Synthesis Supporter Packs Concept Art

Thanks for the phone wallpaper.. I love it.
Love the art!
the concept art looks much better than the real thing
I played this game for years , and i will be honest the mtx is always amaziiinnng in this game compared to other games , even tho i can't support with more mtx and supporter packs , you have my LUV <3 , can't wait to enjoy a melee slayer in 3.7
as usual the art is better than the 3d execution

Look how slender the light armor/robe is and look how fat it looks in-game
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yeah if the doomcrow pack was actually black like in this art and not DULL GREY, i mighta bought it.
Two of your best Supporter Packs for that low price in my opinion.
Please keep more of that quality coming for a reasonable price GGG, you will sell more and make more happy customers in great style ;)

My body (and mtx) is ready for 3.7 <3
was there eva a time where ya l;oved a brotha

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