[3.6] Rake's Tectonic Slam Equipment Guide - from League Start to Endgame

I know there are a lot of Tectonic Slam Builds out there already. But as far as i've seen they all limit themselves somehow because they are build up on certain uniques. And thats fine, especially if you don't want to invest to much currency in one build.

But if you have fun in maximizing your character step by step, without any constrictions, or just want to learn how to get the best out of your currency for your build, this is a guide for you.

I will especially focus on the Equipment Upgrading Process because thats just the most important point to get the Build going (and be fun). Tree? Nothing special. Some fancy unique mechanics? Not here! This Guide is just about getting the best Equipment you can get for your current Currency.

To get you an easy start and an good overview how to gear this build proberly, i will provide you six Gear Setup examples (5 reasonable ones). If it's not your league starter and you already have some currency, feel free to start on the more advanced Gear Setups. To ease you the gearing process i will provide you with an item search for every single item, so you don't have to build them yourself.

But, what i can't do for you - and i mention it because its crucial, especially on more advanced equipment states - i can't tell you which items are worth their price. Thats something that you have to check in PoB for yourself, always! I've seen it many times that someone spends crazy amounts of currency for items that aren't even worth 1/10 of their price. Don't be that guy!

The good news is, you only have to check this for some item slots - for those who give the most damage: Swords, Amulets, Rings, Jewels.

At first i will give you an overview about the different Gear Setups for roughly 15c, 2ex, 10ex, 25ex, 60ex and finally my Setup that was a lot more expensive (and not reasonable in any way - but i just like to maximise my character). The Gear Setups will already provide the necessary Trade Links. But i recommend to also take a look at the "Upgrading Section sorted by Item Slots" part below where i provide additional information about the Upgrade Process of each Item Slot. Take especially a look at the Amulet, Ring, Jewel and Sword section. These are crucial Item Parts that provide the most damage for our Build and therefore that's the part where you can lose the most damage or just waste the most currency for no reasonable damage gain.

Gear Setup and PoB Settings Explanation

I tried to balance the different Setups as good and as reasonable as possible. Feel free to skip upgrade steps (i did the same) when you have the currency or just found a good offer thats to good to skip. On each gear Setup i will mark the most important upgrades (Trade Links) you should do probably first.

To keep the Gear Setups as comparable as possible, each PoB is calculated as poe.ninja calculates Shaper DPS. Furthermore each PoB has lvl 95 as reference. I know it's unlikely to get to lvl 95 with T5 Gear, but as i said, to show the difference between the gear the lvl has to be the same. For the same reason each Setup uses the same Flasks. But don't just copy the Flask setup shown in PoB without knowing the downsides of this flask Setup. Look at the Flask Section to see what you should use!

With this said, be aware that any level difference has a hugh impact on either Life or Damage (or both). To illustrate this with my current Gear:

lvl 80: 13,3 Million Shaper DPS
lvl 100: 23,1 Million Shaper DPS

So always keep this in mind and try to level up as far as possible. Level 95 should be pretty easy optainable.

- I personally do not recommend Abyssus, it leads to often to one shoot deads
- I also don't like Blood Rage because of the Degen (that's also the reason i won't ever use Oni-Goroshi - the Degen is even bigger). When you get hit by something that nearly kills you, it's often a question of how fast you can heal up again that decides wheter you will die or live. Every degen will delay the time you need to heal up by alot.
- I also do not recommend the "Elemental Focus Gem" for mapping. We do cold Damage, thus we shatter our Enemies as long as we don't use this gem. Therefore we can avoid on death effects like the spikes from porcupines.

I use the above mentioned with my T0 Gear Setup for the maximum possible damage. Don't get confused about that and don't take this as a template for your character. Unless you are really be aware what you are willing in - dying regularly.

