Lacerate Slayer

Levelling so far is being boring and painfull ... surely i'm doing something wrong but a lvl tips section would be appreciated.
Furthermore silence from OP for 2 days, already abandoned ?
I'm having a blast currently with this setup. at lvl 70 :).. Changed abit in the tree tho, it doesnnt seem to be updated to 3.7 yet?
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Been trying out this build as a starter and having a blast leveling and tackling league content.
Looks promising for mapping + bossing.
So it was marked as 3.7 and now it's outdated?! You serious? :D
Ive actually taken it into end game. (well pretty much, trying to get elder on my atlas rn) I can kill all the guardians basically by just nuking them in 5 to 6 sec, also no bigger problems with legion events. The clear is bad tho. Compared to all the meta builds ofc, like cyclone, cyclone- cocs or all the spell/ nova and stuff. Ive made a couple of changes since OP switched builds nearly a week into the league. Im using onigoroshi which i farmed at the very start of the league. It has really high dps when it procs, also i went full crit/ crit multi. Herald of ash (for the oni proc), purity (main source of extra damage), blood and sand and flesh and stone as auras. The build is fast, hits hard and is fun, but if you stop moving, and try to facetank stuff at t15/ t16 you gonna die almost instantly cuz it lacks def mechanics. (the only def mechanic ive got is flesh and stone (lul)) Rn if i die its nearly always my fault by not dodging something, or staying to long in one place.

If you want to play a cool, fast, slashing kinda samurai build which is sadly not T1, but will take you throught most of the bosses go for it. Its fun. :)

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