Legion Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

Wow, you surely took an extra mile to make sure to fill T14 and T15 with the worst maps you had.
Organic chemistry is a weird thing. If you add a spoon of shit to a barrel of jam you'll get a barrel of shit.
Xbox version release date?
Does this mean I'm going to lose all my unique progress in standard again?
Do the melee changes also effect minions?
What about those atk only daggers and staves? Are they completely new bases or are they a rename and rework of existing ones? Cause I filter some high ilvl rares / shaper and elder bases with each one's name to only see what I think it could be worth picking to id (be it to craft, sell or upgrade my gear)
any news on torrent got bad internet wanna start early :P
Hello, quick question.

The original post says that the "Timeless Eternal Empire Emblem" will only be named "Timeless Eternal Emblem". Which one is correct?

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