PoB Link with T1 Gear Setup as reference - including all Gear from T5 to T0


Use this Link to compare Items for yourself to get a feeling about how you can improve your damage. Note: when you switch to Ahn's Might use the Pacifism Jewel. When you switch to Oskarms uncheck "Intimitaded" in Configuration. The PoB Links below consider small changes for the different Gear Setups (eg. no Jewels at T5 Gear, no Quality on Gems till T3 Gear ect.)

Gear T5 - 15c - starting Maps
[lvl 80] 460k Shaper DPS - PoB: https://pastebin.com/CPB4xpae
[lvl 95] 670k Shaper DPS - PoB: https://pastebin.com/X6YwnuNL

Gear T4 - 2ex - Yellow to Red Maps
[lvl 95] 1,7 Million Shaper DPS - PoB: https://pastebin.com/AHZjawdr

Gear T3 - 10ex - Red Maps to Endgame
[lvl 95] 3,7 Million Shaper DPS - PoB: https://pastebin.com/sAemK4E2

Gear T2 - 25ex - Endgame Setup
[lvl 95] 6,1 Million Shaper DPS - PoB: https://pastebin.com/E3Cu0cnK

Trade Links:

Sword 4-8ex
Body Armour 4-10ex
Helmet 1-3ex
Boots 1-5ex
Gloves 1-2ex
Belt with more Resistance 1-2ex
Belt with more Damage 1-2ex
Jewels 10-40c - same as T3 Gear
Jewel Corrupted Blood 50c-2ex
Abyss Jewel 20c-1ex - same as T3 Gear
Watcher's Eye 50c-1ex - same as T3 Gear (must have!)
Amulet 2-5ex -> make sure they are worth the upgrade
Rings 1-2ex -> make sure they are worth the upgrade

Gear T1 - 60ex - luxury Endgame Setup
[lvl 95] 8,7 Million Shaper DPS - PoB: https://pastebin.com/zmamUzjs
[lvl 95] 14.8 Million Shaper DPS - PoB: https://pastebin.com/FVdvA9Gz
(with Abyssus, Blood Rage, Elemental Focus)

Trade Links:

Sword 4-8ex - same as T2 Gear
Body Armour 10-20ex
Helmet 1-3ex - same as T2 Gear
Boots 10-30ex
Gloves 1-2ex - same as T2 Gear
Belt 2-6ex
Jewels 10-40c - same as T3 Gear
Jewel Corrupted Blood 50c-2ex same as T3 Gear
Abyss Jewel 20c-1ex - same as T3 Gear
Watcher's Eye 50c-1ex - same as T3 Gear (must have!)
Amulet 10-20ex
Rings 7-10ex

Gear T0 - Just expensive - just for fun Setup
[lvl 95] 12,5 Million Shaper DPS - PoB: https://pastebin.com/1w3NyNPk
[lvl 97] 22.1 Million Shaper DPS - PoB: https://pastebin.com/rbCwnAHS
(with Abyssus, Blood Rage, Elemental Focus, Wise Oak)

Trade Links:

Sword - 1 Mirror
Body Armour 10-20ex - same as T1 Gear
Helmet 10-20ex
Boots 10-30ex - same as T1 Gear
Gloves 20-150ex
Belt 2-6ex - same as T1 Gear
Jewel 10-30ex - max damage
Jewel 1-5ex - with resistance
Jewel Corrupted Blood 50c-2ex same as T3 Gear
Abyss Jewel 20-100ex
Watcher's Eye 20-50ex
Amulet 10-20ex - same as T1 Gear
Rings 7-10ex - same as T1 Gear

Gearing Process sorted by Item Slots with additonal Info!

______1c__________1c________50c-1ex___4-8ex____1 Mirror_

Detailed explanation of Weapon Choice. Escpecially extremly important for T2-T1 Foils!

