;
5. Prismatic Ring, Ruby Ring, Sapphire Ring, Topaz Ring, Two-Stone Ring (all colors).

When choosing rare Ring in first worth navigating on Item Affixes and only after - on Base Type. In case, if Ring with required Affix don’t have trade offers - change Item Base type according to the above List.

Significant Affixes:
- “Adds Physical Damage”;
- “Strength”.



Amulet, similarly Gloves and Rings, appear main source Flat Physical Damage. Additional amulet role is increases more parameter “Strength”, and (in ideal situation) - All Attributes.

Regarding about Rings and - Item Base type it has an important role. The most optimal base type listed in decreasing order of importance:
1. Onyx Amulet;
2. Amber Amulet;
3. Agate Amulet, Citrine Amulet;
4. Turquoise Amulet;
5. Lapis Amulet, Jade Amulet;
6. Marble Amulet, Blue Pearl Amulet, Coral Amulet, Paua Amulet.

When choosing rare Amulet in first worth navigating on Item Affixes and only after - on Base Type. In case, if Amulet with required Affix don’t have trade offers - change Item Base type according to the above List.

Significant Affixes:
- “Adds Physical Damage”;
- “Strength”;
- “All Attributes”.

Beneficial Affixes:
- “Global Critical Strike Multiplier”;
- “Maximum Life”.



Using Jewels allows more flexibility at the planning and building. In contrast with Nodes and Notables of the Passive Tree, Jewels allow faster and easier adaptation in the form of the small changes. And the more will be available to you, even more you will be able to changes to situation.

Jewels can be used at the “DPS Booster”.
Example: Jewel with following Affixes:
"3% Increased Attack Speed",
"6% Increased Attack Speed with Two-Handed Melee Weapons",
"7% Increased Attack Speed with Staves",
similar to all circle of nods “Berserking” (16% in Jewel vs 18% in Circle). In the reason - quality and quantity using Jewels has an important role.

Jewels can be applied for the “delete space” with the Life and Mana Leeches instead of use Rings and/or Amulet (important role these Items - increase Flat Physical Damage and parameter “Strength”).
Optimal values of Life and Mana Leech for builds ~ 0.5 - 1.0%.

Jewels may help at increasing of combat survivability.
Example: Although with decreasing of combat effectiveness, each Jewel can provide following affixes:
- +# Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence/All Attributes;
- #% increased maximum Life;
- +#% Fire/Cold/Lightning/Elemental/Chaos Resistance.

Therefore, for each Jewel you can be receive (at maximum rolls of values on Affixes):
- 7% increased maximum Life;
- +24 Total Strength (+16 Strength and +8 All Attributes);


- +20-30% Elemental Resistance in variety of combination;


- +7-13% Chaos Resistance.

For maximum increasing combat effectiveness from Jewel required Item Base Type “Crimson Jewel”.

For damage-boost and Mana Leech affixes at the same Jewel required Item Base Type “Viridian Jewel”.

For additional combat survivability you can be use Jewels of any types.

Beneficial Affixes:
- “Increased Attack Speed with Staves”;
- “Increased Attack Speed with Two-Handed Melee Weapons”;
- “Increased Attack Speed”;
- “Critical Strike Multiplier”;
- “Strength”;
- “All Attributes”.



Pure Talent - jewel, allowing receive massive buffs, in case you picked started node in the definite class. Most interesting appear started node Duelist, Marauder and Scion.
With low cost this jewel becomes good choice in context this build.

Alternative variants of defense in case, if you use “Abyssus” and don’t used (for any reason) rare Armour (values of Hybrid (Red&Green) and Green Base required convert with Keystone “Iron Reflexes”):
Cospri’s Will , Hyrri’s Ire , Yriel’s Fostering (Ursa) , Daresso’s Defiance , Cherrubim’s Maleficence

Alternative variants of defense in case, if you don’t use “Loreweave” in combination “Lightpoacher/Hale Negator + Loreweave”:
The Perfect Form , Shroud of the Lightless

Oskarm + The Tactician - tested time in practice combination of Items (particularly at shortage trade offer with rare Gloves and Belts).

The Brass Dome - in build context it is good variant in case, if you don’t planned employ Block Chance as defensive mechanic. Despite, existing methods craft, reforge and enhance rare Body Armour (despite nerf of Dense Fossil) is more promising.

Iron Fortress - although 60-120 parameters “Strength” and possibly increase looks attractive, this variant much reduced effective Chance to Block Spells. Besides, this item have mediocre Armour Rating.
Similarly Brass Dome - in current moment existing methods craft, reforge and enhance rare Body Armour (despite nerf of Dense Fossil) is more promising.

The Warden’s Brand - reviewed separately, how it may seem acceptable (particularly beginners players). This bad and non-optimal variant! Affix “30% Less Attack Speed” significant reduces DPS, even despite on "monstrous" Flat Physical Damage of item.

