As part of changes to make early game combat more active, we're introducing the new Steelskin skill, and are changing Molten Shell and Immortal Call. In our lead-up to Legion's launch, we wanted to reveal more information about these skills and how they work!

Steelskin is a new defensive skill which is available very early in the game. It instantly hardens your skin, granting a damage barrier that absorbs 70% of all damage taken. It has a maximum amount of damage that it can absorb, which increases as the gem levels. It only lasts a few seconds, and has a short cooldown, so you'll need to time your use of the skill to protect you from dangerous enemy attacks.

Steelskin is one of three Guard skills, alongside Molten Shell and Immortal Call. These skills are all Instant and share a cooldown which won't expire while any of the skills are active. Both Molten Shell and Immortal Call have received significant changes which give them a more active playstyle that rewards quick reaction times. However, they're still triggerable if you prefer to use them more mindlessly.

Molten Shell now grants armour while active and a damage barrier that absorbs 75% of damage taken. The maximum damage that it can absorb is based on 20% of your total armour, making it a powerful choice for high Armour characters. It also lasts slightly longer than Steelskin. When Molten Shell absorbs its maximum damage or when the duration ends, all of the absorbed damage is dealt as reflected damage in an area around you, with a large damage multiplier.

Immortal Call is now instant and grants less Physical and Elemental damage taken for its duration. It can consume up to 5 endurance charges, gaining increased duration and additional less Physical Damage Taken. At level 20, this can mitigate 35% of Physical damage taken and 34% of Elemental damage taken. Consuming Endurance Charges adds an additional 10% less Physical Damage taken for each charge consumed. Unlike Molten Shell and Steelskin, the skill has no maximum damage absorbed which makes it a much more effective answer to the deadliest of physical hits. However, it requires more planning and timing to make the most of its effect and no longer grants complete immunity to physical damage.

Overall, these changes give you the opportunity to survive dangerous attacks while still standing your ground. They also reward responsive, skillful play. We are eager to see what kind of character builds you'll be creating in Path of Exile: Legion! If you're waiting for more information to decide your build, you'll be interested to know that on June 5 (US time), we plan to reveal all of the new and changed skill gems at level 20 with 20% quality.
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Ty, now i'll survive HC.
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nice :L
Neat yeet i beat the m...but how does vaal molten shell work then ?????
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Looking forward to experience changes in game.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?

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