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Hi all and welcome to the Chieftain variant of my Dragon's Breath Elementalist build. With all amazing stuff in 3.7 that came with Chieftain rework I wanted to fill the holes Elementalist has. Even though with higher dps, Elementalist has a issue with phys mitigation and poor sustain which is a problem for some players. That's the time when Beeftain comes to shine.
It is a self-cast semi-crit build. I wanted it to be flexible, very tanky, all content capable and most important, to be fun to play.

Check out my new build for 3.10 Torstein's Death Angel - insane! Dual Oni-Goroshi

Please read full guide before starting the build.
For any feedback, questions or help with the build, leave a comment on this thread.
Wish you many fun hours in Delirium league!


Change log 11th December
Build revamp
-no Shaped/Elder items
-no Watcher's eye
-no multimods
-Block based defenses 75% attack block/50% spell block
-new staff, build uses Martyr of Innocence unique staff due to high block chance and solid damage
-Removed Skitterbots, build uses now Zealotry(better choice)/Anger aura
-lowered damage but tankier char overall
-cheaper and easier to put together
-added Uber Elder video

-6L support gem change, take out Controlled Destruction and put in Inspiration support gem. Now staff will have 5B1R sockets.
-Orb of Storms no longer needed to proc Elemental overload on single target
-Inspiration lowers mana consumption of supported skills by a lot, now you need only 1 "Channelling Skills have -3 to Total Mana Cost" on your gear! Don't lower your Incinerate mana cost to 0 cause Inspiration will not work!
-Players that are using unique staves don't need this mod at all!
-passive tree optimization, respec Shaper and take jewel slot
-gem section updated
-rings section updated
result of the update, more life, more damage and one less button to press
-full build PoB updated

Build summary

+high damage
+sh*tload of life ~9k life
+high block 75% attack block/50% spell block
+very high sustain, up to 2k+/s life regen & 2.7k/s life leech
+fast mapping with big AOE
+easy (4) Endurance charge generation and good phys damage mitigation
+up to 60+% Chaos damage resistance depending on flask setup
+Spider Aspect
+all content viable
+HC viable

-can't do elemental reflect maps
-no mana regen only with mana flask (use Enduring mana flask)

Incinerate & and build mechanics
Incinerate gains more damage when cast continuously from one spot, up to a maximum of 200% more damage (25% per stage up to 8 stages maximum, or 10 if you use the helmet enchantment). The next stage is reached after every tick (0.2s). At each stage, the flames become visibly larger and will spread out in a huge cone. Since the spell is a channeling spell, if the player is stunned or interrupted in any way while casting incinerate, the spell will come back to stage 1.
At the end of the channeling (Final Wave), Incinerate deals big chunk of extra damage, 500% MORE damage with Hits and 500% MORE damage with Ignite. That’s a lot of extra damage.

To get the maximum dps out of Incinerate you should channel to 8 stages and release. Final wave deals massive damage. If you played Blade Flurry, this is the same principle.
Monster mobs die fast so maximum channeling is not needed. The area will still be very good.

You will be scaling as much cast speed as you can to channel as fast as possible to 8 stages and bigger area of Incinerate (10 with enchant).
Aspect of the Spider - slows down enemies and they take up to 15% more damage

Flesh & Blood -Nearby Enemies are Blinded while in Sand Stance (leveling defense)
You take (10-11)% LESS Damage from Enemies that aren't nearby while in Sand Stance

Leveling guide

Lets start,
In Twilight Strand pick up all blue (magic items) and vendor them all after you kill Hillock (but dont vendor movement speed boots).
when you kill Hillock go to the vendor and search for “movement” to see if he has movement speed boots and buy them if he has. Since you will be Marauder class you will not have access to the caster gems at the start so you will start to level as a dual wield melee character with Holy Flame totem. For melee skill pick Smite (buy from vendor). Link it with Chance to Bleed and Ruthless. If you don't some get some of those as a reward you can buy them from vendor.

At level 4 when you finish quest "Breaking Some Eggs" buy from Nessa Holy Flame Totem and continue with totem + Smite. Totem links are Holy Flame totem - Added fire damage - Combustion. When you finish Act 3 quest "A Fixture of Fate" you will have access to all gems from Siosa.

When you finish those early quests:

Breaking Some Eggs
Act 1 buy Holy Flame totem
The Caged Brute
Act 1 buy Leap Slam. Added Fire damage & Combustion gems you should link to Holy Flame Totem

4L melee Smite - Ruthless - Chance to Bleed - Ancestral Call
3L Holy Flame Totem - Added Fire damage - Combustion

Intruders in Black
Act 2 take Herald of Ash

The Great White Beast
Act 2 take 2nd Quicksilver flask

Act 3
this is the important quest because after finishing it you can buy all gems you want from NPC Siosa.

Buy from Siosa Incinerate, Faster Casting, Infused Channeling and Inspiration gems and put them into secondary weapon slot.
Also buy Flesh & Stone, Flame Dash.
Before fighting Dominus, final boss of act 3, located in The Upper Sceptre of God, on the Tower Rooftop, switch to 4L Incinerate setup.