T5: Scaeve for 1c - don't waste curreny on colouring. You won't use them long.
Price: 1c

T4: Ahns Might for 1c - you can invest some more chaos in better rolled ones if you want (pDPS rolls from 280-350). Especially if you want to skip the T3 Foils for around 1ex. They get used with a Pacifism Jewel for 1c. After switching to Foils - get rid of this Jewel!
Price: 1c

T3: Foils - ~350+ pDPS, 1.7+ aps, 6.0%+ crit
Thats the minimum to exceed the Ahn's Might. Main benefit from switching to Foils: faster playstyle, especially faster leap slam.
Price: 50c - 1ex

T2-T1: Foils - ~380+ pDPS, 1.7+ aps, 6.0%+ crit with either "hits can't be evaided" or "attacks with this weapon penetrates x% elemental resistances" for 4-8ex each
These weapons, when choosen proberly, are already incredible strong. Even a Mirror Weapon provides only 8% more Damage per weapon.
Price: 4-8ex

T0: Foils - 1 Mirror - neither resonable nor necessary in any way. But if you want the highest damage possible just for fun - go for it.
Price: 1 Mirror



Amulet Explanation

General Note: Amulets are damage wise twice as powerfull as Rings. To estimate their damage value is even more difficult than on rings, because their real value differ a lot more. To give you an idea how to value the damage mods on Amulets roughly here is an oversight for T1 Mods (checked in PoB with my Endgame Gear - can differ for your Equipment):

"Gain 16-20% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold/Fire/Lightning Damage": 1.0 (reference, because strongest damage stat)
"Damage Penetrates 8-10% Elemental Resistances": 0.80
"Adds 11-15 to 22-26 Physical Damage to Attacks": 0.50
"43-50% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills": 0.45

"+35-38% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier": 0.55
"+1 to Minimum Frenzy Charges": 0.45
"+1 to Minimum Power Charges": 0.25
"35-38% increased Global Critical Strike Chance": 0.25
"+321-400 to Accuracy Rating": 0.15
"23-26% increased Fire/Cold/Lightning Damage": 0.10

T5: Life + Resists + damage when possible for 1-2c

T4: Life + some good early damage Mods when available (added phys, elemental damage, crit multi ect.) - dropping resists already, unless you get them for free

T3: As many and as strong Damage Mods as possible. Dropping Life and Resists already, unless you get them for free.

T2: Just a stronger Version than the T3 Amulet you already got. At this stage it can already get quite hard to find good ones

T1-T0: The best Amulet you will probably get for a reasonable price will be as shown in the T1-T0 example. Look for 3 strong Preffix bases where you have a free suffix to craft "Prefixes cannot be changed" on it, then scour it and finish it with multimod + frenzy + power charge.

Crafting Service: *will add link in 3.7

Why don't you use...
under construction



Ring Explanation

General Note: Rings are one of the most important parts of our Equipment to improve our damage. It is essential to get a feeling about what's a good damage ring for it's price and what is not.

To give you a first impression of how i roughly count damage stats on rings (comparing T1 rolls - compared in PoB for my gear - can vary for your gear):

"Gain 10% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage": 1.0
"37-42% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills": 0.9
"Adds 6-9 to 13-15 Physical Damage to Attacks": 0.65
"Adds 25 to 45 Fire/Cold/Lightning Damage to Attack": 0.15
(never look/pay for the last stat for this build, it's to weak)

"+1 to Minimum Frenzy Charges": 1.0
"31-35% increased Melee Damage": 0.8
"+1 to Minimum Power Charges": 0.65
"+17-20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier": 0.65
"25% increased Global Critical Strike Chance": 0.45
"5-7% increased Attack Speed": 0.45
"+321-400 to Accuracy Rating": 0.35
"18-22% increased Fire/Cold/Lightning Damage": 0.15
(never look/pay for the last stat for this build, it's to weak)

Thus, a "Adds 3-4 to 6-7 Physical Damage to Attacks" T4 roll counts as 0.3 damage stat, a "+166-200 to Accuracy Rating" T4 roll as 0.2 and so on.

T5: Life + Resists + damage when possible for 1c

T4: Life + some Resists + as much and high damage stats as possible for around 10c.