Deidbellow - simple alternative, if don’t have “Abyssus”, “Lightpoacher” or “Hale Negator” (especially a challenge league started recently).
"Well you see him, exile, shrink not from God."
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Chapter 3. Enhanced Items

Сhapter, designed to improve of "quality" of the used Items instead of "quantity". Thus, while in the chapter may be considered Items for are effective "parameters stacking", main objective is to prepare a open review of the hidden mechanics and synergies.


First appeared in the Challenge League “Talisman”, described in detail on the same page. Among existing types of Talismans, in the build context, most interest is “Three Rat Talisman”.

Example: Implicit parameter “12-16% Increased All Attributes” already at 800 Strength may be given 96-112 Strength. It that makes Item is a most powerful in non-regular Leagues.

Significant Affixes:
- “Adds Physical Damage”;
- “Strength”;
- “All Attributes”.

Example of Talismans:

In weaknesses of this Item should include:
a) being in talisman have status “corrupted”. It that make impossible any craft, reforge and enhance;
b) in this moment can be obtained 2 following methods:
- find in the Delve location;
- using Jorgin’s Workbench in the Syndicate Research Safehouse (convert rare Amulet into Talisman; more information in Betrayal Investigation guide).


Although the many of used items can be typically, may be not obvious variants and combinations of equipment.

A important aspect it is ability of evaluation of the theoretical and practice benefits from using of the Item, which should be eventually created or buyed.

"Item/Affixes with practice benefits" - Item of Affixes provides significant increases of the build effectiveness if are fulfilled all following conditions:
- doesn't require the use few other Item with the same affixes (for the “stack” effect);
- could be afford to purchase;
- may be neglected a few other affixes, when any attempt is made to a similarly copy (without losing of effectiveness).

In other cases - is a “Item/Affixes with theoretical benefits” (efficiency gains has not been commensurate with the scale of investment).

Full list of the Item affixes: link.


First added in the expansion 3.4.0 “Delve”, Fossils has modified at qualitative side of methods of the create, craft and reforge of Items. Each Fossil have a some highly specialized modifiers, that is a similarly as Essence. Although, methods of using are different.
More information about ‘Fossil’-Craft: link.
Full list of Fossils and ‘Fossil’-Affixes: link.

Affixes with Practice benefits

Dense Fossil
Body Armour - +(10–20)% to Quality

Jagged Fossil
Gloves - Adds (6–8) to (9–11) Physical Damage

Corroded Fossil
Gloves - Adds (7–11) to (12–18) Physical Damage against Bleeding Enemies

Serrated Fossil
Body Armour - Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 1 Maim
Body Armour - Socketed Attacks have -15 to Total Mana Cost
Gloves - Socketed Skills have 18% increased Attack Speed
Affixes with Theoretical benefits

Dense Fossil
Amulet, Ring, Belt - 20% chance when Hit for double Armour effect
Jewel, Abyss Jewel - +(250–300) to Armour if you've Hit an Enemy Recently
Jewel, Abyss Jewel - +(250–300) to Evasion Rating if you've Hit an Enemy Recently

Hollow Fossil
Helmet, Body Armour, Gloves, Boots - Has 1 Abyssal Socket

Jagged Fossil
Helmet - Nearby Enemies take 9% increased Physical Damage. 9% increased Physical Damage taken
Jewel, Abyss Jewel - (1–2)% reduced Physical Damage taken over time

Serrated Fossil
Gloves - Socketed Skills have 18% increased Attack Speed
Jewel, Abyss Jewel - 0.3% of Attack Damage Leeched as Life

Shuddering Fossil
Body Armour - (15–20)% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge when Hit
Gloves - (5–10)% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Hit an Enemy Recently
Boots - (4–6)% increased Movement Speed if you've Hit an Enemy Recently
Belt - (15–20)% chance to gain Onslaught when you use a Flask
Jewel, Abyss Jewel - (5–10)% chance to gain Onslaught when you use a Flask

Examples of ‘Fossil’-Craftable Items


"Well you see him, exile, shrink not from God."
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"Well you see him, exile, shrink not from God."
"Well you see him, exile, shrink not from God."
"Well you see him, exile, shrink not from God."
"Well you see him, exile, shrink not from God."
"Well you see him, exile, shrink not from God."
I don't understand your English...
There are some excellent crafting tips in here regarding pillar. But There are some catastrophic flaws to this work in progress pillar plan. The pillar uses a decent amount of uniques that come with no resists. To compound that, you pick an ascendency which has no resists built (perfectly fine in itself)... but then every single item you suggest including every jewl is added flat.. and str... do you know what that will do on a character that is already starved for survivability and probably wearing an abyssus (for more phys damage incoming ) to boot?

I would like to point out reworking your suggestions and factoring in how to build resists into a pillar build because it is a fundamental problem to these characters.

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