2L Armageddon Brand - Combusting (as additional damage vs bosses)
4L Incinerate - Faster Casting - Infused Channeling - Inspiration 3B1R
2L Flame Dash - Arcane Surge lvl 1
2L Flesh & Stone - Herald of Ash

After The Eternal Nightmare quest
Act 4
Petarus and Vanja

Make 2L Cast when Damage taken - Immortal call

Tip: If you are in a trade league buy Incinerate gem on trade or ask some Witch in town to buy it for you. Put it in 2nd weapon slot and level the gem while you progress. /Even better would be to buy all 4 gems and switch to Incinerate at around char level 20/ Start using Incinerate when you finish Fixture of Faith. That way your gem will be at level 5 when you get before Dominus and fight will be a joke.
If you are not in a trade league continue leveling with Smite and Holy Flame totem until Incinerate is level 4. Kill Dominus when Incinerate reaches lvl 4.

Great! You are now ready to go. Continue leveling with Incinerate setup and Armageddon Brand setup.
-Later on you can farm Humility cards at Blood Aqueduct at Act 9 to get Tabula Rasa. (OPTIONAL)
-5L chest piece with 4B1R will carry you no problem thru yellow maps.

For weapons you can use any rare crap scepters/wands with some cast speed/spell damage/fire damage/added fire damage to spells/elemental damage will be ok.

Leveling with Incinerate will be a breeze as you put few levels into the gem (if you haven't leveled it) since you have started using it later than a witch would.

Finish normal Labyrinth when your Incinerate gem is at least level 4 and you have minimum around 1000 life.

Finish cruel Lab when you reach lvl 50+ and 2000+ life.

As you progress to 6L go in this order
Incinerate – Faster Casting - Inspiration – Infused Channeling - Combustion - Conc. Effect(bosses)/Increased Area of Effect(mapping)

Also from the moment you start using Incinerate follow the gem links in PoB for League Starter!

Usefull (optional) leveling items:
Tabula Rasa
Meginord's Girdle
Le Heup Of All
Lochtonial Caress
Ngamahu's Sign

Tip: While leveling don't forget to make use of flasks that will drop along the way.
Amethyst - +35% to Chaos Resistance
Bismuth - +35% to all Elemental Resistances
Granite - +3000 to Armour
Sulphur - 40% increased Damage, Creates Consecrated Ground on Use

Path of Building for 3.9 ⭐League Starter⭐ & Full Build
League starter is a build that will easily carry you to maps and mapping with very little or no currency at all. You will be able to comfortably get into yellow maps with 0 currency investment on a 5L that you will find on the ground.

-League starter
In the bottom left corner of the PoB you have a menu to see points distribution while leveling.

Just passive tree for League Starter!

Also in the NOTES window you have whole leveling part copied.
This is an example for a league start with leveling passive tree menu. As you progress you can transition item by item to the full build and respec points for staff setup.

-Full Build

Just the passive tree link (Full Build)

-Path of Building download site

Uber Elder with 3.9 setup (pre boss life increase)
lvl 91, No boot enchant, No amulet anointment and all the lags. Build is far from immortal but is very forgiving. This is the testament.

old videos
Shaper demo
I even forgot to use Vaal Righteous Fire, so, yeah... 29% less dps in the video

T16 Minotaur run



Choice fell on Martyr of Innocence because of solid damage it provides and quite high attack block chance and resistance penetration on block.

Body Armour
Kaom's Heart

Not much to say about this one, +500 to maximum life speaks for itself.

Simpler than ever.

Dream Fragments are dirt cheap. For the rare ring use Vermillion base!
How to craft ring like this:

1. Use Scouring Orb then Transmutation Orb to make item magic.
Only mod that you need is Tier 1 life.
2. Spam Alteration Orbs until you get solo tier 1 life.
3. Use Regal Orb. You don't care what will Regal add unless it adds 2 suffixes. If Regal added 2 suffixes go back to step 1.
4. If you have now rare ring with T1 life and one other mod, craft "+1 to minimum Frenzy charges" on the bench.
5. Beast craft Aspect of the Spider with "Fenumus, first of the night"

Use Blessing orbs to maximize implicit value of increased life on Vermillion ring and cold res implicit on Dream Fragments.


Dirt cheap. Anoint it with Sepia, Teal and Black oils for Divine Judgement.

Focus on buying amulet with 15% chance to block spells.
Use Blessing orbs to maximize implicit


Preferably Stygian Vise belt with high total life roll. If you can't afford Stygian, go for the Heavy or Leather belt with high life roll, it's totally fine.

Use Blessing orbs to maximize implicit on Leather belt.


Buy min ilvl85 helmet with preferably enchant. Use Warlord's exalted orb to get Warlord's influence.
Fossil craft (pristine and scorched fossils) it further for high life, fire res and -9% fire res to nearby enemies.


Boots with as much life,resistances and movement speed you can get. Ideally boots should have mix of elemental resistance and chaos resistance.


Gloves with as much life. Mix of elemental and chaos resistance is ideal. Free suffix will enable to craft even more ele and chaos res.