T3: Life + some Resists + as much and high damage stats as possible for around 40c-1ex.

Personally, at this state of Equipment, i would already start to search for rings with as much damage as i can get for below 1ex. And even sacrifice Resists and Life for it. I will provide a search for this. But be sure you are really getting a great damage ring for its price when you sacrifice resists and life at this point of gearing. Something like this:

Additional Ring Search - idealy, look for a free prefix for a life craft.

T2: As much damage you can get with as much life you can get. You can skip this Equipment Upgrade when you already got a good T3 Ring. Or the market just don't offer affordable ones below 2ex.

T1-T0: The probably best Damage Ring you can get for a pretty affordable price of 7-10ex. I recommend to find a base with either:
"37-42% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills" or
"Gain 10% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage"
+ at least 60+ life
Regardless of other stats on that ring, you need one free suffix to craft "Prefixes cannot be changed" (2ex) on it. Scour it, craft Multplie Mods on it and finish it like shown in the Example. The crafting costs alone are 6ex + crafting fee. So don`t pay to much for the base.

Crafting Service: *will add link in 3.7

Why don't you use...
under construction



Abyss Jewels


Watcher's Eye


Important: Get the Watcher's Eye with Phys to Cold Conversion as soon as possible! It's a big damage gain!

Jewel Explanation. Important! Additional Trade Links!

General Note: This is the part where you can easily spend 50 exalts for just nothing. Or spend normal amounts and only get 30% of the damage that would be possible. To illustrate this i'll show you some examples of good and bad Jewels.

Good 3 stat Jewels:

Bad 3 stat Jewels

When you compare them in PoB, you will see that the bad Jewels have way less damage. Thats just because the damage stats on them are either weaker themself or are to low rolled. For Tectonic Slam (and many other Melee Skills too) the strongest damage stats on Jewels are just high rolled Attack Speed and Critical Multiplier! I already considered this in my trade search. Good 4 stat Jewels like shown as T0 example are stupid expensive. And all you get in this case is a 3% Attack Speed roll. The same Jewel without it costs around 20c. So you pay 10-20ex just for 3% attack speed - not worth it in any way! There are even a lot of 4 stat Jewels for more than 20ex available that are way worse than good 3 stat jewels - so, be careful!

Below i will provide some additionall trade searches which will also include weaker damage stats. To compensate this they will be 4 stat Jewel searches. But don`t overpay on them only because they are 4 stat Jewels! Compare them to a good 3 stat Jewel in PoB before you buy them! (eg. life + at least 6% attack speed + at least 14% crit multi)

T4: To get full use out of the Ahn's Might Swords we use one Pacifism Jewel. Don't forget to switch it for a damage Jewel as soon as you switch to Rare Foils as Weapons!

T3: You can already get really good 3 Stat Jewels for around 20c. At this price range diviners orbs are not worth using. So, if possible buy already high rolled Jewels!
Standard Jewel Search - Life + two strong dmg Mods - look out for high rolled Jewels! Feel free to adjust the values of the search further to only find already high rolled Jewels.
Additional Jewel Search - Life + one strong dmg Mod + 2 weak Damage Mods - compare them in PoB to a good 3 Stat Jewel before you buy them! I set the maximum price to 60c. They can't justify a higher price with these stats! Don't be supriced to get no results. Use it as Active Search, there will be offers.
Additional Jewel Search - Life + two strong dmg Mods + 1 weak Damage Mod - compare them in PoB to a good 3 Stat Jewel before you buy them! I set the maximum price to 200c. They can't justify a higher price with these stats! Use it as Active Search, there will be offers.

Abyss Jewels: get one for your Belt. You don't need a Murderous one for your belt - these tend to be a lot more expensive.

Watcher's Eye: Get the Watcher's Eye with Phys to Cold Conversion while affected by Hatred as soon as possible. It is mandatory to get rid of our Physical damage which weakens our damage by alot. Try to get as close to 40% Phys to Cold Conversion as possible. Personally i try to just buy one which already have 35%+. Or buy a low rolled one and keep the first divine result over 35%.

