The #1 EV/ES Caster Chest | Mirror Service | Frenzy Charges on Hit | Hypnotic Carapace

~b/o 1 Mirror

1078 Trickster ES (with level 21 Discipline)

Fee: 50ex

If you need different colors
You need to provide jeweller's+fuses for different colors, 6L, and reverting it back to the current state.

The mods:
T1 EV/ES% - 108% (110% max)
T1 Flat - 300/75
Legacy Hybrid Bench Craft - 40% EV/ES + 28 Life

Arcane Surge
Aura Effect 25/25
EV/ES% 50/50

This Chest is perfect for my Vortex/Coldsnap Build. It's also great for any CI Trickster Spellcaster, or anyone that wants a good Energy Shield Count and great Evasion for an extra layer of defense.

I went for the Frenzy on Hit Implicit for my own personal build:

Display Cabinet:
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Thanks, Bought the 3rd Copy

Smooth trader, Pleasure doing business

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