-Getting cast speed and life is a priority!

Search for combination of these explicit mods:
-increased Cast Speed while wielding a Staff
-increased Cast Speed with Fire Skills
-increased Attack and Cast Speed
-increased Cast Speed
-increased maximum Life


Suffixes that you must have:
-of Staunching (Bleeding immunity)
-of Heat (Freeze and chill immunity)
-of Warding (Curse immunity)

-Rumi's Concoction flask, focus on getting 10% spell block. You will cap attack block even with mediocre Rumi's.

-Use Atziri's Promise for heavy chaos damage fights.

-For life recovery best option is Blood of the Karui because of high life pool. Regular flask are pretty bad.

Aspect of the spider
Can be beastcrafted on Vermillion rare ring that has a free suffix. Beastcraft with this

Don't use Aspect of the Spider before you Enlighten level 3 gem[/b]

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1.Tasalio, Cleansing Water
+100% to fire resistance
2% of life regenerated per second
10% of physical damage from hits taken as fire damage
50% increased life recovery rate if you've taken fire damage from and enemy hit recently

2.--Ramako, Sun's Light
Damage penetrates 15% Fire resistance
15% more burning damage
25% chance to ignite

3.--Hinekora, Death's Fury
1% of Fire damage leeched as life
20% chance to cover Rare or Unique Enemies in Ash for 10 seconds on hit
10% increased Strength

4.Tawhoa, Forest's Strength
35% chance to gain and endurance charge when you use a fire skill
5% increased fire damage per endurance charge
5% increased physical damage per endurance charge
1% maximum life regenerated per second
30% increased endurance charge duration

Gem links

Incinerate - Combustion - Infused Channeling - Faster Casting - Concentrated Effect (for bosses) OR Increased Area of Effect (for mapping) - Inspiration

Herald of Ash - - Vaal Righteous Fire - Enlighten lvl 3 - Zealotry

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration -Wave Of Conviction

Flame Dash - Arcane Surge lvl 5 - Abyssal Cry - Enduring Cry

Depending on your cast speed. 12 casts/sec is a minimum i would recommend for "Incinerate has +2 stages". If you have less "80% increased Incinerate damage" is a better option.

for damage "damage penetrates 10% elemental resistances"
for tankyness "regenerate 2% of life and mana if you been hit recently"

should be fully upgraded

Major- “Soul of Lunaris”
Minor- “Soul of Tukohama”

For End-game bosses
Major- “Soul of Solaris”
Minor- “Soul of Yugul”

Kill all.

Useful links
Introduction to fossil crafting

All information about item mods and core game

Path of Exile Wikipedia

My other builds

Torstein's Icebreaker - Glacial Hammer

🐍Torstein's Ultimate Poison Pathfinder - All attack poison skills

Torstein's Oni-Goroshi Slayer

Dragon's Breath Elementalist
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Nice was waiting for this!! Prob will be my starter, we can follow the same lvling as the elementalist thread?

marquesini wrote:
Nice was waiting for this!! Prob will be my starter, we can follow the same lvling as the elementalist thread?

Nope, leveling for Chieftain will be little different because you can't buy strait away caster gems. Ill add the leveling section prob during the day.
Also i will update Elementalist, so you can chose what suits your needs more. :)
Interesting. I made a CwC Incinerate/VD Trickster build last league. This build looks like it could be a lot of fun as well.
Last edited by diablomix on Jun 5, 2019, 11:26:46 AM
Can you update tree to 3.7 in PoB? Singular focus node seems worth it, no?
schellinky wrote:
Can you update tree to 3.7 in PoB? Singular focus node seems worth it, no?

Sure, i just finished PoB. Will be updated in few mins.
Whole guide will be done by morning i hope or during the day. :)
Last edited by TorsteinTheFallen on Jun 5, 2019, 10:17:50 PM
Did you have any mana issues now that WM is dead to spell casters?

If not I am guessing I would probably have issues if I tried a CwC staff with Incinerate/Volatile Dead.

Other than the boot enchant im still looking to see what other viable mana options there are out there. Clarity I suppose for early game, maybe a watcher's eye. Not sure.
Last edited by diablomix on Jun 5, 2019, 8:17:10 PM
diablomix wrote:
Did you have any mana issues now that WM is dead to spell casters?

If not I am guessing I would probably have issues if I tried a CwC staff with Incinerate/Volatile Dead.

Other than the boot enchant im still looking to see what other viable mana options there are out there. Clarity I suppose for early game, maybe a watcher's eye. Not sure.

I bypassed mana issue with 2x crafted mods "- to Total Mana cost of Skills" on rings/amulet and some mana cost reduction on the passive tree.
My Incinerate uses 0 mana.
Last edited by TorsteinTheFallen on Jun 5, 2019, 8:22:48 PM
Hey Thorstein. I am rather interested in the build as a starter but I am wondering how you think this will compare to your elementalist version in terms of map speed. My concern is that in the elementalist version videos with proliferation the clear speed is ok but without proliferation, will it significantly impact clear?

Also, how early do you think you can kill Uber elder with this build,,?

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