T2: You know the situations where Bleeding is a lot stronger then normally and you barly have time to hit your anti bleeding flask? Thats what this Jewel is for. Use a corrupted Blood Jewel to be a lot safer against the stronger forms of Bleeding. Start with getting a cheap one with 1-2 usefull stats and look out for better once over time, because they tend to be pretty rare and pricy.

Abyss Jewels: get a Murderous Abyss Jewel for your Tombfists.

T0: Like already explained - even good 4 stat Jewels are hardly better than good 3 stat ones. So only buy them when you can get them cheap.

Abyss Jewels: Good 4 stat Jewels are hardly available. So buying good 3 Stat ones and exalt them will often be the only way to get them.

Watcher's Eye: A Watcher's Eye with a second Damage Stat. The only real valuable Mod here is "+1.8% to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred".

Body Armour:


Explanation of Armour Choice

T5: A 5l Body Armour on League Start should only be around 3c. Get an armour only base for easy colouring. If it's a white base use an Alchemy Orb on it and just keep it as it is.
Alternative: Rare 5l - 5 red sockets already coloured

T4: A 6l Body Armour should only be around 30c. Take an Armour only base for easy colouring again. If it's a white base use an Alchemy Orb on it and just keep it as it is.
Alternative: Tabula or Rare 6l - 5 red, 1 blue

T3: If you already got a decent T4 6l Armour you could keep it. But feel free to look for cheap upgrades (below 2ex). To get either damage stats or more life and resists.

T2: Here you take your first good Rare 6l. The most important stats are
- "Socketed Gems are supported by Level 1 Maim"
- "Attacks have +x% to Critical Strike Chance"
Look also for a decent life roll and when you can get "Socketed Attacks have -15 to total mana cost" - thats quality of life too.
Alternative: Loreweave - weaker compared to a good Rare Body Armour. But you can use it as long as you need till you get a good Rare one. Adjust the Loreweave stats as you like to get a cheap and good one.

T1-T0: A Rare 6l with
- "Socketed Gems are supported by Level 1 Maim"
- "Attacks have +x% to Critical Strike Chance" T1 roll
- "Socketed Attacks have -15 to total mana cost"
- high life
is the best you can get. Keep an eye open to get a good one for a reasonable price as soon as they available.

Why don't you use...
under construction



Boots Explanation

T5: Life + Resists + Movement Speed (when affordable)

T4: more Life + Resists + Movement Speed (when affordable)

T3: more Life + Resists + Movement Speed

T2: Thats the first time i would care about the "Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemey Elemental Resistances if you haven't killed recently" Enchant. You have three options to get this:
- Look for good ones with this Enchant for a few days via active search unless you get good ones for a reasonable price
- Just buy the cheapest ones you get with this enchant on an, ideally, Armour Base. Then fossil craft them with Pristine + Prismatic Fossils until you get something thats good enough.
- Buy good Boots without Enchant and farm the Enchant for yourself with a chance of 1.6% -> not recommended.

T1-T0: Onslaught Boots up the Damage quite alot. Getting them with the Enchant is even more difficult. Also probably only available this League.

General Note: Boots are one of the best item slots to get the resists we need. This changes as soon as you want to get the "Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemey Elemental Resistances if you haven't killed recently" Enchant. Good Boots with this Enchant are hard to get and it's only usefull for bosses without adds. So don't aim for that to soon. (or even never)

Regarding Movement Speed: You don't need it. But i would recommend it when you can afford it. Movement Speed raise the price of boots by a lot. But when you can afford it, buy boots with at least 20% MS. If you want to save currency, just uncheck the Movement Speed option in the tradesearch.

Why don't you use...
under construction



Alternative - more Damage, less resistances


Belts Explanation

General Note: Belts and Boots are the best item slots to get missing resists. There are always a huge Amount of Belts and Boots available. So this item slots are the best to get what you need resists wise.

T5: Life + Resists

T4: Life + Resists + Damage

T3: switching to a Stygian Vise with either high life + high resits or high life, medicore resists and damage. But don't get to focused on the damage aspect of belts. Only get it as a bonus when your other gear easily covers your resists and you find a good stygian vise with damage!
Ps: don't focus on % increased Cold or Fire damage on Belts. We do Cold, Fire, Lightning and Chaos Damage. Thus a single Fire or Cold Damage Mod increases only a small portion of our total Damage. When you get it for free "by accident" it's fine. Apart from that, don't care about it.

T2: same as T3, just a little bit better if possible

T1-T0: as much life and damage as possible with as much resists as neeeded. An open Prefix for a additional useful stat you can craft on would be optimal


_____1c___________10c_________1-2ex_______10-20ex__*not recommended

Helmet Explanation

T5: Life + Resists on an Armour only Base for easier colouring

T4-T3: More Life + Resists on an Armour only Base for easier colouring

T2-T1: First Time we care about the Tectonic Slam Enchantment. You can go for it sooner if you get a cheap one. Armour Bases with Enchant usually go for around 1ex. Either fossil craft it or
[more info about fossil crafting ect.]

T0: Abyssus. NOT recommended! Its only for unreasonable high DPS with the big downside of beeing a glascanon. Not recommended in any way for normal mapping!

Why don't you use...
other unique helmets ect



Gloves Explanation

T5: Rare one's with life and resists. When available for 1c inculde one damage stat. You could also start with oskarms too. But if it's your league starter you will get an easier and cheaper start with the possibility to get resists on gloves. Those resists don't have to be on other item slots.

T4: Oskarm are pretty great gloves. They provide a free curse. That free's the need of a Assassins Mark Curse Ring. Thats important! We want our Rings to be purley for damage! More about that in the Ring section

T3: Corrupted Oskarm gloves with either
- "8-10% increased Attack Speed"
- "Attacks have 0.5-0.8% to critical strike chance"
Take the gloves with the cheaper implicit. It's probably the Attack Speed one's by a large amount.

T2-T1: Still the best Gloves for our Build with an Elemental Weakness Corruption Implicit. Tombfist with one Abyssal Socket and this Corruption cost around 1-2ex midleague

T0: Tombfist with 1-2 Abyssal Socket and 1-2 Corruption implicits are incredible expensive. Just get whats available and you can afford.
A double Curse Corruption would be fantastic with an "You can apply an additional Curse" craft on your Body Armour. But i've never seen those gloves.

Why don't you use...
under construction

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Before we get into flasks, i want to point out how crucial they are:

DPS with my Current Equip:

with flasks: 23,7 million Shaper DPS
without flasks: 9,35 million Shaper DPS

if you didn't where aware of this yet, i hope this shows clearly how important flasks are.

Thus, getting your flasks should be one of your highest priorities. I highly recommend to get them with your T4 Gear. In the first days of the league, the unique flasks tend to be more expensive. So, feel free to wait some days till they get cheaper. But as you have seen, their impact is huge. Don't wait to long.

Most recommended Flask Setup:

against tough bosses without any curses (neither map mods, nor boss curse mechanics) you can switch the Quicksilver Flask for a Taste of Hate:

Trade Links

Expensive Flask Setup with either Wise Oak or Bottled Faith:

Important: I wouldn't use this flask setup before your Gear is already around T1 state.
- Bottled Faith is, although it's a fantastic flask, very expensive (10ex+). You shouldn't spend 10ex for one flask before your other gear isn't at least at T1 Level.
- Wise Oak will probably need a lot of divine Orbs to tripple balance your Resists. Otherwise i would never use it for this Build. Another downside is - it lowers your willingness to upgrade your Gear when this leads to the need to balance your resists again. So, just skipp this flask till you are pretty sure you don't want to upgrade your gear anymore. I personally prefer Bottled Faith anyhow.
- don't drop the anti freeze on your Diamond Flask for increased crit untill you got "Cannot be Frozen" on your boots (Prefix - 1ex - probably crafting service needed)

Trade Links

Crafting Advice for your Utility and Life Flask

Especially on League Start you probably just want to craft your flasks yourself as cheap as possible. You want to get:

Life Flask: Bleeding Immunity (of Staunching - can be crafted by your Blood Altar) + Instant Heal (Bubbling or Seething) - thus, if you hit Bubbling or Seething as Prefix without an Suffix, you can finish your Flask by your Blood Altar

Diamond Flask & Quicksilver Flask: Curse Immunity or Freeze Immunity ("of Heat" or "of Warding" - can be crafted by your Blood Altar) + ideally Chemist's (reduced Charges used) as Prefix. But especially for League Start you can also keep every other usefull Prefix for the start and get perfect Flasks later.


If this Build is your League Starter, you will probably just buy all Gems while leveling from NPC's, or finaly in Oriath at Lilly Roth.

If it's not your League Starter and you want to buy already leveled Gems with quality, you can use the Trade Links i provided below. Their level will be set to 15 by default. The Quality to 9. Feel free to adjust these values according to what you want.

But don't overpay on Gems as long as your are low on currency. Just try to get as much Quality (and Levels) as possible for 1-5c. Furthermore i've only set Quality and Level values on Gems that profit from it.

Body Armour:


Trade Links and Information
Leap Slam - Level and Quality don't matter - or Whirling Blades - Level doesn't matter
Blood Magic Support
Fortify Support
Faster Attacks Support


Trade Links and Information
Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Quality doesn't matter
Ancestral Protector - Quality doesn't matter
Multiple Totems Support - most important Gem to get Quality - increases the placement speed of our totems - thats the time frame we are the most vulnerable
Blind Support - blinded enemies have 50% less chance to hit us


Trade Links and Information
War Banner - to less mana left? don't use it unless you have at least an lvl 3 Enlighten
Summon Ice Golem

Weapon 1:

Trade Links and Information
Hatred - Quality doesn't matter
Herald of Purity - Quality doesn't matter
Enlighten lvl 3 or Enlighten lvl 4 - both are pretty expensive at league start, don't care about them as long as they are expensive
Why don't you use...
Anger? Weaker compared to Hatred + we can shatter our Enemies thanks to hatred
Herald of Ash? in most cases weaker than Herald of Purity and the Minions from Herold of Purity regularly block Enemies and Projectiles

Weapon 2:

Trade Links and Information
Cast when Damage Taken Support - [lvl 15] - Quality doesn't matter
Immortal Call - [lvl 16] - Quality doesn't matter
Wave of Conviction - [lvl 17] - Quality doesn't matter
Note: It's pretty hard to colour Foils (T3 Gear onwards) with 212 dex Requirement to 2R1B. Thus, use the crafting Bench option to directly colour to 2R1B. Thats about 10c for chromatics and the cheapest way as shown by the Vorici Chromatic Calculator


PoB: https://pastebin.com/92Crc9bw

How to switch Levelrange in PoB
Quick Start without PoB

League Start Leveling:

- keep your Swords as strong as possible (Dual Wield)
- get a 4l as soon as possible
- prefer Armour Base Items over Evasion and Energy Shield
- try to cap your resists as good as possible

Rare Sword - Important: Adjust the search as u need it to fit your Level, Dex, Str and Int. I recommend to use it below level 47 when you get unlucky with good Rare Sword drops. In this case just buy a good one for 1 Alchemy Orb.
Innsbury Edge [lvl 47], Scavea [lvl 60] - i always buy these on League Start for 1-3 Alch and just sell them again when i don't need them anymore.

Look on which Item Slot you can get a cheap 4l for your Level. Don't forget to fill in your Level in the Requirements Section.
4l Helmet - 4 red Sockets
4l Gloves - 4 red Sockets
4l Body Armour - 4 red Sockets
5l Body Armour - 5 red Sockets

Recommended Gems for Leveling:

Smite [lvl 1] + Ancestrall Call [lvl 4] + Added Fire Damage [lvl 8] + Melee Physical Damage [lvl 18] + Elemental Damage with Attacks [lvl 18] (when 5l)

Leap Slam [lvl 10] + Faster Attack [lvl 18] + Fortify [lvl 31]
Herald of Purity [lvl 16]
Ice Golem [lvl 34]

Alternative: Molten Strike [lvl 1] instead of Smite

I personally always liked leveling with Smite untill Maps instead of changing to Tectonic Slam. With 3.7 this might change and will look like:

Tectonic Slam [lvl 28] + Added Fire Damage [lvl 8] + Melee Physical Damage [lvl 18] + Elemental Damage with Attacks [lvl 18] + Multistrike [lvl 38]

Cheap Level Items when not your League Starter:

Helmet: Goldrim - switch for a Rare when you get a better one
Body Armour: Tabula Rasa - you can keep it till Maps
Gloves: Lochtonial Caress - good till Maps
Boots: Wanderlust - switch as soon as possible for rare ones with Life + Movement Speed
Amulet: Sacrificial Heart - great till Maps

- I write this guide mainly in preparation of 3.7. The prices i've set/assumed are mid league orientated. Especially the more expensive Items are in this state of league a lot harder to get. So, take the shown prices only as a clue and decide for yourself if you are willing to spend more on items in a later stage of the league.

- I've probably done a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes in this guide. i'm terrible at english - i'm sorry. i hope i'll find someone whos willing to read this wall of text and correct the biggest mistakes. if you find some words that don't even exist - i would be glad if you let me know via pm

Found any other mistakes? Please let me know
Something isn't clear enough or confusing? Please let me know

- fossil craft part in Helmet Section
- idealy, some short Videos showing the different Equipment Setups
- short PoB Tutorial
- short "How to use and adjust Trade Search" Tutorial (eg total resistance =! total elemental resistance)
- i still have to check if every important [craft] stat is included in Trade Searches. Otherwise those items don't show up (except [pseudo] is used - what's either not possible every time or not useful in every situation.
- add how to play. needed?

3.7 Todo List:
- Considering Steelskin and new Molten Shell (and other Guard Skills that might come) - it looks like we should sacrifice CWDT for it
- Build in Dash (new Movement Skill)
- Considering new Sword Support Gem (as soon as we know how it looks), probably instead of Ruthless

- most likely removing Onslaught Boots
- Bottled Faith was shown in the Trailer. So maybe it will be still obtainable via Divination Cards.
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Bro, YOU ARE A LEGEND. Man, that guide is awesome!

If all guides were like this one, there would be peace in the world XD!

GG man!
Well done my friend! Been waiting for this!
you are the best,
Your Brazil fam here !!
Thx Guys!

I've finished the Gem Section and almost finished the Flask Section. Only have to add some more Trade Links and the Crafting Advice for Flasks.
Nice job! I've spent a ton of time on various Tec builds and this is great to give me a whole lot of new things to try. I've relied on Abyssus way too much so it'll be nice to drop out of it and still have good dps.
Hope you like it! It's just about finding the right gear for a good price and it will work great.

I've finished the Flask Section and added a Leveling Section for now. I never really cared about "how to level". I just leveled as i've tried to explain in this section. Any Feedback is appreciated.

What i know till now for 3.7:

3.7 Todo List:
- Considering Steelskin and new Molten Shell (and other Guard Skills that might come) - it looks like we should sacrifice CWDT for it
- Build in Dash (new Movement Skill)
- Considering new Sword Support Gem (as soon as we know how it looks), probably instead of Ruthless

- most likely removing Onslaught Boots
- Bottled Faith was shown in the Trailer. So maybe it will be still obtainable via Divination Cards.
Legendary guide.
Will try it at the new league start!
Wow very good guide, thank you so much

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